Vibe Protection 101 : In Awe Of Nature

I’m a natural worrier. It’s something I’ve worked hard on my whole life, and it’s been critical for my personal vibe protection. If you’re anything like me you’ll have times where you cannot escape the demons in your own mind (in my case mostly financial worries).

One thing I’ve found helpful is to take productive steps to solve the problem, continually work hard, but also to attempt to zoom out and get perspective. The stoics teach this as a lesson : that you should look to the stars and understand that you are nothing in the greater scheme of things:

“Watch the stars in their courses and imagine yourself running alongside them. Think constantly on the changes of the elements into each other, for such thoughts wash away the dust of earthly life.”

Marcus Aurelius , Meditations

We live in our bodies, so it’s hard not to constantly think we are the most important thing in the universe. I also note that conventional wisdom dictates that you should be something of a narcissist if you want to be attractive to women. To think about yourself constantly. I see this on my Youtube channel: I’d estimate about 50-60% revolving around “understanding yourself”, thinking about yourself, worrying about yourself, becoming preoccupied with your own needs, desires and worries.

I think it’s profoundly unhealthy and as I’ve grown older (and hopefully wiser), it’s increasingly distasteful to me. It just reeks of total navel-gazing and self-centredness. So, here’s my recommendation if you find you are preoccupied with yourself far too often:

Get out in nature : a park, or a zoo and clear your mind. Put your focus on the sheer beauty and majesty that surrounds you and realise that you really are not all that remarkable, nor should you be so preoccupied with yourself.

I recently spent 2 months in Kiev whilst I worked on business and decided the next direction for my life. The weather was often lousy, and since Kiev is far from the most beautiful city in the world, I decided to go to the zoo quite frequently. I did this because it helped to give perspective to all the worries that go through my mind.

When you focus on the beauty and majesty of nature, you begin to get perspective on your own life situation.

For example, there was one point where I stood and watched 2 Black bears play fighting with each other in their enclosure. I spent a good 5 minutes just standing still and watching them. At one point the darker bear approached the glass and stared right at me for a few seconds. His eyes betrayed nothing – no flicker of intelligence or recognition as you’d expect, but you realise how puny and pathetic you really are when you look at him. One swipe of that paw and I’d be dead.

It’s humbling to look at animals like this. Look at the speed and power of these creatures:

Research On Being In Nature : It’s Good For Mental Health

I’ve since researched the effects of being out in nature and it turns out my instinct was right : there is research that indicates being in awe by nature is good for your mental health.

The reason I believe it’s so important to talk about topics like these especially when you consider so much of the so called red pilled advice on dating and attracting women:

Be narcisstic
Think only of yourself
Be egotistical, put your needs and wants first at all times

I’m paraphrasing a little but it’s not far from the truth. I didn’t believe it years ago when I wrote Primal Seduction, and I believe it less now. I’ve met lots of Daygamers and PUA’s over the years , and without slandering (which I won’t do), there’s a reason why I choose to distance myself from them now. It’s just not a healthy attitude for your life and mental health to think constantly of your own needs, your own dick , your own wants and desires.

The manospehere is 100% wrong on this, and it’s one of the principal reasons why I don’t really respect any of them (plus the fact , to repeat, that I do not believe the vast majority are good with women, nor have they been able to attract quality women themselves.).

Here’s an excerpt from the study I referenced:

“In one recent study, 585 young adult Japanese participants reported on their moods after walking for 15 minutes, either in an urban setting or in a forest. The forests and urban centers were in 52 different locations around the country, and about a dozen participants walked in each area. In all cases, the participants walking in a forest experienced less anxiety, hostility, fatigue, confusion, and depressive symptoms, and more vigor, compared to walking in an urban setting. The results were even stronger for people who were more anxious to begin with.

“The psychological benefits of walking through forests are very significant, and forest environments are expected to have very important roles in promoting mental health in the future,” the authors write. Indeed, various other studies suggest that the practice of “forest bathing”—deliberately spending time among the woods—can help us deal with the stresses and strains of urban living.”

I will be talking more about these kind of topics in the weeks and months to come, it’s more of a direction I am taking.

If you haven’t heard my material much before, this discovery of the vibe protection powers of awe and nature fit squarely within the attitude I talk about in Primal Seduction and Secret Society. I’ve said for years that I disagree with the prevailing group think of the Manosphere, and have always talked of love and respect for women, whilst still being devastatingly effective and getting what you want.

This research bolsters what I have thought for years, and I think it will be increasingly important for many of you as times get tougher, and the days of easy sex receed as we move from less R Selected and more towards K Selected times.