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steve jabba secret societyThe Secret Society : The Top 1% Of Men Who Have Choice And Freedom To Date The Hottest Women

Hello, My Name is Steve Jabba And I Want To Show You A World You Probably Never Knew Even Existed

I’m talking about the Secret Society.

Men who walk through the world and can read the language of seduction. Men who have the knowledge, confidence and mindset to have choice with the best, most desirable women – that the average guy will never have.

Watch the video below and I’ll explain The Secret Society product:

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This video product has been 24 years in the making and is totally brand new, fresh material. You will find no overlap between the material in this product and my existing product “Primal Seduction” (or indeed on any other video product about picking up women.)

Contained within I break down in great detail practical, repeatable, actionable steps that any man can follow to become part of this elite club of men who get the best women. Every time.

And the best part about these techniques and mindset that you will learn? It’s all contained within YOU. Wherever you go – even a new city you’ve never been to before – you will develop the power to pick up the best girls without a wingman, a social group, and without having to spend money. The girl will like you for who you are.

This is what complete freedom looks like. Inside this brand new video product you’ll discover:

  • How to spot and exploit the secret signs that women give off at ALL times, that 99% of men don’t pick up on.When you use this simple technique you can massively increase your success with women IMMEDIATELY
  • Practical exercises to build an “assumptive mindset” – so that when you spot these secret signs, you can approach KNOWING that you can take her to bed 90% of the time.
  • How to approach women correctly– by learning to read social cues correctly – so you can avoid those awkward nerve wracking approaches, or embarrassing yourself in front of others. This helps you to banish Approach Anxiety forever.
  • How to create sexual tension IMMEDIATELY when you approach – so you can get her EXCITED about seeing you again (or sleeping with you soon after you approach!) This is what reduces flakes and makes girls see you as a sexual being instead of “just another guy”…Or worse “just a friend”
  • How to make girls comfortable with you…All girls need at least SOME element of this. When you do this correctly you’ll find you can develop real, authentic connections, so girls will love being around you and will come back for more time after time.
  • A systematic plan for improving how you feel (your state) generally in your life, no matter how bad things are – so that you can make the best of it and still meet girls.

And more…Much More

Buy Secret Society Now (£72 / $80)

From Steve Jabba, self-taught Pick Up Artist

In this video product I shine a spotlight on the “Secret Society”. Ever known a guy who always seemed to get all the girls, and you couldn’t figure out why?

If you do, you may have thought to yourself “He’s just one of those lucky guys who’se got something..Some talent that is unique to him”

You couldn’t be more wrong.

He just sees the world through different eyes than you do. He’s sensitive to the signals that women give out, he can read situations, and he knows how and when to push and what to do next at each phase of the seduction.

This isn’t a magic power. It’s a learnable skill and mindset shift that any man can learn – with the right guide.

This video product is that guide.

I’ve been part of this secret society for about 24 years.

From humble beginnings in a small town in the West Midlands, to globe trotting and seeking out the hottest women in the world…

And I’ve discovered how to bed women from all corners of the globe..from the passionate, warm sexual girls of Rio De Janeiro to the Ice cold Ukranian princesses.

I’ve evolved the powerful mindset and techniques to get them all

Here’s a little flavour of what’s it like to be part of this world:

  • I’m free to be myself. To act silly, or like a little boy when I am with her. I never worry about telling her she looks beautiful, or that I really like her. The girls still love me for it. You never need to put on a fake, “alpha” act. You are free to show how much you like her (infact, this is a key part of my method)
  • You can pick up a girl any time, any place : nightclubs, bars, daytime…And be in bed with her within an hour or even less. My method is FAST, effective and it naturally screens the girls who are not interested in you
  • You only ever see the best parts of women. Because they know you have abundance, it keeps them on their toes (in a good way). You don’t get bitchiness, or the unhealthy cloying neediness..Girls give you their sex happily and willingly. The time that you spend with girls will be fun, refreshing and charged with sexual energy.
  • Picking up women is no longer hard work..When you use this powerful mindset and techniques it’s a pleasure to meet girlsAnd this tells in your results.

So now for the good news.

You can join the secret society. This product lays it all out for you. There are specific, actionable foolproof techniques and mindsets that you can apply to become this naturally charismatic, sexworthy man.

There’s no “Black Box.” I’ve deconstructed it all.

Buy Secret Society Now (£72 / $80)
  • How to think like a guy who is in the secret society. To spot the signs that other men will never spot – and what to do about it.
  • How to “play the game”. When you talk to a woman, there is often a world of difference between what she says and what she does. I’ll show you how it all works so you’re not left flat footed with your dick in your hand ever again.
  • How to create the “Love Bubble”…This is INCREDIBLY powerful and allows you to form a close, intimate connection with girls that can last weeks, months..even years…From a short, 10 minute interaction. Girls always want to see you again once they’ve experienced this with you.
  • How to think and FEEL like a natural. Picking up women should not be robotic like a computer program. It should be like a dance…I’ll show you how to FEEL the dance, so you can quickly and easily take her to bed without following the “rules” (leave that to the beginners!)

Is This Guaranteed To Work For ME?

In a word : YES!

Over the last 14 years, I’ve associated with some of the best minds in the underground pick up society. Having my theories challenged. Breaking it down and rebuilding it again.

Experimenting with different approaches until I became the best, most effective version of myself.

As well as applying it to my own “game”..I’ve been teaching it for the last 6 years in my live events. And the students results have gone through the roof.

All of my products are therefore “stress tested”. My theories and mindsets have been picked apart and rebuilt, stronger and more rigourous. They’ve been tested by my students, live in the field. So that when you watch or listen to what I say, you can be sure that it’s applicable to YOU. You can apply it and see immediate changes to your results.

I’ve mapped the territory and solved the problems. All you need to do is watch the video and follow the advice and watch your results skyrocket!!

The Choice Is Yours

When you get this you get to see a world that 99% of guys don’t even know exists. You get to live in the top tier of men – the guys who get access to the best women – whilst everyone else is stuck with the leftovers!

Buy Secret Society Now (£72 / $80)

Your First Step To Becoming One Of The Chosen Starts Right Here

Which world do you want to live in?

Let’s take a closer look at each component of the Secret Society, shall we?

Part 1: The Secret Society – The Video Series

Over 4 hours of High Definition Video, broken down into 9 sections – with practical, actionable advice that you can apply immediately to transform your results with women.

Here are just SOME of the sections and things you will learn:

Awareness And IOI’s

– The lowdown on building your awareness – the real crux of natural game.

This is what gives you the ability to see the dating world through the eyes of a guy who “gets it”. You’ll spot opportunities that you never knew existed before. Through the advice and carefully thought out exercises I give you, you’ll begin to build the “assumptive” mindset, so that you can maximise your chance of a positive outcome (read take her to bed) with every approach that you do.

I also go into great detail on spotting and forcing IOI’s. You may have read about this before – now it’s time to get the FULL story from the guy who invented this approach.

Ultimately you’ll gain the ability to reduce the emotional investment in approaching by maximising your “conversion” rate off each and every approach. Instead of spam approaching for endless hours, we’re aiming to do fewer approaches but get consistently better results (and I don’t just mean flaky numbers!)

The Approach

– I go into considerable depth on how to approach properly.

Despite all the years of advice, all the millions of words of written advice, all the Youtube videos…The vast majority of guys STILL approach ineffectively.

I break down building your social intution and tailoring your approach to maximise success rates in each environment, and even by “reading” the girl. I also take you through using sexual energy, authenticity and the frame push when you approach. If you’ve seen my Youtube videos, I do all of this whenever I approach – now I teach you exactly what I am doing and (perhaps more importantly) what is going on in my head when I am doing it.

Sexual Tension

– I break down one of the most critical element of any pickup : Sexual Tension.

I teach you the mindset to lose your fear and discomfort of escalation, how to create sexual tension IMMEDIATELY (straight off the opener), and how to screen for girls who will ultimately waste your time, so you focus only on those girls where you actually have a shot of taking her to bed. (No more time spent agonising over why she dissappeared).

I break down my most well known pick up videos during the session and we pick apart EXACTLY what is going on – so that you too can replicate my results.

Making Girls Comfortable

– A full and complete breakdown on making girls comfortable enough to sleep with you.

This is what really separates the men from the boys. This is what allows you to get those girls who are somewhat on the fence about you, or are exceptionally “high value” with many options.

I break down my entire method – and include personal anecdotes from my own life to hammer home exactly how this is done.

It’s light years away from the inauthentic, simplistic view of telling fake stories and “seeking rapport”. Included are exercises to build your emotional sensitivity and your ability to create the “love bubble”.

State management

– A full and comprehensive breakdown on emotional mastery.

This is another critical element of pickup – if you don’t have this, your journey will be torturous and ultimately you’ll end up giving in. This is an area that I personally have struggled with my whole life, but have now virtually mastered. I break down the exact steps and process that I went through to do this, so that you can follow it yourself.

In getting this emotional mastery, you’ll not only become massively more attractive to women (like a solid rock, that she feels safe and comfortable with), you’ll also feel a lot better in your day to day life.

If you’ve ever felt too listless, depressed, or too down to go out and meet women (believe me, I have been there)…Then you will be very interested in this section.


– I break down foolproof, actionable techniques that you can apply in those make or break moments when a girl is deciding whether to come home with you, leave the venue with you etc.

Over the last 20 years I’ve missed out on so many “sure things” with beautiful girls, which is possibly the most frustrating experience in the world for any man!

I break down all the techniques and mindsets I’ve evolved over the years to combat this (and don’t worry, it IS mostly technique – there are things you can actually DO to handle these problems that anyone can replicate.) I give you all my secret techniques here (secret until now, that is)

Buy Secret Society Now (£72 / $80)

Not only that, these techniques apply universally throughout the pickup, not just at the point when she is ready to come home with you.

When used they allow you to avoid getting drawn into pointless and upsetting conflicts and arguments with women, instead changing this around to making her laugh, getting turned on etc.

(All will become clear when you watch the product!)

Over the 4+ hours of video, I draw together all the themes and mindsets that run through each element so you can see how it all inter-relates. This allows you to adapt the principles to your OWN personality and character. You won’t need to robotically copy what I do.

Stop ‘trying to get lucky’ every time you go out to meet a girl…

and put to work surefire skills, attracting women you actually want, rather than selling yourself short.

Enjoy your transition to a full ‘Natural’ – a guy who can attract women on autopilot, without having to think about it…

Buy Secret Society Now (£72 / $80)

I’m very confident you’re going to love this product. So I’ll be expecting your success story soon.


Steve Jabba