Is Fuckbook Legit? 5 Red Flags Fuckbook Is A Total SCAM!

Is Fuckbook legit? In a single word: NO!

I’m going to show you three clear signs that Fuckbook is a total scam, so you don’t waste your time and money.

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fuckbook scam

❓What Is Fuckbook?

Fuckbook is an adult dating website and social networking platform designed for individuals seeking casual encounters, hookups, and short-term relationships.

It operates similarly to other social media platforms, allowing users to create profiles, upload photos, send messages, and interact with others. The site aims to connect people with similar interests for no-strings-attached sex.

Now that’s the by-the-book answer. In reality, Fuckbook is designed to separate unwary men from their money by scamming the living hell out of them!

🤔Is FuckBook Legit – Quick Answer

Fuckbook is not legit, and is infact a 100% pure scam site. Watch the video review on this page, or keep reading on to find out the top 3 signs that Fuckbook is a scam site.

🔴Is Fuckbook Legit? Scam Red Flag 1 : Fake Messages From Women

The first sign that Fuckbook is a complete scam is when you sign up you are bombarded with messages from attractive women. If you want to prove beyond any doubt that a site is a scam site, just sign up to the dating site and leave your profile completely blank.

You also get bonus points if you use a ridiculous signup name like borderline retard, or creepy serial killer.

Now ask yourself what woman in her right mind would send a message to initiate a conversation with a guy when she can’t see his face, she has no idea what he looks like what his, personality is like and so on.

She knows literally nothing about this guy, so why would she send him a message? It doesn’t add up.

Now I tested this out on Fuckbook. I signed up with a completely blank profile, idiotic name and I started getting a bunch of messages almost within minutes. Don’t believe me? Check out this quick video review I did of Fuckbook where you will see the scam messages from bot female profiles coming into my inbox!

🔴Scam Red Flag No 2: Fake Female Profiles

The second sign that Fuckbook is a total scam is lots of fake female profiles.

So when I signed up to Fuckbook I checked out the women and noted there were some attractive-looking female profiles. However, a simple reverse image search and I
found the vast majority of female profiles that I checked of women were just scraped off other sites.

Fuckbook is clearly a site that uses bots to simulate interest from real women. They scraped images off other websites, create fictitious female profiles, and then use bot algorithms to simulate interest you, so they can lure you into upgrading your membership, rip you off and take your money.

🔴Scam Red Flag No 3: Fuckbook advertises other sites

If you’re a legit dating site why on Earth would you advertise someone else’s site? Fuckbook is basically just one giant ad designed to lure unsuspecting guys in, part them from their money, scam them, rip them off and leave them dejected without a woman and skint.

When you login to the site, if you click on a few of the profiles or links you’ll see adverts for various other adult dating sites.

Another telltale sign is that if you try to use the back button, you’re immediately redirected to various other dating sites or dodgy dating offers.

Fuckbook features prominently in adult traffic media buy sites like Exoclick, Juicy Ads and so on. Basically this means that Fuckbook generates traffic to the site by adverts on porn sites, SEO and other types of Ad.

They then use the bots and algorithms to try and simulate real female attention, because they know that the vast majority of normal guys get zero luck on dating sites.

Some unsuspecting guys will fall for out and pay for a membership.

Their 2nd monetisation strategy is to advertise other shady adult dating sites (that they probably own) – hoping to get sign ups on these sites, or ad revenue from media buyers on adult traffic exchanges like Exoclick.

It’s basically one enormous circle-jerk of scammers with no real women on any of these sites, and the unsuspecting sucker stuck in the middle who is paying for it all.

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