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Hello, My Name is Steve Jabba and I’ve been attracting the best women known to man for 20 years!

I want to tell you how I did it so that you can too.

Primal Seduction is my Magnum Opus, and has been produced painstakingly with the utmost loving care and attention, to ensure it’s as practical, useful and applicable as is humanly possible.

It’s written in meticulous detail – with action plans and exercises so that anyone can follow it.

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A message from Steve Jabba, self-taught “Natural” Who Can Get Hot Women!

Most men barely get laid. And when they do it’s hardly worth the trouble. It’s frustrating.

14 years ago, it used to drive me mad. I’d walk down the street and see beautiful leggy girls glide past me.

Short skirts, heels, hair flowing like a shampoo commercial. It never even crossed my mind that I could date them.

“They must be dating footballers, or rich businessmen” I’d think.

I’d try to put it out of my mind because it was too painful to see such beauty and never get a piece of it. They were out of my league.

I felt like a hungry street urchin looking through the windows at a rich man’s banquet. They lived in a different world to me.

But somebody was dating them. She was lying in bed with her head on the chest of somebody. I wanted to be that somebody.

Now in 2018, 14 years and over 250 hot girls later I realise there’s a whole world of “somebodies”.

There’s only two types of men in the world, those who “know”, and those who don’t. They might as well be two different species. What’s it like to be a man who knows?

  • You can pick up a girl from the street in the middle of the daytime and be in bed with her in a hotel bathroom an hour or so later
  • You can be the Adventure Sex for girls who are in long-term serious relationships with the Guys Who Don’t Know. You’re their “indiscretion” nobody finds out about
  • Any country you travel to, you can meet local girls, take them to bed and even forge long standing, meaningful relationships
  • Girls give you the REAL sex.They give you all the stuff they deny to Guys Who Don’t Know because they are “not that type of girl”


And here’s the Big Secret – Girls immediately know which type of guy you are.

Right now there are a thousand little “tells” which you may be emitting which tell her you’re a Guy Who Doesn’t Know. It’s hardwired into them.

They know how to spot these guys, and unfortunately lead you on a merry dance until they’ve milked you of attention and resources.

It’s not nice but that’s reality. 99% of men have never been allowed into this world. They still believe the Disney fairytale. And those guys have a barren sexual future stretching out ahead of them.

So now for the good news.

You can become the Guy Who Knows. I’ve laid out the path for you. There are specific actionable foolproof steps you can take to become the naturally charismatic sexworthy man.

Inside Primal Seduction you’ll discover:

  • The 12 “cornerstone characteristics” of the naturally attractive man. These are universally attractive masculine traits that any man can build into his character. I’ll tell you in precise detail how to do it – so you can attract women without thinking about it, without anxiety or fear.
  • How to feel entitled and worthy of the very hottest women This is “unfakeable” behaviour – you either feel it or you don’t. I’ll teach you how I feel it – and tell you EXACTLY how to build this mindset too
  • How to emit “guy who get’s it, guy who gets women” when you talk to girls. When you radiate this in your behaviour she will be predisposed to become curious and interested in you. It’s an unconcious female response
  • When you read this book you will absorb my deep seated love and appreciation for women. It smoothes out any lasting resentment or anger you may have. Women can sense this, so you’ll never have to endure painful or spiteful responses from women again (and if it does happen, you can easily brush it off
  • How to unlock YOUR natural charisma so girls like you for who you are. No money. No fancy resaturants. No sports cars. Girls will be attracted to your core personality.

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Example Screenshot From Primal Seduction

primal seduction steve jabba

There’s no “Black Box.” I’ve deconstructed it all.

  • How to think about yourself and women.
  • How to not have to worry about “What do I Say?”. When you feel worthy of women, your mind unblocks and your free flowing personality emerges. Do you worry about what to say with your friends?
  • How to correct your body language and subcommunications so all your signals emit “Guy Who Knows”
  • How to read women to fine-tune your next step forwards

Why I Produced Primal Seduction

I’ll be honest. I’m offended by how pathetic most “dating” advice is. There’s a horde of charlatans and idiots out there. Men who’ve never even slept with a hot woman are writing ebooks and presenting themselves as Players.

Worse still, the big outfits use slick marketing – promising out of this world results with “one simple trick”, scamming honest well-meaning guys, emptying their pockets and wasting years of their lives by sending them on a wild goose chase.

The programs they offer are at best lightweight and practically useless, at worst downright damaging.

So I won’t lie to you. If you want success with women, you’re going to have to take a good long hard look at yourself and be prepared to work at it.

If you want to REALLY get it – the kind of success where it’s easy, it’s all on autopilot – you may need a transformation – inside and out.

This is what Primal Seduction will do for you.

More ScreenShots From The Book!

primal seduction screenshot 2

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Why Listen To Me?

I don’t have a credibility problem. For the last fourteen years I’ve painstakingly built up a reputation as a guy who gets RESULTS – consistently sleeps with the hottest girls, always much younger than me.

Pro Tip for older guys: You might like my list of the best younger women for older men dating sites. Check it out!

I’ve provided evidence over 14 years, proven myself infield time and again. Hell, I’ve even got video proof of me picking up girls – filmed just last year.

Beyond that…I come from a position of a deep and abiding love and respect for women. It has never left me.

Everything I teach, and everything I believe in stems from this love and respect. I’m not interested in “getting my own back on women”, or marketing Primal Seduction as a means to do that.

I don’t believe in manipulation, or trying to control women by tricking them into sleeping with me.

The good news is, you can cherish this attitude, respect and love – and still get insane results – in a healthy, honest way where no girl is ever misled or hurt.

You won’t need to turn into an asshole, or act in a way which is contrary to your better instincts.

Better still, every success with women I have ever had is due to learnable personal charisma.

You can do it too.

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But before we go any further I am guessing you’re asking yourself this question:

Will This Actually Work For ME?

In a word : YES!

Fourteen years ago I was you. I’d never cold-approached a woman in my life.

There are only one thing I have that is “special”. When I’m motivated to achieve a goal I am RELENTLESS.

I’ve spent 24 years chasing women. In my first 10 I did well. In the latter 14, my results went off the charts.

Why? I started talking with other like minded guys, analysing what I was doing, with some of the best minds in the underground dating coach society.

Having my theories challenged. Breaking it down and rebuilding it again.

Experimenting with different approaches until I became the best, most effective version of myself.

Primal Seduction is the result of that 14 years of experimentation, thought and high level analysis.

Screenshots From The Book

primal seduction screenshot 3

I’ve mapped the territory and solved the problems. You don’t need to be as relentless as me or spend 14 years doing it.

The ONLY thing that matters… is your desire to attract the most stunning, intelligent, wonderful women in the world. And to live the life that you were meant to live. The life that you know deep down is the one for you.

You cannot believe the freedom I enjoy. I feel liberated. Imagine living in a world where:

  • The average age of girl I sleep with is 24 years old (I’m 42). Yes, that’s an EIGHTEEN YEAR age gap
  • The average number of dates I have before sleeping with a girl is ONE
  • I never have to lie to women. I am never told “let’s just be friends”. I never feel inferior, or unworthy of even the most beautiful women. No man is “above me”. I walk through the world with confidence, ease and assurance
    I am not limited to any type of girl. I’ve slept with catwalk models, strippers, waitresses, business women, students
  • I am not limited to any country. I’ve slept with girls of over 70 different nationalities from cold Russian models to hot head-scarved Arabs.

Imagine a world where women don’t cost you a penny, and don’t give you any nonsense.

When you’re become the naturally attractive men, women give you the real authentic version of themselves, not the play-act they use to tool the Guys Who Don’t Know.

Buy Primal Seduction Now (£25.95/$29.95)

When you get this you get to see a world that 99% of guys don’t even know exists. You get to live in the top tier of men – the guys who get access to the best women – whilst everyone else is stuck with the leftovers!

Which world do you want to live in?

Let’s take a closer look at each component, shall we?

Part 1: Primal Seduction – the Book.

The first piece of the program is the Primal Seduction manual that covers 100% of the step-by-step instruction, with detailed explanations, delving deep into the mindset and belief systems of a guy who can pick up women effortlessly on autopilot…

And tells YOU how to get these same powerful beliefs.

It’s a complete guide – covering what goes on in your head, to what to actually DO when you approach a girl, plus every scrap of real world, practical techniques that you can use to build yourself into a charismatic, confident, high self esteem man who can attract women on autopilot.

Nothing has been left out. No stone has been left unturned.It’s the complete system. The one I teach to men who want to meet the girl of their dreams.

Its all in here. It’s a massive 408 pages (over 150,000 words!!) in all, loaded with critical information explained in plain English, easy to read and easy to implement right off the bat.

Even if you don’t know the first thing about meeting women this manual lays it all out for you and covers you every step of the way.

And if you do know a thing or two about this stuff then prepare to have your reality turned on its head, because this is going to redefine the way you look at your interactions with women.

But we’re just getting started.

Because the next component is the practical part of the course….

Bonus Number 2 : How To Meet The Woman Of Your Dreams In 30 Days

This is for those who just prefer to dive in and get started right away.It’s a guide to get you the maximum results in the minimum time frame. If you follow this to the letter, YOU WILL get laid in the next 30 days. Inside you’ll find a step by step, foolproof action plan and daily plan, with missions for each day to smash through every single problem that you face, and get you in bed with at LEAST 1 girl in the next 30 days. Here’s some of the things you’ll learn:

  • The key to maximising your aesthetic in a way that is appealing to girls (i’m not just talking about getting buff here)
  • “Calibrated openers – that you can use in ANY situation so you’ll be prepared to talk to hot girls in ANY environment.
  • A step by step actionable plan to mastering the fear that we all have when approaching hot girls that you’ve NEVER spoken to before. You WILL be able to do this reflexively and without anxiety by the end of 30 days.
  • Missions galore – that take you from zero to hero and allow you to deal with the roadblocks that come along the way.
  • How to deal with those girls who flake and disappear and stop it happening again!
  • A first date guide that virtually guarantees taking her to bed on the first date – EVERY time (if you like!)

And much more. It’s a 30 day practical, action based plan that you can implement regardless of where you start from.

Buy Primal Seduction Now (£25.95/$29.95)

Stop ‘trying to get lucky’ every time you go out to meet a girl… and put to work surefire skills, attracting women you actually want, rather than selling yourself short.

Enjoy your transition to a full ‘Natural’ – a guy who can attract women on autopilot, without having to think about it…

Start Meeting Girls Who Want You For You

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  • Primal Seduction, — which includes 2 Massive Written Components — The Primal Seduction Book, and How To Meet Your Girl In 30 Days — both packed-to-the-brim with the best training information available
  • I understand that by downloading this product today I will take my game to a level that I previously didn’t know was possible and will enjoy the type of success with women that most men can only dream of

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There is a world of total freedom and total abundance waiting for you. A world you didn’t know existed. I’ll be expecting your success story soon.


Steve Jabba