🌍20 Easiest Cities To Get Laid In The World (RANKED)

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20 Easiest Cities To Get Laid In The World
So what are the very best cities for single men? Cast your eyes on the diagram below, use my proprietary ranking system, book your flight and consult the definitive list of the best vacations for single guys to get laid, from 20 – 1!

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20. Jakarta, Indonesia

hot indonesian girl jakarta

Indonesian girls love foreign men

Hotness Of Women: 6/10
DIfficulty Of Approach: 5/10
City Livability: 5/10
Nightlife: 5/10
Best Approach: Online Dating
Overall Rating: 5.3/10

Jakarta is the lowest ranked of our best cities for singles for a number of key reasons:

The average woman doesn’t match Thai standards here and is way below the top European destinations.

The city itself is enormous, with an unbearable level of traffic that has to be seen to be believed. It can take literally hours to travel from one part of the city to another.

The nightlife is almost non-existent, and if you do manage to find somewhere, it’s usually not very good with bad male / female ratios.

Having said all of that, it is the easiest place on this list to meet women, and of course, some of them will be hot.

If you can meet them near to your apartment, it doesn’t take much ability even for the average guy to go home with the girl for fun.

The best app to use in Jakarta or any city on this list is Adult Friend Finder. Check out the girls online on Adult Friend Finder in your city now:

Girls Online Now In Your City!

Girl 1
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As ever, just be respectful and remember they are human beings with feelings!

Get Laid in Jakarta Using Online Dating

I’ve never been to a city where it’s easier to get laid than Jakarta. Below are the best dating apps to get laid, depending on what you’re looking for. You can use these dating apps anywhere in the world, not just Jakarta, and you’ll find women seeking a quick hookup.

Best dating apps to get laid in Jakarta / worldwide

Living In Jakarta, Indonesia

I’ve heard many friends say that Jakarta is the best city for single guys to get laid. There IS some truth to this. Of all the places I’ve travelled to, Jakarta is the easiest place in the world to get laid.

But the constant traffic, the dirty city and the sheer filth and squalor around every corner is enough to put you off after a short while – usually a week or two.

Overall I would say Jakarta is the easiest place to get laid on this list – but as you can see it’s right at the bottom of the list.

Jakarta has all the modern trappings: the high rise buildings, the artisan coffee shops, the girls dressed smartly walking around. But the mutant rats are never far away, the traffic is unbearable and there is a constant low-grade stench of gently rotting food. It gets to you after a while. But if you’re going to stay…

Meeting girls in the daytime in Jakarta

A good place to go is the Grand Indonesia. Like Siam Paragon, it is an enormous multi-level mall with easy opportunities to approach women.

grand indonesia jakarta

Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

Check out this video by an intrepid traveller which show you Jakarta nightlife

19. Bangkok, Thailand: One Of The Top Hookup Capitals In The World?

cute girl bangkok

Bangkok, home of cute Thai Girls

Hotness Of Women: 6.5/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 5/10
City Livability: 6/10
Nightlife: 6/10

Best Approach: Daytime / online dating

Overall Rating: 6.3/10


If you’re looking for a full breakdown of how to get laid in Bangkok, check out the new and updated guide!

Bangkok scores a relatively low rating for a number of reasons:

The average woman in Bangkok is not in the same league physically as the other cities on our list.

The nightlife is sadly infested with ladies of the night and (more worryingly) ladyboys, who are often quite hard to spot!

Finally, the city itself is sprawling, hot and humid, incredibly crowded and difficult to navigate.

However for the average guy it can be one of the best cities for singles if you’re willing to lower your standards and accept these limitations because it remains one of the easiest places on the planet to get laid. If I had to rate the top hookup capitals, Bangkok would be nearer the top – it’s lower on this list because of other factors (as you will see). But for just hooking up, it’s hard to beat (except for Jakarta!)

Best Way To Meet Women In Bangkok, Thailand

I’d recommend trying out the best dating apps here, as well as approaching in the daytime.

Best dating apps to get laid in Bangkok / worldwide

Try Siam Paragon for daytime approaching:

siam paragon bangkok

Siam Paragon, Bangkok

This is an enormous multi level shopping centre smack in the centre of Bangkok.

Thai girls love to wander around shopping centres and you’ll have no trouble finding girls to approach.

Here’s an example of me approaching a Filipina girl in the daytime on the streets of London.

Now it’s obviously not a Thai girl in a Bangkok shopping mall, but it gives you an idea of how to approach. Note the direct , no nonsense approach.

Nightlife In Bangkok

If you want to totally avoid the seedy bar and club scene, your best bet is heading out of the centre.

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The number 1 place to go is Route 66. It’s very welcoming to foreigners, is busy every night of the week and is packed with the best looking Thai girls in Bangkok.

route 66 bangkok

Route 66, Bangkok

It’s also not infested with ladies of the night.

Best time to go is just after 10pm.

18. Bucharest, Romania

hot girl romania

The hottest girls are hard to find in Bucharest

Hotness Of Women: 6.5/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 6/10
City Livability: 6.5/10
Nightlife: 6.5/10

Best Approach: Daytime

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Bucharest is another city that is vastly overrated.
I’ve been there 2 or 3 times and every time I’ve been unimpressed with the quality of the girls, relative to other cities on this list.

Bucharest also scores poorly in the livability index.
For a start, the city is crumbling down in many areas and has a general air of degradation and squalor in some parts.

The city was bombed in WW2, which is a great shame, but was rebuilt with Soviet-style (ugly) architecture. Since then it has fallen into disrepair.

As well as this, pickpocketing is rife. You’d better be switched on when you walk around and keep your wallet in a safe place. Sadly the local Roma children are the main culprits, but that doesn’t help you if your stuff is stolen.
roma children pickpockets

Roma Children Pickpockets, Bucharest. Credit : Dailymail.co.uk

If you’re a fast runner you might stand a chance of getting your wallet back, but it’s unlikely. These kids are younger, fitter and probably faster than you.

NOTE: I didn’t personally encounter this,
but I have read stories about it. Plus, I am actually a very fast runner even at 42 and was even faster in my 30s.

Meeting Women In Bucharest

Despite all of this, Bucharest still makes the top 20 list.

There ARE some stunners to be found if you look hard enough, and it is very each to approach the women. They are open to talk, friendly and if they like you, they will let you know!

Approaching Women In The Daytime In Bucharest

I’ve recommended a daytime approach for Bucharest. The reason is that the nightlife is not great, and there are some parts of the city that are relatively pleasant to wander around and approach the local women in the daytime.

The main walking street in Bucharest to meet local women is Boulevard Ion C. Bratianu. This is where you should be spending most of your time to meet women during daylight hours.

Ion C. Bratianu Bucharest

Ion C Bratianu, Bucharest

The street runs right through the centre of the city, and there are coffee shops and bars dotted around close by, so you can stop and watch the local ladies walking around before you spot one you’d like to approach..

Romanian girls are well aware of the value of good looks so they always look their best. Unfortunately because it’s a poor country the dental care is not the best, but they make the best of what they have.

When you approach, smile, be respectful and don’t lord it over them because you come from a richer country.

For a start the girls will probably be aware of this, and they’ve seen it all before.

They are easy to approach and start a conversation, but as with any woman in the world, just flashing money around and trying to show off makes you look weak. Plus, it’s not great for your self-esteem.

It also attracts the Gold Digger type who doesn’t really like you for you. And who wants that?

Nightlife In Bucharest

The best club to go to is Bamboo. This is a high-end club, so this is where you’ll find the very hottest women.

The women in Romania have to make the best of what they have, and because of this, you will find a decent proportion of girls who are looking for sponsors – wealthy guys that can give them the kind of lifestyle that they crave.

And who can blame them?

These girls are much more difficult to approach, for 2 main reasons:

(i) They are much better looking than the average Romanian girl and they know it.

(ii) They are looking for sponsors and stability. Therefore they are less likely to be impressed by a foreign guy who will not be staying long term.

Now some guys reading this might be tempted to lie through their teeth to the girls and make up a story about living in Bucharest, showing ostentatious displays of wealth, etc.

Your call. In my view that’s weak behaviour and I have no interest in it.

bamboo nightclub bucharest

Bamboo Nightclub, Bucharest

The best way to meet women in high-end nightclubs in Bucharest

There will be some girls who actually have their own money, come from good families and are just partying and having a good time.

If you’re like me, these are the girls that you’ll be interested in because you know the attraction is real. You can find maybe 10-20% of girls in high-end clubs like Bamboo will fit into this category.

You can spot these girls because usually, they won’t be sitting at private tables taking selfies. Instead they’ll be clustered around the bar area with their friends.

17. Buenos Aires, Argentina

beautiful girl buenos aires

The beautiful women of Buenos, Argentina

Hotness Of Women: 7/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 7/10
City Livability: 7.5/10
Nightlife: 7/10

Best Approach: Bars / Daytime

Overall Rating: 7/10

Buenos Aires scores relatively highly on the hotness of women scale, as well as its livability score.

However, there are some quirks about this city that the average guy will definitely need to bear in mind.

Where To Stay In Buenos Aires

The best place to stay which gives you access to meeting women in the daytime and nighttime is Palermo Soho.

It’s a beautiful part of the city, with all the best restaurants, bars and places to meet girls.

Palermo Soho Buenos Aires

Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires

Approaching girls in the daytime in Buenos Aires

Argentinian women are usually quite cautious due to the locals leering, wolf whistling them and generally making them fearful of being approached.

Therefore, you will need to approach them cautiously with a smile, be non-threatening and try to take her for a coffee.

The reason is that Argentinian women are also notoriously flakey – so try and solidify any interaction with a coffee after a brief chat rather than immediately exchanging numbers and/or Facebook details.

Nightlife In Buenos Aires

Probably the best option for the average guy to meet the best-looking women in Buenos Aires is Rosebar, in the Soho neighbourhood.

Unlike LA, you don’t need to get there until about 11 pm because the party doesn’t really start until 2 – 2:30 am.

Once you’re inside you can get a table relatively cheaply and eat delicious free food, whilst chatting to the hot local woman.
rosebar buenos aires

Rosebar, Buenos Aires

You’re better off trying to get the girl outside of the venue before it gets really busy at 2:30, because the competition dramatically increases and you’ll be competing with the young (and sometimes well off) local guys.

If you’re solo you have to make a judgement call whether to stay until the end and then try to bounce with the girl (and probably her friends), or try and take her to a more intimate local bar where you can talk more easily.

16. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

hot girl rio de janeiro

Hot…But the city is overrated

Hotness Of Women: 7/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 6/10
City Livability: 6/10
Nightlife: 8/10

Best Approach: Nightclub / Bars

Overall Rating : 7/10

You might be surprised to see Rio with a lower ranking than some of the other cities on this list.

Well, that’s because it’s actually overhyped.

The average girl doesn’t match the quality of the American cities listed and is nowhere near some of the FSU cities.

The city scores lower on livability than average because of the danger posed by crime and the proximity of Favelas.

Note: for more on how to get laid in Rio De Janeiro check out this full updated guide.

It’s important you choose the right area to stay. Therefore…

Where To Stay In Rio De Janeiro

Your best bet is to stay in Ipanema. It’s safer than some of the more grimy and crime-ridden areas and has multiple nightlife options.

Ipanema Rio De Janeiro

Ipanema, Rio De Janeiro

Airbnb has multiple options. Pro Tip : Book your room for 2 people, because the hosts can get very antsy about bringing “guests” back to the apartment. DO NOT book for 1 and check the reviews carefully to save yourself some trouble.

Bear in mind that you’ll probably have to take taxis to get from A to B if you want to explore the nightlife. Uber works fine here.

How To Meet Women In Rio De Janeiro

Daytime: Stick around Ipanema and try near to the beaches, coffee shops and bars. Also, check out the Juice bars dotted around Ipanema – often a good spot for good looking local girls taking some time out alone.


Rio is an enormous city so you need to be clued up.

Here’s what you should do:

First, check these 2 resources for parties in the city.

bembrasilrio.com shows parties for every day of the week. Not many Gringos know about this website, so you’ll get the lowdown on the best places to party in the city with minimal competition.


riotimesonline.com is equally as good – it’s an English news resource for events in Rio. It’s updated daily and is again not well known.

Using these 2 resources you are guaranteed to find the best parties where locals hang out, without facing an enormous sausage fest.

Be Direct And Sensual When Approaching Brazillian Women

Brazillian women are very sensuous and passionate. To stand the best chance of pulling, be direct, tell her how much you like her and don’t be afraid to touch her (respectfully).

There is a big Beach and fitness culture in Rio, so if you intend to go there try and get in the best shape you possibly can before you go. Be warned that the majority of the locals will all be in tip-top physical condition.

15. Chisinau, Moldova

hot girl chisinau

Girls From Chisinau Are Beautiful And Open To Approach

Hotness Of Women: 8/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 6/10
City Livability: 6/10
Nightlife: 6.5/10

Overall Rating : 7/10

Best Approach: Daytime

Chisinau has some very beautiful women, no doubt about it.

Of all the cities in this list though, the city is let down by crumbling infrastructure, poverty, poor nightlife and a hard way of life.

This is a great shame because I found Moldovan girls to be naturally beautiful, incredibly sweet, honest and positive, happy people. It is criminal that they are let down by a corrupt government and general neglect. They are great people (even the guys are cool there too).

There is sadly also not much nightlife, and the city is spread out. For this reason, I’d recommend approaching in the daytime.

Where To Stay In Chisinau, Moldova

You really must stay somewhere near the centre. A good rule of thumb is to stay near the main shopping mall (Mall Dova)

malldova chisinau

Mall Dova, The Main Shopping Mall In Chisinau

Approaching Women In The Daytime In Chisinau

Mall Dova is a good place to meet women in the daytime. As well as this, check out the main walking street (Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare) which goes right through the centre of the city.

While you’re there just keep an eye out for the number of mobile phone shops. It’s utterly insane, one every 20 metres.

stefan cel mare chisinau

Stefan Cel Mare, Chisinau

If you get time, also visit the Military Museum. No you won’t find girls there but it’s something to talk about on a date and there are some interesting examples of old Soviet War Machinery.

chisinau war museum

Me At Chisinau War Museum, Chisinau

Nightlife In Chisinau

A lovely bar to go is Cocos Prive, not far from Mall Dova. It’s an intimate, well laid out cocktail bar with a great vibe. You’ll definitely spot some good looking Moldovan girls here.

It’s also got really pretty decorations and sculptures which are perfect for your Instagram pics.

Another great place is Jack’s Bar And Grill. This place is perfect for a date, or just to eat and soak in the atmosphere. You’ll see lots of approachable and attractive Moldovan women here, especially from Thursday to Sunday.

jacks bar chisinau

Jacks Bar Chisinau

Across the road from Jacks there is also the Sky Bar – a nightclub which you should also check out.

14. Budapest, Hungary

hot girl budapest

The women of Budapest are hot…But not easy to approach

Hotness Of Women: 8/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 6.5/10
City Livability: 6/10
Nightlife: 7/10

Overall Rating: 7.0/10

Best Approach: Nightclub / Bars

Budapest is one of the most enigmatic and fascinating cities on this list. You can be walking around the ruined and crumbling buildings of the Jewish district, just down the road from the magnificent cathedrals..Then the next thing you see is a gorgeous, long-legged Hungarian girl with a tight butt walk past giving you the eye.

It’s one of the most intriguing places to get laid anywhere in the world, but not easy. The Hungarians are tribal people and have become increasingly xenophobic in recent years. But if you do manage to get a Hungarian girl into bed…WOW.

They are amongst the most passionate and adventurous girls anywhere in the world.

NOTE: If you want a full Budapest Sex Guide, with into on Budapest call girls, street walkers, erotic massage parlours and more, check out the link.

Where To Stay In Budapest

The city is split up into districts, which can make it confusing.

The best places to stay are around the Gozdu area on Kiraly Utca, or anywhere in district V or VII.

This gives you the best mix of places to meet women in the daytime and nighttime.

How To Meet Women In Budapest

Meeting women in the daytime

I would recommend meeting girls in the daytime if at all possible.

The city is large and you will see hot girls walking around everywhere.

The absolute best streets are Kiraly Utca, Vaci Utca and also check out the West End Shopping Mall (and surrounding streets).
vaci utca budapest

Vaci Utca, Budapest

Nightlife In Budapest

Though there is plentiful nightlife, Budapest is busy all the year-round, and in 2018 is sadly infested with all types of tourists.

It’s difficult to go to a club or bar without encountering loud Americans and backpacker types.

Sometimes you’ll be hard-pressed to find locals.

In addition, the bar staff and waiters can sometimes be rude and deliberately obnoxious, which can sour the experience.

The 2 best places to go are:

Hello Baby

This is a large club which gets busy on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

There is a small VIP section but still plenty of areas where you can approach the women without difficulty.

Be warned though, this place is usually full of tourists – so go on Thursday night if possible.


Go here on a Tuesday night – fewer tourists but still busy. This is where you will see the best-looking women in Budapest.

The club is laid out so that it’s easy to approach – perch yourself at any of the 3 bars and talk to the girls in the near vicinity.

Alternatively, try approaching on the dancefloor.

Dress to impress because the guys in Budapest offer stiff competition and are often buff and good looking.

13. Stockholm, Sweden

hot blonde girls sweden

Stockholm Is Full Of Hot Blonde Girls

Hotness Of Women: 7.5/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 6/10
City Livability: 7/10
Nightlife: 7/10

Best Approach: Bars / Daytime / Nightcub

Overall Rating: 7.2/10

If you like beautiful Blondes, you’re in for a treat if you visit Stockholm in Sweden – one of the best vacations for single guys to get laid in Europe (if you can afford it.

This place is heaven for single bachelors if you’re a dark-haired, dominant kind of guy. Swedish men are notoriously reticent to approach their women, and because of genetic diversity, Swedish girls love dark-haired guys who take charge.

Despite this, the city has an overall lower rating than some because of the expense and difficulty of approach.

Word has got out about the beauty and liberal attitude of Swedish women, so you’re in for some tough competition.

However fear not! Here are the best places to meet women with lower competition.

Where To Meet Women In Stockholm, Sweden

I’d recommend trying to meet women in the daytime. The best place to do this is in the Stureplan area.

This is the more wealthy part of Stockholm, with many designer shops, bars and restaurants.

stureplan stockholm

Stureplan, Stockholm

This is where you will find the best looking Swedish women wandering around – often alone.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to approach and try to chat them up.

For nightlife, head to the following 3 clubs (all in the Stureplan area):

Cafe Opera:

cafe opera stockholm

Cafe opera, Stockholm

This is a classy place with a good male / female ratio. You’ll find some of the top end women here.

Pro Tip: Arrive early to avoid the queues and cover charges. Before 11 pm is best.

You’ll find it behind the Stockholm Opera House.


Even more high end than Cafe Opera. You’ll find the absolute best women in Stockholm here.

However, you’ll need to be on top form and dressed perfectly, as the women have high expectations.


This place is way more relaxed, and you can still find Swedish babes here!

You can afford to take your time a bit more here as hardly any Swedish guys approach. A relaxed and low key approach works best here.

12. Los Angeles, United States

hot girl LA

Lots of stunning girls in LA but more difficult to approach

Hotness Of Women: 8/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 8/10
City Livability: 6.5/10
Nightlife: 8/10

Best Approach: Daytime, Bars

Overall Rating: 7.2/10

Los Angeles scores highly for the hotness of the women in the city (it’s where the best-looking girls in the world flock to if they want to become stars!), and the nightlife.

However, the city is enormous and sprawled out, and it is not easy to attract the best looking women here.


Because you’ll be competing with young, jacked, socially proofed men with status.

It’s not even inconceivable you’ll be competing with movie stars.

LA is a city where status and looks matter to a high degree. So if you’re looking to meet hot women here, you need to be in the best form of your life, and the best shape of your life to stand a chance.

For the average guy looking to meet women who are in reality more physically attractive than themselves, LA is not really the place to be. It IS a challenge!

Don’t even bother with Tinder to attract the best looking women unless you’re extremely photogenic and have an amazing profile and linked Instagram account.

I’d recommend trying to meet girls in the daytime and low key bars.

Meeting Girls In The Daytime, Los Angeles

The best place to head in the daytime is Manhattan or Hermosa Beach.

manhattan beach los angeles

Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles

You’ll need to rent a car to get here though, as it’s about a 45 minture drive from the city centre.

This area is packed with cool bars and restaurants, with lots of the stereotypical LA girls walking around just waiting for a guy like you to approach. So get to it!

Nightlife In LA

LA is a city where you really need to have a clear plan of where you’re going if you want to avoid getting stung by expensive taxi rides and interminable traffic jams.

Furthermore, there is a cutoff at 2 am – so make absolutely sure wherever you go that you arrive between 10 – 1045 pm. If you don’t you’ll be stuck in endless queues and have to deal with promoters to even get into a decent venue.

Probably the best area to go to if you’re new to LA is Hollywood.

Here you’ll find the most diverse selection of places to go, that are actually accessible to the average guy without needing to bring 5-6 girls with you, and huge bottle service bills.

Try these clubs out:

EP & LP:

This is a great all-round venue, where you will be able to get in if you arrive before 10 pm, and a decent amount of good looking women. If you’re staying near the centre you can take an Uber back to your apartment for about $20-$30.

harlowe hollywood los angeles

Harlowe, Hollywood

Come here before 10pm and you’ll be laughing. There’s a diverse mix of girls from all races, enough for everyone.

It’s not as exclusive and pretentious as the top-end places, and nowhere near as expensive – and you can spot some absolutely stonkingly beautiful women here. Recommended!

11. Prague, Czech Republic

hot girl prague

Attractive and approachable girls in Prague

Hotness Of Women: 7.5/10
Difficuly Of Approach: 6/10
City Livability: 8/10
Nightlife: 6/10

Overall Rating: 7.2/10

Best Approach: Daytime

For a full breakdown of meeting girls in Prague, check out my detailed guide here.

Prague is probably the prettiest city on this list, and has been described as being like a Hans Cristian Anderson novel.

Where To Stay In Prague

You’ll want to stay in Zone 1 or 2, preferably close to the main walking areas – because I recommend you approach women in the daytime here.

Anywhere within the vicinity of the Palladium shopping mall is good.

A daytime approach works best in Prague. Walk around by the Palladium Shopping mall and surrounding streets. It’s difficult to go wrong here because the streets are teeming with people and attractive Czech girls!

You will need to stand out though, because Prague is busy all year round with tourists. As well as this, it’s a well known spot for pick up artists – so if you approach a hot girl in the daytime, chances are she’s already been stopped before that day.
prague centre

Beautiful Prague

Despite this, Prague ranks quite highly on the list because it’s beautiful, civilised – and daytime approaching is definitely doable here if you want to meet hot girls.

Nightlife In Prague

This is where Prague falls down. The bars and clubs are usually teeming with tourists – and usually men. It’s not uncommon to see a 70/30 ratio in some bars and clubs.

The word has sadly got out that Prague is a fun city and there will be pumped up orange Brits everywhere you look in some places, especially in the centre.

Therefore, head further out.

A good bet is Infinity club, in Zone 2. This is where the locals hang out and you’ll see fewer tourists.

If you want a full Prague Sex Guide, with more information on brothels and call girls in Prague, click the link.

10. Wroclaw, Poland

wroclaw poland

Wroclaw in Poland has attractive girls in abundance

Hotness Of Women: 7/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 6/10
City Livability 7/10
Nightlife: 8/10

Overall Rating: 7.3/10

Best Approach: Nightclub / Bars / Daytime

Wroclaw is one of the best cities for single men because for a number of reasons:

The average girl here is quite high on the attractiveness scale, and the city is perfectly laid out.

All of the main areas for meeting women in the daytime and nighttime are within walking distance of the centre.

Even better the girls are friendly and open to an approach from a foreigner.

NOTE: Check out my full guide to get laid in Wroclaw here.

Where to stay in Wroclaw

Stay in the centre near the Rynek main square (aka Stare Miasto) The outskirts of Wroclaw are not nearly as attractive, and you won’t see many attractive women walking around.

rynek wroclaw

Rynek, Wroclaw

How To Approach Women In Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw is perfect for meeting women at any time of day.

Take a walk around the main square and approach women you like the look of. Polish girls are sweet and friendly, but this can be deceptive.

You need to make it clear you are interested in her. I recommend a direct approach (as you can probably already tell!)

Another less well-known option to meet women in the daytime in Wroclaw is Wroclawia, which opened in late 2017.

You will find loads of attractive Polish girls wandering around here who are open to chatting.

Nightclubs In Wroclaw

The best nightclubs are near the main square.

2 good options are Cherry Club and Grey’s. You’ll find the best looking girls in Wroclaw go to these 2 venues.

9. Warsaw, Poland

hot polish girl

Warsaw is teeming with hot girls who like foreign men!

Hotness Of Women: 7/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 6/10
City Livability: 8/10
Nightlife: 7/10

Best Approach: Daytime / Nightclub

Overall Rating: 7.3/10

Warsaw ranks quite highly because it scores well in all areas.
It’s a big city which is very livable, civilised, and chock a block with girls who like foreign men. I’ve been to 5 Polish cities, and Warsaw is hands down the best place to get laid in Poland. Of all the places on this list, Poland is one of the best countries to get laid. Virtually every city has something to offer the traveller who wants to chase foreign women.

If you want to read my full guide on how to get laid in Warsaw, check out the related post.

Before I go further a note of caution: the Polish are rightly very proud people. They want to keep their country great.

They really don’t like to see foreigners staggering around drunk and acting rowdy. So be very careful and respectful.

Polish guys will have no trouble approaching you and telling you off if you act out. If you escalate, they will escalate back.

If you act normal and don’t get out of line you’ll be fine. The Polish are great people!

Where To Stay In Warsaw

central warsaw

Central Warsaw

Anywhere in the centre is fine. Find the street Marszolkowska and any of the side streets have good accomodation close to where the action is.

Meeting Women In The Daytime

It is not difficult at all to meet women in the daytime in Warsaw.

There are enough girls to give you ample opportunity to approach, ranging from decent looking all the way up to stonkingly hot (though you don’t see too many of those).

Simply wander around the main streets in the centre, carry yourself well and meet eyes with the cute Polish girls.

They are not shy and not afraid to stare back at you and give you invitations to approach! So do so…

Nightlife In Warsaw

Hala Koszki

This is a delightful indoor restaurant and bar area, built with an open plan layout. Here you’ll find the best looking girls in Warsaw hanging out with their friends, any night of the week, from about 7 – 11 pm.

Try to get a seat at the bar area and talk to the girls in your vicinity. Keep your eyes open and see if you get any girls checking you out – if you do – then it’s your signal to go over and talk to her.


For a guy new to Warsaw the best bet is probably Mazowiecka Street. Here you’ll find many clubs all clustered within short walking distance of each other.

Probably the best of the clubs on this street is Club 13. Pro Tip: Try going on a Thursday night – the queues on Friday / Saturday can be unbearable.

Final point about Warsaw in Poland. Of all the places on this list, I’d put Warsaw as the best place for a single man to live in the world due to the large number of hot women who like foreign men, the 1st world infrastructure, the right-wing politics and the favourable demographics of the country.

If you just want to get laid in Warsaw, you should definitely check out my Warsaw Sex Guide, which tells you everything that you need to know.

8. Sofia, Bulgaria

hot girl sofia bulgaria

Sofia – home to hot brunettes with dark flashing eyes

Hotness Of Women: 8/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 6.5/10
City Livability: 7/10
Nightlife: 6.5/10

Overall Rating: 7.4/10

Best Approach: Daytime / Bars

Sofia in Bulgaria has stonkingly hot women in abundance but there are some downsides that are quite unique to the city.

Firstly, there is an underground Mafia that runs large parts of the local economy. Whilst you will not get involved in trouble with the local mafia unless you are REALLY stupid, it does taint the overall experience.

For example, in some of the high-end clubs, you’ll notice that it’s nigh on impossible to even access the best looking women because they are all sectioned off in VIP areas with the local guys.

Of course, you never know who they are with, so it does add an element of danger to proceedings. You have to keep your wits about you.

Don’t be put off, however. There are still plenty of places to go with very attractive women, and the chances of getting into trouble are minimal if you’re sensible.

I’ve been to 4 Bulgarian cities: Sofia, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo and Polvdiv. Sofia remains the best place to get laid in Bulgaria.

Where To Stay In Sofia, Bulgaria

You’ll want to stay plum in the centre, as close to the Sheraton Hotel as possible.

sheraton hotel sofia

Stay near the Sheraton Hotel In Sofia

Bear in mind that Sofia scores quite badly on livability for 2 main reasons:

The city itself is not attractive, with potholes everywhere and a dreary depressing atmosphere (unless it’s mid-summer). Be warned though, it can get suffocatingly hot – hence staying close to the centre.

The nightlife is quite spread out so you’ll need to take taxis. Try to use Uber, because the local taxi drivers are ill-tempered, boorish and scam artists.

If you don’t hook up with an approved company, they WILL rip you off and unless you’re prepared to physically fight them, you’ll lose money.

Pro Tip: Need I say it – don’t get into a fight with a local Bulgarian guy.

How To Meet Women In Sofia, Bulgaria

You can expect a less friendly response from Bulgarian women in nightclubs compared to the other cities on this list.

The local girls do actually like their local men, and Bulgarian men are actually quite well known in this region of the world as being tough, strong, good looking and quite alpha.

For this reason, I’d recommend the daytime approach and bars.

Where to meet women in the daytime in Sofia, Bulgaria

Stick around by the main square near the Sheraton hotel. From there you can walk straight up the main street (Vitosha Boulevard).

This is a long street with good footfall, where you’re most likely to see well dressed good looking Bulgarian women taking a slow walk (often wearing sexy boots), and avoiding the potholes!

Vitosha Boulevard Sofia

Vitosha Boulevard, Sofia

A direct no nonsense approach works well here. Just get to the point and tell her you’d like to take her out somewhere, or invite her for a coffee / drink when you first meet her.

Nightlife In Sofia, Bulgaria

If you want to try a nightclub in Sofia, check out Club Terminal 1.

It’s not as table-based as some of the other clubs, and you’ll have a much better chance of actually meeting a good looking Bulgarian woman there.

Address: ul. “Angel Kanchev” 1, 1000 Sofia Center

You really must scope out the Piano bars that are dotted all around the city. Sofia is not a tourist destination, though there are some foreigners – but in the Piano bars you’ll find almost none.

Instead you’ll find some of the best looking women in Sofia, mixing with their friends in groups.

For that reason, it can be hard to approach – but try perching at the bar and striking up a conversation with girls in the near vicinity.

Of course, still display your interest, but in an unthreatening way so that she would be happy to bring you into her group.

piano bar sofia bulgaria

A typical Piano bar in Sofia

7. Belgrade, Serbia

hot serbian girl

The women in Belgrade are stunning

Hotness Of Women: 8.5/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 7.5/10
City Livability: 6/10
Nightlife: 8/10

Overall Rating : 7.4/10

Best Approach : Daytime / Bars

If you like tall, beautiful long-legged brunettes your eyes will pop out of your head in Belgrade, Serbia.

The city is an assault on the senses, with beautiful women parading around all across the city.

The nightlife here is also very good.

You might wonder why the ranking is not even higher.

Well, there are 2 main problems:

The city itself is not much fun. There really isn’t much to do at all.

Secondly, from about April until the end of September, it is unbearably hot and sticky. It’s almost impossible to walk around comfortably during the daytime without being instantly bathed in sweat.

Finally, the competition. Serbian guys are tall and good looking.

Serbian girls are interested in foreigners, but you’ll need to have a lot of value to get the best looking girls.

The average guy will struggle here.

Where to meet women in Belgrade in the daytime

The main street is Knez Mihailova.
knez mihailova belgrade

Knez Mihailova, Belgrade

On this street you’ll see lots of coffee shops, restaurants and bars where you can get out of the sun and watch the women go by. If you see one you like, act quickly!

(Just make sure your bill is paid before you do)

Otherwise, take a walk around the street and side roads and explore. You’ll have the layout of the city in about a day – there really isn’t all that much to it.

Sadly the word has got out about Belgrade and on occasion the streets are infested with miscalibrated pickup clowns (sometimes 20 or more) running up and down the street, saying the same thing over and over again and generally creating a bad vibe.

pickup clowns warmup

Pickup Clown Pumping Themselves Up Before Approaching Women

In a city as small and intimate as Belgrade, word gets around – so if this happens while you’re there, consider venturing away from the main street.

You don’t want to be lumped in with these guys.

6. Austin, Texas

austin texas girls

Austin In Texas Has Lots Of Wild, Liberated Girls

Hotness Of Women: 7/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 6/10
City Livability: 7.5/10
Nightlife: 8.5/10

Best Approach: Bars / Daytime

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Austin in Texas is a wild city. Here you will find pretty hot women who are relatively easy to approach.

If you’re English with an English accent, this is a definite plus!

Where to go and what to do

The main bar and nightclub area is 6th street.

6th street austin texas

6th street austin texas

Here you will find a 52 bars and nightclubs to suit any taste. Better yet, they are all close together which explains the high ranking for livability and nightlife.

For a ranking of every single bar and club in Austin, this post ranks all 52 bars and clubs in Austin.

As you will see from the rating, you can also meet single girls in Austin by approaching women in the daytime.

An ideal place to do this is in the Greenbelt area. Because Austin enjoys good weather throughout the year, you’ll find plenty of young attractive women to approach who are in a good mood and usually open to meeting a guy.

5. Las Vegas, United States

las vegas girls

The Girls In Las Vegas Are Looking For A Good Time!

Hotness Of Women: 7.5/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 7/10
City Livability: 6.5/10
Nightlife: 9/10

Best Approach: Bars / Daytime

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

If I was to summarise Las Vegas in one word, it would be intense.

Here you will find some of the hottest women on Earth, all gathered in one place, and all looking for a good time in this truly 24 hour city.

They don’t call it Sin City for nothing!

There is a staggering variety of bars and nightclubs, and for those men who like a challenge, the biggest and most famous strip clubs on the planet.

las vegas strip at night

Las Vegas Strip At Night

Meeting Women In Las Vegas

Generally speaking, stick to the Las Vegas Strip for ease of access and a variety of bars and clubs.

But here’s the thing:

Despite the sheer number of very hot women, there is intense competition. If you go to a nightclub or bar, expect men from all over the world to be hitting on women.

Some of the nightclubs have an unfavourable male / female ratio which can make it a frustrating experience for the average guy.

For this reason, you could try meeting women in the daytime. However because the city is so damn hot, you’re going to want to stick to air-conditioned Lounge Bars.

Probably the best one is Peppermill Diner And Lounge. This place is a cool lounge bar and is the most well-known hangout place in Vegas.

Pro Tip: If you’re feeling confident in your skills, you can usually find strippers in this bar after their shift. Head over about 4 or 5 am (yes I know!), sit at the bar and start talking!

Check out the top 15 places for singles on the Las Vegas Strip for more info

4.Zagreb, Croatia

hot girl zagreb croatia

Beautiful, classy girls in Zagreb

Hotness Of Women: 8.5/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 8/10
City Livability: 7.5/10
Nightlife: 7.5/10

Overall Rating: 7.65/10

Best Approach: Daytime / Bars

Zagreb has some of the hottest women in the world without a doubt.

The women are generally tall, athletic and naturally beautiful.

However this is not an easy place to attract women.

You have to date the girls, spend some time with them, and generally be a high-quality guy yourself if you want to get the best women.

Croatian guys also offer quite stiff competition..

They might not approach much, but they are clued into the local scene, relaxed, naturally alpha males…And often tall, good looking and well built.

Zagreb City Centre

Zagreb is a small but beautiful city, 1st world standard and easy to live in and one of the best cities for dating on this list.

zagreb city centre

Zagreb City Centre, Croatia

Until you know what is going on however it can be a little boring. It’s not flashy like some of the other cities on this list.

The Best Place To Meet Women In Zagreb

Book an apartment near to Jelacic square. All of the nightlife, cafes and places to meet women in the daytime are close by.

To meet women in the daytime, simply take a walk around the square and approach. Don’t lie to the girls, be respectful and dress well! People in Zagreb (men and women) always look good. A slovenly appearance won’t cut it here.

Probably the best club to go to is Gallery Club. This has some of the best looking women in Zagreb…And therefore the world. Your mouth will hit the floor.

Expect stiff competition and difficulty in accessing the women, because of the VIP tables. However, if you’re from a Western country and you have some money, it’s not too much of a stretch to hire a table yourself.

gallery club zagreb

Just an average night at Gallery Club, Zagreb

Don’t get into the trap of sticking on your table and not chatting to the girls. Get the table but treat it as a base, and walk around the club. Check out the girls and be prepared to approach.

You might well face some attitude from the hottest women – these girls know their value – but hey, if you want to attract some of the best looking women on the planet, you’ve got to be prepared to deal with this…

3. Minsk, Belarus

hot girl minsk belarus

The girls in Minsk are beautiful and full of character

Hotness Of Women: 8.5/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 7/10
City Livability: 7/10
Nightlife: 7.5/10

Overall Rating: 7.7/10

Best Approach: Daytime / Nightclub

Minsk is actually joint 2nd place with Moscow. You can actually think of Minsk as a mini Moscow – the two countries are very closely aligned.

Belarus is still somewhat closed off for horny men looking for nice women. They have a Visa entry system requiring you to get a letter of invitation. In 2018 the country is starting to open up, however.

Whilst this is not difficult to attain, it does keep the majority of stag party and cheap flight getaway visitors away.

It’s still something of an undiscovered treasure.

Because of this, the girls in Minsk are sheltered from the negative effects of feminism, attitudes of Western Media, etc. They are naturally thin and beautiful and have excellent character too.

The city itself is somewhat grim and forbidding, but in 2023 has benefitted from inward investment and is gradually getting a facelift.

Where To Stay In Minsk

Anywhere near Palatz Republik – this is the main square in Minsk.

palast der republik minsk

Palatz Republik Minsk

The 3 best streets to stay in are Nezavisimosty Square , October Square areas and consider Karl Marx Street also.

Meeting Women In The Daytime In Minsk

The centre of Minsk is quite bustling and you’ll see good looking women everywhere.

Girls in Minsk are playful and forthright in letting you know that they like the look of you – expect prolonged eye contact and signals that they’d like you to approach.

An unexpectedly good place to meet women in the daytime is around the connecting subways that are dotted all around the centre.

Though they look grim and forbidding, you’ll notice loads of hot women walking around as they try and navigate the city centre.

Be respectful when you approach and bear in mind that the women here can be cautious.

Despite the numerous signals to approach that you’ll receive, women in Minsk know their value and expect to be treated with respect.

Nightlife in Minsk

The best nightclub by far is Dozari. It’s about 4-5 miles out of the centre so you’ll need to take a taxi.
dozari nightclub minsk

Dozari Nightclub In Minsk – One Of The Best Clubs On This List

I’ve had several legendary night here and it’s one of the most recommended clubs anywhere on this list!

The key here is to spend time in the dancefloor areas and round by the bars. .

Don’t get stuck into the trap of sitting in your own private group in the VIP area, staring longingly at the hot girls as they walk past!

Check out the girls and make it obvious you’re interested in them.

If you maintain a happy vibe and send out clear signals to the girls, you should notice before too long that you’ll be getting lots of positive attention back.

It’s then time to move in and do what you do to attempt to pick her up.

Minsk remains one of my favourite cities of all time. There is a kind of innocence and wistful vibe about the city and the people, so it’s in my top 3 best cities for dating anywhere in the world.

2. New York City, United States

meet girls in new york city

Hotness Of Women: 8.5/10
Difficulty Of Approach: 8.5/10
City Livability: 8/10
Nightlife: 7.5/10

Overall Rating: 7.7/10

Best Approach: Online Dating

Girls in New York City are famous for their brassy, no-nonsense attitude, ambition…And beauty. The Big Apple is one of the world’s most famous cities and attracts hot girls from all over the world.

But it’s certainly not easy for a man to get laid in NYC unless you know what you’re doing.

That’s why in this guide you’re going to learn how to meet hot girls in NYC with as easily, quickly and cheaply as possible.

First: NYC is EXPENSIVE. So if you’re planning on staying and checking out the nightlife, come with a large budget. You won’t even get a sniff of the best nightclubs without a fistful of cash..Or local connections.

So we’ll start with the easiest and quickest way to get laid in NYC: using the famous hookup dating site Adult Friend Finder.

There are millions of girls who are seeking a hookup with a guy. It’s a haven for men who like cougars, milfs and younger women who just want casual sex.

Here’s a sample of the super hot girls on Adult Friend Finder in New York City:

girls in nyc

Try Adult Friend Finder Free

New York City Walkabout

New York is an incredible city to walk around, so get some vicarious pleasure by watching this NYC walkabout. Keep your eyes peeled for hot girls!

🍹New York City Nightlife And Clubs

electric room nightclub nyc

New York has some of the most iconic and famous nightlife in the world. It’s known as the city that never sleeps, so even if you want to party until 5am in the morning (and beyond), you’ll find what you need in NYC.

Here’s a map of the top-ranked clubs in NYC. All of these clubs have a 4 * rating and above on Google Maps:

Paradise Club 20 Times Square, 701 7th Ave, New York, NY 10036, United States
Glamorous weekend nightspot hosting live music shows, dance parties & stand-up comedy.

Retroclubnyc 9 E 45th St, New York, NY 10017, United States
Cozy dance club playing disco & freestyle music, with a menu offering old-school cocktails.

The Tunnel Nightclub 220 12th Ave, New York, NY 10001, United States

Electric Room Dream Downtime lower level, 355 W 16th St, New York, NY 10011, United States
Trendy Dream Hotel basement bar with English-accented decor & a small-batch spirit menu.

Rumpus Room 249 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002, United States

Cozy, hip nightspot with eclectic, vintage styling featuring diverse dance music & cocktails./

Summary Of NightLife In NYC

Overall you’re going to find a lot of the bars and clubs will have a poor gender ratio – sometimes as many as 2-3 guy for each girl. Although some of the clubs enforce the 1 girl – 1 guy policy, a lot do not – especially since times have become much tougher for the hospitality and nightlife industry since 2020.

Nowadays it’s every man for himself so the clubs will let in any paying customer, whether male or female, and damn the gender ratio!

1. Moscow , Russia

hot women moscow russia

The stunning women of Moscow are joint 1st place on this list

Hotness Of Women: 9/10
Difficulty Of Approach : 8/10
City Livability : 6.9/10
Nightlife: 8/10

Overall Rating : 7.7/10

Best Approach : Daytime / Bars

Your jaw will hit the floor when you take a walk around Moscow in Russia.

The motherland is home to some of the best looking women on the planet.

Moscow can, unfortunately, be expensive, which is why it scores lower on livability than some of the other cities on this list.

Also, the city is enormous, and very spread out – so if you want to sample the nightlife, you’ll need to take a cab.

Pro Tip: Always use Uber if you can. Moscow Taxis are generally speaking not to be trusted and good luck arguing with a Russian Taxi driver about overcharging.

Where To Stay In Moscow

One of the easiest ways to decide where to stay is to look at the metro map and orient yourself around the Metro Stations.

Anywhere within the brown ring is considered central. You’ll want to stay as close to a metro station as possible.

The metro system itself is fast, efficient and you’ll never have to wait more than 2-3 minutes for a train. Highly recommended you use it to get around the city.

moscow metro

The Moscow Metro System Is Fast And Efficent

Meeting Women In The Daytime In Moscow

The options are basically endless to meet women in the daytime in Moscow – there are so many attractive women everywhere that you can be opportunistic and approach them in a mall, in a subway, or just walking down whatever street you happen to be on at the time.

Russian women in particular like men who get to the point are masculine, confident and direct. Don’t waste any time with fancy techniques here.

Try and make eye contact, give her some sort of signal that you are interested and approach her.

These girls are high value so if the reception is initially frosty, just keep talking. If you’re new to approaching women you will struggle with this because they will not make it easy for you – which is why Moscow scores highly on the difficulty of approach.

But what do you expect from the hottest women in the world?

If you do want somewhere to start, try Gorky Park. It’s absolutely teeming with beautiful girls and you can try a low key approach here because the girls will be relaxed and taking their time, not rushing to go anywhere in particular.

gorky park moscow

Try Gorky Park To Meet Russian Women In The Daytime

Nightife In Moscow

The opportunities are endless for nightclubs in Moscow. So I’ve picked out 2 that are approachable for the average guy to meet seriously attractive Russian women.

Duran Bar

This is considered one of the higher-end places in Moscow, but not so outrageously expensive as others, and the logistics are more favourable so that you can actually talk to the girls.

duran bar moscow

Duran Bar Is A Good Nightclub In Moscow For The Average Guy


This club has a lot more table service so the logistics are less favourable. However, there are a ton of hot girls who come here, so you’ll be motivated to make it work somehow.

Try and stay in the outside area and around the bar to get access to talk to the women…And remember, be direct, lead and wear your best clothes!

More City Guides:

For more city guides, check out my full list of city dating guides here. You’ll find much more in-depth info about how to pick up women in each city.

FAQ And Observations

Where are the easiest places to get laid?

Generally speaking, the easiest places to get laid are either

(i) Liberated and 1st world countries like the United Kingdom and United States. You have lots of headwinds of course, but the more liberated the place, the easier it is to get into bed with the local girls.

Now there is a huge caveat to this: it’s easier here if you have game and you know how to attract women. You cannot be just a boring office chode if you want the best-looking women in these countries.

There is only 1 real workaround to this rule, which is to use specialist sugar dating sites which I discovered years ago whilst living in London. On these sites even the most comely of men can score with super hot women IF he is prepared to show her a good time, take her out on romantic holidays and so on. NOTE I am not talking about sugar-dating here – I’m actually talking about salt dating. If you are a guy who lives in the West and you want to date super hot women without spending years learning game, check out my long guide to salt dating.

(ii) The 2nd easiest places to get laid are in 2nd and 2rd world countries where the girls are in a party mood or they have a wildly different culture to you – especially if you’re a White man. This is why I found Jakarta so easy, because the girls are literally conditioned to favour white men. Even if you’re not good looking you can still do well there – if you’re prepared to live in 3rd world conditions and accept that the girls are 3 or 4 points less hot than in the Eastern European cities on this list.

What Is The Best City For Single Men?

There are many factors to consider here and if you’re an experienced traveller, you’ll know that the quality of the city is not just based on how hot the women are (this is why I drew up the algorithm for rating cities).

If I had to pick overall I would rate Warsaw as the best city for single men. It has it all: hot women, plenty of them, good infrastructure and lots to do.