What to Text a Girl for the First Time: 8 Key Points

texting a girl for the first time

Hey guys, Steve Jabba here. I know that sending the first text to a girl can be nerve-wracking. But worry not, because I’ve got you covered with these 8 key points about what to text a girl for the first time. 🤔1. The Right Mindset Matters: Read This Before You Text A Girl For The … Read more

Ping Texts: How To Turn Lost Leads Into Lays (With Examples)

ping texting a girl

Ping texts are an essential part of a modern player’s dating strategy. Over the years, I’ve discovered that when used effectively, these casual messages can help you reestablish contact with girls and increase your chances of getting her kecks off! In this article, I’ll share my insights on using ping texts to maximize your dating … Read more

Handle Shit Tests Like A Boss

How To Handle Shit Tests

Shit tests are one of the most misunderstood aspects of dating and social dynamics, and a potential powder keg! They are often misunderstood by men, and poorly explained in the dating literature. It’s not uncommon to see long threads or posts aiming to come up with a clever response to each shit test and “pass” … Read more