Getting older is absolutely great. As I spend some of my time reading and watching vidoes to asses the state of mind of the common man, to really connect to the Zeitgeist, and I cannot help but notice how much despair and so called “red pill” is being spread.

Lately we’re seeing more and more of the Clown World meme. To me it all comes from the same wellspring : It’s all pointless, women are crap, we’re all screwed anyway, what about 5g? the world is upside down and back to front and who cares anymore. Let’s sit back, give up and wait for what’s coming.

I don’t share this pessimism. From my point of view there’s so much to look forward to, and so much more fighting to do. I think that’s one of the first benefits of getting older. Let’s go through some of the unquestionable benefits of becoming an old fart, so that you older guys can feel proud to be getting older like me…And you younger guys can have something to look forward to!

1: You couldn’t care less about stuff you cannot control.

The first caveat I’d make about this point and the other points I will make is that you have to get older gracefully, grow into your power, and keep fighting as you age. I’ll explain more as we go along.

As you get older your crystallised IQ grows (look it up online – crystallised IQ is basically knowledge of facts, principles, patterns, events etc). You learn to dial out the noise, clutter and deletirious effects on your psyche of world events, other people’s opinions of you, and anything that you cannot directly control and influence.

I used to pay avid attention to politics and world events. I still do to an extent, and understand roughly what is happening in the world, but I’ve ceased to let it have an impact of my emotional state. The key is to pay attention to it so that you’re not caught flat footed or hoodwinked, but then to do everything in your power to adapt accordingly and live the best life you can. More specifically, you take ACTION.

None of you listening, nor I, are going to have any meaningful impact on geopolitical events , save by voting. So why get overly concerned, pessimistic or fatalistic about it? The best you can do is plan and control what is directly in your sphere of influence.

– When you hear someone complaining about society, or the declining birth rate – ask if they themselves are having children
– If they complain about women getting fatter, less feminine – are they going out and trying? How many approaches in the last month?

The elephant in the room is that often times you can influence a womans behaviour with masculine strength, leadership and direction. If women are losing their way, acting out and causing the destruction of society it’s because men have lost their way and allowed it to happen. Work on yourself and influence positively the women in your life. There’s nothing much more you can do.

As you get older you learn to stop talking and start doing. Rather than complain, you take productive action. The key is to get off your ass and engage with the world. When I see the amount of despairing comments on my channel and others, guys complaining about women, society, getting older , whatever I think : But what you are DOING about it? Are you getting in shape? Planning your finances? Improving your diet? Approaching women?

Start to dial out these negative bores. They will sap your energy, spirit and will – and the majority don’t know what they are talking about.

2: You can control your emotions much better

This is a corollary of point 1. Because you learn to dial out the negativity and noise and focus on productive action, you find that your base emotional state improves. I think the crux of depressions is powerlessness. I know all about the theory of chemical imbalances in the brain, but having had depression for many years I recall that the overriding feeling is one of fatalism that your situation cannot be improved.

As I’ve got older, wiser and more disciplined, I realise that it’s rare that you cannot directly improve your current situation. It takes hard work, discipline and thought, but it can be done.

Once you grasp, internalise and FEEL it in your bones, you find that your day to day emotional state is much improved and your ready to spring out of bed and engage with the world. Even though I currently am on a diet with a calorific defecit, I feel energised and ready to take on the world the majority of the time because I have a plan and I am FIGHTING.

I think men are designed to FIGHT. We are designed to take on our sphere of influence in the world , and fight to get what we want, and positively influence those around us. Think of some symbology here. It’s like Gandalf holding his staff with the white light forming a circle of light in the darkeness. As Gandalfs spirit gains strength, the light grows ever larger and forces back the darkness.

That is what we as men are designed to do – engage with the world and fight.

I can tell you that if you start with fighting for yourself, you can then think about others. Fortunately for me, I have these podcasts that are helping me fight because indirectly they earn me money so I can live my life, but I know that I am helping others too – infusing other men with positive energy and empowerment, and not giving in to despair.

You won’t need to do podcasts to do the same, but start off by not giving up yourself and realise that the fight is life – it’s what we men have to deal with in our times. We have significant battles ahead in our lifetimes, and it’s not going anywhere. Suck it up, deal with it and learn to accept and love it. You’ll feel much better for it!

3: You care little about sex

This one’s a doozie! Now I still wake up most mornings with a massive erection – without boasting I have been told many times that I have a fearsome war hammer, and many fair maidens eyes have widened in mingled fear and lust when they first see it. Some maidens have run away shrieking, some have cowered away..And some have eagerly grapsed it and sat on it.

Putting that to one side, despite the impressive length and girth of my war hammer I care less and less about sex. It’s as if you can intellectually appreciate a hot girl, but often you feel less compelled to act. It could be partially that we have still not reached summer this year and on cold grey days I feel little lust at all, but I can tell you that the days of feeling overcome with lust and horniness appear to be gone.

This is a great thing and is a net benefit! I remember back in the day I’d be going crazy with desire and could think of little else. Now as a mature man of 43 I get pleasure from sex and women, but also pleasure from intellectual fulfilment and brain nourishment. In some ways it’s as satisfying and enjoyable to produce a quality podcast, or write a quality section of a product as it is to bone a hot young girl.

Fundamentally, you begin to think more with the big brain and less with the little one in your cock – even if it’s as impressive as mine (I think I mentioned that once or twice, but just so you’re aware).

4: Women cannot manipulate you

Because of this, women cannot manipulate you. I recall even 10-15 years ago I knew women could not manipulate me. I’d talk with friends and look on in bewilderment as they’d let women manipulate them, knowing that it never happens to me. This is why I find it hard to understand stories from guys who talk about women who have wrapped them around their little finger. Such things are outside of my reality (I’m writing out this in my new product. I’m gonna give you as many insights as I possibly can so that you never let anyone (especially women) manipulate you again.

I guess some guys are just suckers, and even older men let this happen to them. But if you grow as a man as you age, and grow into your power, the idea that a woman can manipulate you is laughable – especially as their primary weapon (if we think of it in those terms) of sex grows less in power with every passing year.

I don’t wish to encourage the wailing pessimistic MGTOWERS here by trying to claim I am one of them. I used the word “weapon” deliberately, but to be clear I love women and I do not think a healthy relationship is based on power. But for those guys who do succumb to manipulation, their situation is ameliorated by getting older because the hold of sex over them weakens with each passing year.

10-15 years ago women couldn’t control me, but nowadays the idea is laughable. When you care less about sex and realise you can still get it from hot young women, it’s entirely within your control, there is really no way in which you can be manipulated.

5: Ageing does not have to be a physical death knell.

Here’s a couple of pictures of me that I have literally just taken. Does that look to you like a man who is losing his physical edge?

Understand that men do not age in the same way that women do. Whilst me might lose our hair and / or go grey, it’s not necessarily a disadvantage. I can tell you that in about 4-6 weeks I anticipate I will have a better body, more energy and look better than most 20-25 year olds (and I am 43, 44 in November).

Some of it is genetic but for the average guy excellent results are still achieveable. There is literally no reason why a man of 43, 45, 50 or even 60 cannot have a flat stomach at the very least.

There have been studies of men in their 70s who have started resistance training with weights and have started to build muscle. It’s never to late to start and it’s not beyond you!

Also if you have more muscle it’s easier to lose weight and harder to put it back on. And of course women like it.


Getting older doesn’t need to be a death knell…Infact in many ways life improves with age. Guys, get up, start fighting and realise that in our lifetimes the fight will never end. Start the fight from within and let it radiate outwards and positively influence others as you get stronger. You will feel happier, stronger, more manly if you do. DO NOT give in to despair and relish the fight as you get older!