I get comments from time to time on Youtube to the effect of:

“Steve Jabba is a sad old man, it’s ridiculous for him to be chasing young girls around at age 42”

“If Steve was serious about improving his lot he’d just settle down, after all he’s in his 40s now”

It is something I’ve thought about, and every single one of you will think have to think about it at some point in your life.

NOTE: This post will be personal, I will talk about myself a lot, and refer to marketing practices and analytics.

If that’s not your cup of tea, I warn you beforehand.

The Commenters

The most obvious point is the prescriptive Gamma tone of the comments themselves.

Whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I think it speaks volumes about the commenters that they use words like “should”, as if they are uniquely positioned to judge how I should conduct my own life.

There’s enough been written about angry Gammas and morons on various game related websites, and I have nothing to add.

These people don’t buy, don’t share my material, and consequently are useless to me. They are basically just leeches with a big mouth.

If you’re wondering why I even bother to mention this, then you’ve probably never committed a word to the internet before. If you do, you’ll notice over time the haters and Gammas come crawling out of the woodwork, and they ALWAYS have the loudest mouth.

To the extent that they matter at all, I do my level best to ward them off and dissuade them from reading or watching my material by telling them to fuck off every time one of them rears their weaselly little heads.

Bottom Line: For every cockroach, the vast majority of my readers are decent guys who just want to get better results. I can see they like my material by simply examining the data from my analytics reports.

I’m happy to cater to you.

Settling Down

I trust my instincts, so whenever there is a big life question that I need to think about, the first thing I do is listen to my gut.

As of this moment, a quick gut check tells me that I am indifferent to the idea of settling down.

It’s not something I feel a passion for. I don’t yearn after children.

Overall I don’t care.

Thinking it through logically, there are hardly any upsides to settling down, but significant downsides that I am not prepared to accept.


Staying with the same woman who will get older

Let me preface this by stating that I think most men settle down through desparation, or not believing they can do better.

That’s really not an issue for me. It’s one area of my life that I have zero doubts about whatsoever.

Depsite the received wisdom in the manosphere about a man’s peak SMV, I shrug my shoulders and think “meh so what”.

Whilst I might experience some SMV decline as I get older, I don’t forsee a time in my life that I will not be able to attract the kind of women that I like.

nagging woman

Count me out, thanks

After 65…Maybe I won’t be able to pick up 18-24 year olds anymore.

But equally I will not care. Already at 42 I don’t have the same desire to chase and screw women that I used to (thank god).

I don’t have any lingering insecurities that need to be filled by younger girls.

It really isn’t an issue at all.

Therefore – I can see only downsides to staying with the same woman. I don’t think I am cut out for it. Whenever I have tried it, I feel like a Tiger trapped in a cage.

I just don’t think it’s for me.

Staying In The Same Location / Working In The UK

I recoil inwardly at the thought of going back into the job market and staying in the UK.

The idea is horrific.

I have lots of reasons for this, and it’s not only the lower quality women. It’s the politics, the ever degrading culture, the anti White Male sentiment (I do believe this is a real thing), and more.

Moreover, getting a job – even a relatively high paying contract means I would need to surround myself with people who I really don’t want to associate with.

Overall the experience of working in the traditional sense is emasculating to me, and chips away at my energy and lust for life in a way that I am simply not prepared to accept.

I do not respect or care for “authority” and whilst I don’t break any laws, I prefer to go my own way and will not accept constraints on my time. I will not be told when I need to get up , when I can take a holiday etc.

Here’s a recommended post by an old acquaintance (Bodi) – I won’t say friend because he seems to dislike everybody (including me, LOL), but he is a fantastic writer and goes into more detail about the horror of full time work in the UK.

Making My Own Income

If I did want to settle down (which as we’ve established I’m not particularly bothered about, there is no compelling reason to), I’d need to generate my own income.

I would never countenance bringing a child in this world unless I had financial stability.

Right now, I do not.

This is where I need to talk a long hard look in the mirror and deal with reality. (I’ve talked about this a lot, including in Primal Seduction – so you can see I practice what I preach).

I’ve examined this back to front and sideways.

Here’s a summary:

I had a moderaely successful website (AuthenticPUA) which generated enough income to live relatively comfortably in foreign countries.

The question then becomes, can I grow it (obviously the website is now SteveJabba.com), and can I remain relevant for 10-25 years?

In my opinion, the answer is yes.

I think it boils down to my value proposition. I believe I have a strong value proposition.

My core value proposition is that I have a world class ability to pick up attractive women younger than me (i) , and an ability to explain how to do it (ii)

Furthermore, within the niche of dating / manosphere I have a (currently) small but very potent reputation which I know how to grow organically.

(i) My ability to actually pick up hot women

I’ve provided some evidence over the years (more than most by the way), and there are plenty of people who will back up what I say.

I think it’s clear to anyone with a modicum of knowledge about picking up women that my videos are legitimate and the attraction is real.

On this note, I do have a growing hunger to produce more pick up videos, ON MY TERMS and in a way that won’t conflict with my morals etc.

It might not be until the Euro Jaunt season in 2019 – but it is coming. I predict that big things will happen to this sites growth when I start filming more infields.

(ii) Writing and making videos is a skill which can be honed. I’ve developped it over the years and am further honing it now.

My analytics prove that I am on the right track , the audience engagement is high and overall I am very pleased with how I’ve been received now that I am back.

I’ve got a ton of things to say, bags of energy and ideas – so for the forseeable future the only way is up.

Longetivity of this website

Can I still be relevant at 60? 65?

Well, why not?

I am positive I will still be able to attract young women – probably in their 30s. But as I age, so my audience ages too.. Also bear in mind I generally do my best to stay looking good, including cosmetic surgery.

Whilst I may no longer appeal to 18-25 years old (by the way this is currently my largest market segment), I will certainly appeal to enough 30-65 year olds who will buy my products etc.

(And they have more money).

What man is not interested in picking up younger girls? (Except fags, and they don’t count).

Will “marketing” trends change, and will I be able to keep up?

Again, why not?

I have a quick and agile mind, and I learn fast.

But I honestly do not believe it’s all that relevant. I’m happy to take the longer road of growing organically because I believe my ideas, content and value propositon is strong enough to grow steadily (or geometrically!) and sustain for many years.

Making my own income through other sources

I was not idle when I stopped promoting AuthenticPUA and dissappeared for a few years. I learned a ton about buying and monetising traffic. For a while, it looked great.

There are some signs that I’ll be re launching the paid traffic model too, within the next month or so. There is some potential there.

Furthermore, I constantly come up with new ideas and am getting better at this as I get more experience. I already have new ideas about where to shift in the next 2-5 years, whlist still maintaining SteveJabba.

Overall, I am positive that I’ll be able to provide an income for the next 20-25 years by working online.

Bottom Line About Settling Down

Overall I do not think it is for me.

I don’t have the same fears as most guys about being alone. I think I will always be able to attract the women I like.

I don’t want my freedom curtailed, and I certainly cannot stay and work in the UK long term.

If I did ever want children, it would have to be from a position of strength – which is not possible right now. It will be in future.

Overall, whilst it is something I have pondered on, it’s not something that nags away at me or fills me with passion to think about.

Basically, no change here!

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