What to Text a Girl After Getting Her Number: 7 Top Secrets!

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Hey guys, it’s Steve Jabba here, and today I’m going to share some valuable insights on what to text a girl after getting her number.

You have to get this right if you want to get that girl in bed..Get it wrong and you’ll end up in your bed alone playing with your own todger!

So let’s get started.

⏰The Golden Rule: Timing Matters When You Send The First Text.

First things first, when should you send that initial text?

I always think it’s best to text her within 24 hours. Why?

Well, she will hopefully still be thinking of you, so you need to capitalise on that before the memory of your first meeting fades.

Now, this is critical to get right, so I’m going to explain 5 reasons why it’s important to text within 24 hours to really hammer it home!

Stay Fresh in Her Mind
Like I said if you’ve done your approach correctly and made a powerful impression she will be thinking of you.

By texting her within 24 hours, you’re capitalizing on that initial excitement and attraction.

Show Genuine Interest
Texting her within 24 hours demonstrates that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know her better. It tells her that you enjoyed your time together and that you’re keen to connect further.

It sends a pretty clear signal :”I am into you. Let’s make something happen”

Avoid Playing GamesWaiting too long to text a girl can come across as playing games or being disinterested. And trust me, fellas, nobody enjoys playing games.

When you text her within 24 hours it shows that you pursue what you want (i.e. her) – women like this kind of straightforward masculine behaviour.

Strike the Right Balance
Now, while it’s essential to text her within 24 hours, you don’t want to come across as overeager or desperate. So, avoid texting her immediately after getting her number.

Give it some time, maybe a few hours or later in the evening, and then send her a thoughtful message. This shows you’re interested without being too pushy.

What sort of message? Often a ping text will do the job. The point is, DO NOT OVERTHINK IT!

Keep the Momentum Going
When you have a great interaction with a woman, there’s a natural momentum between you two. By texting her within 24 hours, you’re keeping that momentum alive, making it easier to continue the conversation and ultimately progress towards a date or a deeper connection.

OK, so I think we’ve got that you need to text with within 24 hours. What’s next if you want to know what to text a girl after getting her number?

🤗Your Sequence For Texting A Girl After You’ve Got Her Number

1. The first thing to do is to reference something about the initial meeting and use callback humour. So how do you do that?

Set the Stage with a Memory
Start by mentioning something memorable from your first meeting, like a joke you shared, an interesting conversation topic, or even something funny that happened. This will not only remind her of the enjoyable time you had together but also set the stage for a fun and engaging text exchange.

Now I suggest that you build your own mini routine for the first 3 minutes of the interaction with a girl. Always throw in some humour to make the interaction stand out.

An easy way to do this is to think of the differences between where you met her (say Poland), and your country (say the USA) – then bring that out in the conversation.

Then reference it in your first message:

“Hey, its the charming Englishman. Just noticed that Polish dudes look like walking thumbs. Anyway, what are you doing tomorrow evening?”

You’ll have to tailor it to each situation, but always aim to throw in some humour when you first meet and bring it up in the first message.

If you want to know more about what to text a girl for the first time, read the linked article.

Use Callback Humor: Your Secret Weapon
Callback humor is when you refer back to a funny moment or inside joke from your initial meeting. It’s an incredibly effective way to create an instant bond and keep the conversation light and playful.

Build your framework for the first 3 minutes, reference something you said in the first meeting using callback humour, and you will really stand out initially.

2. Once you’ve blasted off that first message, it’s time to move onto phase 2: Keeping the conversation going.

Let’s assume she has responded to you. What then?

Well I recommend you try to get her out on a date within 4 messages. That’s a pretty good yardstick to make sure that you stay on point, and don’t waste time sending endless messages.

She needs to be clear on WHY you’re talking to her, so it’s best to get to the point.

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⏱The Four-Message Formula: Keeping The Conversation Going And Getting The Date

Message One: The Icebreaker
Your first message should be an icebreaker that refers back to your initial meeting with callback humour (as we discussed in the previous section). Keep it light, fun, and personalized. This will set the stage for a positive and engaging conversation.

Message Two: Engaging Question
In your second message, ask an open-ended question related to your previous conversation or her interests. This encourages her to share more about herself and keeps the conversation going.
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Example: “Oh, you mentioned you’re into [subject]. How did that happen – I am genuinely curious. (It helps if you are actually curious, so make yourself interested!)

Message Three: Show Common Ground
In your third message, establish common ground by sharing your thoughts or experiences related to her answer. This demonstrates that you’re actively listening and helps create a stronger connection.

Now, if she loves knitting, don’t be a big gay bellend and say you love knitting too – that obviously won’t fly. Instead focus on the CONCEPT of focussing on the present moment whilst doing an activity and reference that.

“I know what you mean..When I’m [insert activity] I get totally lost in it and focus on nothing else..It’s beautiful, I love it.

Message Four: The Date Invitation
Now that you’ve built rapport and established common ground, it’s time to go for the date. Craft a personalized invitation related to your conversation, showcasing that you’ve been paying attention and are genuinely interested in spending time together.

It doesn’t HAVE to relate to what you’ve talked about particularly. You could send a fun, flirtatious message along the lines of “All of this talk of [insert x] is making me intrigued in you. So we’re gonna have to go on a date soon…Are you free on [insert time near in the future]

Now if she doesn’t agree, ask her when she is free and arrange a time.

If all fails at any point, you can try and re-engage with ping texts and other strategies if she goes cold texting.

That is your step-by-step guide on what to text a girl after getting her number.

But life is never that simple, so if there are delays between messages or she’s losing interest, you could spice things up with memes and funny pictures.

Here are some basic rules of thumb:

Choose the Right Meme or Picture
When selecting a meme or picture to share, consider your previous conversations and her interests. Pick something that’s relevant, light-hearted, and guaranteed to make her laugh. The more you can personalize your choice, the better. It shows that you’re paying attention to her and that you’re genuinely interested in connecting on a deeper level.

Time It Well
Timing is essential when using memes or pictures in your conversation. You don’t want to send them too often, as it may come across as trying too hard. Instead, use them as a fun surprise, like when the conversation has reached a natural lull or when you think she could use a good laugh.

Keep It Appropriate
As much as you want to make her laugh, it’s crucial to ensure the memes and pictures you share are appropriate for your conversation stage. Avoid anything offensive, controversial, or overly sexual. Stick to content that’s lighthearted and inoffensive, so you don’t risk alienating her.

Gauge Her Reaction
Pay attention to her response when you share a meme or picture. If she laughs and engages with the content, it’s a good sign that she appreciates your sense of humor. On the other hand, if she doesn’t respond positively, consider dialing back on the memes and focusing on conversation instead.

🤩Bonus: Texting Examples and Templates

OK guys, as promised, here are some examples and templates to help you master the art of texting. Remember, the key is to adapt these to your own personality and situation.

A. Icebreakers and conversation starters

“Hey [her name], it’s [your name] from [place you met]. I promised I’d text you, and I’m a man of my word! 😊 How’s your day going?”

B. Texts that showcase your personality

A picture of your morning breakfast and the caption “living the dream”. This is more of an our world ping text.

C. Flirty messages to keep the spark alive

“I just saw a girl on TV with long sexy legs..She reminded me of someone…😊”

D. Invitations to connect further (calls or dates)

“Hey [her name], I’ve really enjoyed our conversations. How about we continue this over a cup of coffee? There’s a great spot I know you’ll love. What do you think?”

❓Frequently Asked Questions

A. How soon should I text her after getting her number?
There’s no hard and fast rule, but I suggest texting her within 24 hours. This way, your interaction is still fresh in her mind, and she’s more likely to respond positively.

B. What if she doesn’t respond to my text?
Don’t sweat it, man. Give her some time, and if she doesn’t respond after a day or two, you can send a light-hearted follow-up message. If all else fails use ping texts and this strategy for girls who go cold over text.

C. How often should I text her before asking her out?
Remember the 4 message system and stick to that as your optimal – though some girls will take longer.

D. How do I know if I’m being too forward or pushy?
Pay attention to her responses. If she’s engaging with you and sharing personal details, it’s a good sign. If she takes forever to reply, it’s not a good sign, so roll off for a while and send the odd ping text. Don’t over-pursue like a needy schoolboy!

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