Top 7 Younger Woman Older Man Dating Sites UK: Get Younger Girls

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younger woman dating sites

Check out these top 7 younger woman older man dating sites UK.

It’s hard for men in the UK to meet attractive younger women, so these sites offer the fastest, cheapest and easiest way for UK men to meet hot younger women.

😍1: Seeking.Com (Seeking Arrangement) ⬅ 25% discount link and FREE Trial

seeking arrangement sugar daddy site

Seeking is the no 1 dating site for UK men to meet younger women, period. This site has numerous advantages over the nearest competition. Let’s look at some of the features that make this No 1 in the UK:
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  • There are at 4 women for every man in most parts of the UK. As a man looking for a younger woman, you will always be able to find attractive girls to talk to.
  • Over 20 million members active in more than 130 countries.Since about 14 million of these are younger women looking for older men in the UK, you are spoilt for choice as a man.
  • The women are NOT all gold-diggers looking for money. You can build a normal life with a girl you meet on this dating site.
  • There are plenty of girls looking for older men
  • The girls are all HOT. You can see some example profiles below! It’s crazy.

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    meet girls in london

    Actual profiles on Seeking Arrangement

    Inside the Seeking Arrangement Dashboard

    seeking arrangement search criteria

    Here’s a quick peek inside the Seeking Members area. As you can see, it’s very easy to get specific about the kind of woman you want to meet – in this case, I filtered on ethnicity, height, body type and age. The search was carried out in London, United Kingdom and you can see the quality of female members that were returned.

    The green light to the side of each member’s profile indicates that they are currently online. Despite my stringent filtering criteria, there was still page after page of girls who were online when I searched – showing that Seeking has plenty of girls looking for older men.

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    Bottom Line:

    Overall Seeking is the best dating site for girls looking for older men because of the quality and number of attractive girls on the site, the relatively inexpensive cost and the likelihood of getting dates.

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    👿2:Adult Friend Finder (Sign Up For Free Here)

    adult friend finder

    Adult Friend Finder makes no 2 on our list of dating sites for older men for several reasons:

  • It’s the world’s largest dating site with over 65 million members
  • The interface is fast, easy to use and intuitive for most men.
  • The ratio of women/men is at least equal, so the competition isn’t too fierce.
  • 25 MILLION Monthly active users
  • Adult Friend Finder is garnering considerable attention in 2022 as one of the best alternatives to Ashley Madison, so it’s a worthy contender for No 2 on this list of younger woman older man dating sites.

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    😎3: SugarDaddy.Com


    SugarDaddy.Com is another popular sugar dating website that promises to match you up quickly and easily with an attractive sugar baby in your area. Whilst it doesn’t have anywhere near the membership base that Seeking Arrangement has, there are nevertheless plenty of attractive women to choose from.

    Here are some of the best features of this sugar daddy site:

    • You can be upfront and straightforward about what you want, so it’s quick and easy to get into a relationship.
    • The site has a history of matching men and women who go on to form a long term relationship.
    • It’s a great website for successful men who want to share their spoils, and women who want a more luxurious lifestyle with a generous older guy.

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    NOTE: Although this is no 3 on my list of older for younger dating sites, there is a large gulf between this and Seeking Arrangement in the No 1 spot.

    ♥4: LuxuryDate.Com


    LuxuryDate.Com is a relatively new entrant to the sugar daddy scene but it is growing fast. A quick check of the quality of singles on the site confirms that they do have attractive female members for sugar daddies to date.

    Despite the young age of the site, the site owners have managed to pack in all the features that sugar daters need in a sugar dating site. Here are some of the notable benefits for sugar daddies:

    • Verification Videos: This is a welcome feature because it gives you confidence that the girl you are talking to is actually a real person rather than a low-paid actress!
    • Credits for messaging
    • You only need to pay for the messages that you use instead of a monthly membership.

    • Good female / male split of 50/50 Most guys should be able to get a date. again offers a free trial account so you can check sugar babies or sugar daddies in your local area. Sign up below:

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    🏧5: WhatsYourPrice.Com


    Whats Your Price is another sugar dating site brought to you by the same team that runs Seeking Arrangement – so you know the site is legit. The idea is simple and innovative: you spot a girl you like the look of on the site and offer her a certain sum for a date.

    Using this method, any man who is prepared to pay is guaranteed a date with the girl he has chosen. Furthermore, the girl at least knows you have money to burn – which as we know can be an advantage for a certain type of woman at least.

    Here are some of the notable claims of What’s Your Price:

    • 4,000,000+ Members on WhatsYourPrice – so you know that you will have ample women to choose from.
    • 7,500,000+ Bids on first dates – so the site is well established, both men and women know how it works.
    • $125Average first date incentive – not actually all that expensive at all.

    Would this work for you? You need to be the judge. Personally, this wouldn’t work for me because it takes away any element of charm, charisma and game – I would be concerned that the girl only agreed to come on a date with me because I paid the highest bid. I would find it a little emasculating – as if I cannot win a girl’s heart without having to brute force my way into her affections with money.

    Now you could say that this is how all sugar dating sites work – but it really isn’t. Especially on sites like Seeking Arrangement it’s more like a normal dating site but with hotter women and less competition.

    So overall sign up if it’s your thing, but Seeking Arrangement does a better job.

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    ⛵6: Millionairelove.Com


    I guess it’s pretty clear what this sugar dating website is about just from the title! It is at the bottom of the list because it won’t be suitable for most men for two main reasons:

    1: Most men are not millionaires!
    2: Most men don’t want a woman who wants him only for his money.

    Millionaire love therefore only appeals to a very narrow niche of rich men who don’t mind being with a full-on sugar baby. Regardless, let’s take a look at the features and claims of this unabashed sugar dating site:

    • Millions of real members who are looking for their partner. They don’t make the same claims as Seeking Arrangement, but there does seem to be an adequate membership base so you can find a match
    • Free to create a trial account and check out sugar babies in your area. You can also favourite the female profiles to get some attention to your profile and set up warm sugar baby leads
    • As you would expect from a premier dating site like this, the interface and dashboard is fast, sleek and intuitive. So it’s easy to use and find your matches quickly.

    The main downside to this sugar dating site is that it won’t appeal to most men, and if you do manage to get a date it will be with a girl who is interested in nothing else apart from money. Overall it seems most unlikely you’ll meet a girl here for fun, romance and good times.

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    Seeking Is Our No 1 Of The Best Dating Sites For Older Men. Here’s Why

    seeking arrangement homepage

    Seeking Arrangement of course.

    Let’s pick out some more advantages of this site over the rest:

    • It’s been around a long time and has established an almost unshakeable brand and reputation. You don’t get to survive and thrive in a competitive industry like the Sugar Dating industry unless you offer quality and value to both men and women.
    • You can be sure that the members are real and not computer-generated bots or paid girls from 3rd world countries. You cannot say the same of some of the other sites of this ilk.
    • Seeking Arrangement has led the way in shifting from a pure sugar dating site to a more mainstream “dating up” site. So there’s a good chance you can find a life partner on this site.

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    Best way to find girls looking for older men?

    The best way to find girls looking for older men is to use dating sites and that cater to this cohort. Typically you’ll find girls looking for older men on sugar dating sites, but keep in mind that the dating scene is constantly in flux, and what was once a strict “arrangement” type website can become a more mainstream site over time (this happened with Seeking.Com)

    You’ll often see that some girls explicitly mention in their profile that they are looking for older men – these girls should be your first port of call and you should always contact them first.

    It’s much tougher to find these kind of girls that seek older men in nightclubs and during the daytime. The problem is you don’t know beforehand whether she will be receptive, so you risk a painful rejection if you attempt to start a conversation.

    Overall, the dating sites and apps we’ve talked about on this page are the best way to find girls looking for older men.

    Do these older men dating sites actually work to find younger girls?

    Yes, they certainly do. You’ll find that if you try out these older men dating sites you should be able to start getting dates with younger girls within the first few weeks.

    If you’ve tried Tinder and other popular dating apps before, you’re probably a bit disheartened because you’re used to girls ignoring you or treating you badly.

    The dating sites on this list are completely different. These older men dating sites are packed with young girls looking for older men – you’ll find it a totally different experience to Tinder or other dating apps that you’ve tried.

    What Attracts A Younger Woman To An Older Man?

    older man younger woman relationships

    There are many reasons why some women prefer older men. One of the main advantages that older men have over younger men is that their years of “playing the field are over and they are ready for a commitment. This is attractive to women who have also had enough of diving into one relationship after another. Generally speaking, women in their late 20s – early 30s are most likely to be interested in older men.

    Naturally, this works well for men too because women of that age are still right at the peak of their sexual market value and have not yet “hit the wall” (the age at which their looks value declines precipitously)

    Another reason is, of course, financial stability. Men who are middle-aged and above tend to have more financial security and are often looking for younger women post-divorce. So this kind of relationship can work out really well for both parties if they are both upfront and honest about their intentions.

    How To Tell If A Younger Woman Likes An Older Man?

    You can tell if a younger woman likes an older man by hard-to-fake expressions of affection and love. It’s easy for a young woman to fake laughter, but not so easy to gaze adoringly at a man or express open body language when she is around him.

    Another telltale sign is how easily and readily she engages in sex with the man. If it is free, easy and passionate, you can be sure she is really enjoying it. If on the other hand, she seems to be doing it as an unpleasant but necessary task – like a chore, it’s a fair bet she has no real feelings for the guy in question.

    scott adams with wife

    True Love? You be the judge

    If you’re a guy using one of these sites, it behoves you to beware when you engage with the women so that you don’t get suckered into a transactional relationship.

    Here are some warning signs of a gold digger:

    • She asks about money straight away.
    • She doesn’t seem happy in your company.
    • She is distracted when she is with you – especially if she plays with her phone a lot (guaranteed she is responding to other men)

    It’s up to you to filter out the mercenary girls who are just after money. So without further ado, start by creating a free account on the world’s no 1 sugar dating site..And hone your discernment skills!

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