⭐Chaturbate Review 2023: Any Good Or TOTAL SCAM?

Steve Jabba

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Chaturbate is one of the most popular sex chat apps in the world.

It’s where you can chat with hot girls online whilst they take off their clothes and perform all sorts of naughty sex acts.

But is it any good?

Let’s find out!

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Chaturbate Video Review

Watch my Chaturbate video review if you prefer to watch rather than read content.

What Is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is a hundred per cent amateur only live sex cam site offering free shows to view at your leisure.

It was launched in February 2011, and Chaturbate has grown into a large community of amateurs who either broadcast themselves or are regular viewers.

The term Chaturbate is of course a take on exactly what cam-sites are about: the act of masturbating whilst chatting online.

How does Chaturbate Work?

chaturbate homepage

When you go to the Chatturbate site you’ll instantly be greeted with a page of hot girls in various states of undress. The idea is you choose which room you want to go into so you can chat.

Once you pick a room, you can chat to the girl and give her commands.

The main screen on Chaturbate (the homepage) is sorted by popularity; the most popular girls or boys with the most live viewers get the premium positions.

Chaturbate Rooms – Where The Action Happens….

So you choose the girl you want to talk to and then you enter her room.

The room looks different depending on the device you use – check out the view on desktop and mobile below:
chaturbate room desktop

Chaturbate room mobile

Chaturbate Girls – How Popular Are They?

Some of the most popular girls have thousands of men online chatting at the same time, so if you want to interact with a girl you need to create an account. It is NOT possible to interact with the girls in any way unless you have a Chaturbate account.

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Chatting With The Girls On Chaturbate

So you’ve signed up and now you want to chat with the girls.

You can give her instructions using your tokens, and you can also private message the girls on Chaturbate.

If you’re feeling brave I guess you could even try and chat her up and hook up with her..

But I must be honest though, I think it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to pull a girl from Chaturbate.

Basically think of Chaturbate as purely a chatting app where you can also have fun, and you’ll get the idea.

How Hot Are The Girls On Chaturbate?


The girls on Chaturbate are very hot – as hot as any girls you will see online, so if you’re a guy who’s not hooking up right now and you don’t want to just watch the usual sexual sites..

Chaturbate might work out well for you.

If you’re prepared to use the tokens you can instruct very hot girls what to do whilst taking care of yourself in the meantime (if you know what I mean)

If you look at just how popular Chaturbate is, it appeals to hundreds of millions of men, so if it sounds like something you’d be interested in use the link below to sign up to Chaturbate.

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The cam Market is very competitive and Chaturbate is right at the top, with tens of thousands of very attractive amateur models.

Hopefully you can see why Chaturbate is so popular so for the right guy at the right time Chaturbate fulfills a need.

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