attractive male qualities

What are the attractive male qualities that girls all over the world will respond to?

Whether you’re in Paris, Istanbul, Warsaw or Moscow, these 3 traits are loved by woman all over the world.

Read on to find out what they are!

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1: A Strong Identity

strong identity

In my view this is the No 1 universally attractive masculine character trait. It boils down to this:

  • You know (and like yourself) – otherwise known as high self esteem.
  • Fundamentally you know your own value – so when you approach a girl you can display this to her.
  • If she tests you, or is dismissive, you don’t need to get in her face about it. But you’re confident enough to handle anything that is thrown at you.
  • If you go on a date, you’re pretty sure that you can sleep with her because you know your own value.

And so on.

It does NOT mean you define yourself through your job or any external reference point. In contrast, part of having a strong identity is that you are internally referenced. This means that you define yourself, and derive your self esteem through you OWN set of standards, wants, needs and desires.

Put yet another way, you are not trying to “keep up with the Jones’s”. You don’t need validation from other people, or from buying things to make you feel good about yourself.

You don’t judge yourself by the standards of others.

Further, having a strong identity means you know what you like, dislike and what you will and won’t accept. It is manifested by having a strong, well defined set of standards and boundaries.

An example of this would be if you are meeting a girl and she keeps playing with her phone, or looking at it whilst you are on a date.

I’m sure most of you would find that very irritating. Well, your standards and boundaries would probably prompt you to say something to her:

“Look, if we’re on a date I’d rather you didn’t keep checking your phone…It’s very rude”

The point is, it’s what YOU find important, what standards and boundaries YOU set for yourself. These standards and boundaries arise naturally as a function of building your self esteem.

Think of a standard and boundary as a set of red lines that you won’t allow to be crossed more than once.

If they are, then you have to distance yourself from that person because you’ve found over time that it causes you more displeasure and grief to associate with them than to not associate with them at all.

In the case of the girl playing with her phone. You will find that in some cases you might lose a girl or two by asserting your standards and boundaries.

However more often than not, asserting your standards and boundaries will result in the girl becoming more attracted, because it is a manifestation of displaying your strong identity.

You’re also subcommunicating to her: I don’t care how hot you are. You’re acting like a fool. Stop it, I won’t accept it. Any man with any self esteem wouldn’t accept it, so I am not going to degrade myself just because you are hot.

It also subcommunicates that you are used to being around and sleeping with hot girls, precisely because you call them out when they act like an idiot.

Finally, understand that it’s not a matter of rigidly sticking to your guns, slavishly following rules and being bombastic about it with girls.

It IS about not accepting disrespectful behaviour off anyone, period. I’ve found that if you lower your standards and boundaries because you think you might get lucky with her…

It doesn’t work in the majority of cases
It just feels sucky to do so..You are lowering yourself and if you do it persistently, you’ll end up with a weaker identity as a result.

You will find that if you generally trust your insticts about asserting your standards and boundaries and as much as possible distance yourself from those who break them more than once, you’ll become stronger in your identity, and thus more attractive as you age. Otherwise known as “growing into your power” (and not “stuck in your ways”)

Having A Sense Of Entitlement

because im worth it

Because I’m Worth It!

This is huge. It’s also the number one character trait that most guys lack, even if they have high self esteem or seem to have their life together.

When I think of entitlement, I think of two key concepts:

The ability to give yourself permission to feel entitled.

The actual feeling of entitlement – what it means, how it looks when someone has it.

Unfortunately, where most guys fail is by raising the bar too high on what they “need” to feel entitled. At a deep core identity level they don’t feel worthy enough for the kind of girls they like, and usually come up with “logical” reasons for this.

They beat themselves up with it. Alternatively, they may be going through a bad period, lose their “mojo” and then invent reasons why a sense of entitlement should no longer apply – “well, I have no money anymore, I have lost my job, or other excuses along these same lines.

These are destructive and untrue notions. Whilst you should always be working towards your goals, if you’re in a temporarily bad situation, your core identity and sense of entitlement shouldn’t be undermined. After all, you still have the same character traits, and you’re still the same person.

Look at it logically. If you’re in a temporary low situation, do you then drop a point or two off the girl you feel “entitled” to? Or perhaps instead of sleeping with 12 girls a year…You now only feel “entitled” to 7 – because of your reduced circumstances.

Do you see how ridiculous this is?

Now when you talk of entitlement, most people have an instant negative response. They think of entitlement as a bad thing. This is messed up!

I think it arises because entitlement without the value to back it up is extremely annoying to most people.

If you encounter someone who seems to think they deserve the best…But they themselves are a weak person, they don’t work hard, they don’t have any discernible talent, status or physical beauty.

They are a real pain to be around. Your reaction to them is “Who the hell does this guy think he IS?”

So, it IS a universally attractive trait if you also have the other qualities to back it up. You need a good healthy slab of entitlement mixed in with your other attractive qualities to make it an powerful and seductive character trait.

Note also that having a strong sense of entitlement PRECEEDS acquiring other attractive masculine traits, because it forces you to bend the world to your will.

If you’re the kind of guy who think he deserves the best and is willing to do what it takes to get it, you can see how you’ll end up building some really powerful masculine traits over time, such as ambition, hard work, fortitude etc.

Overall entitlement ranks No2 on my list, as long as it is harnessed correctly, backed up by value and is mixed in with the other attractive masculine traits.


man spanking woman dominant

When you say dominance, most people immediately think of negative associations of power and control. Infact, dominance as an attractive trait is a lot more nuanced that most people understand, and makes no 3 on my list.

There are 2 aspects to dominance: Hard Dominance and Soft Dominance.

Hard Dominance refers to ones ability to control ones own reality. So , people who are easily led or influenced have a low level of hard dominance.

In contrast a person with a high level of hard dominance knows their own mind, will do what they want and will not follow generally other people…And we’re back to my no1 most important attractive masculine trait again!

Soft dominance refers to how responsive a person is to someone elses reality. Think of it in terms of empathy and understanding , or responsiveness / reactiveness.

Soft dominance is important because a girl needs to feel safe and comfotable with you. You cannot just be bombastic, trying to lead her without understanding she has needs too. In order to begin to “sense” and “feel” what a girl wants, you need to build soft dominance – or empathy.

Incidentally, this is the no1 thing that guys get wrong when they try to “learn game”. They think they must display leadership qualites over other men, and lead the girl in a dominant fashion to become attractive.

However, they do not realise the 2 sides to dominance and skip soft dominance entirely. Thus, to other men they become irritating and annoying – and if they step up too much without the value to back it up, they may get a burst mouth or worse as a result.

A guy with too much hard dominance who is trying hard to be dominant and lead a girl but is not yet able to “read her” or empathise at all will turn her off and make her want to flee. This is why it’s vital that you know about hard and soft dominance, and begin to build them both if you want to become more successful with girls.

When you get this right however, it’s a universally attractive masculine trait and thus makes no 3 on my list.


I’ve barely scratched the surface in this post. I’ve listed 3 of the top attractive masculine traits, but in my book Primal Seduction there are 11, plus action plans telling you step by step how to get them.

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I’ve mentioned before that these character traits are NOT unnatural for any man. In contrast to learning some of the more cartoon early PUA “alpha” traits and coming across like a tool, when you learn these universally attractive traits (what I call cornerstone characteristics), you’ll find it feels perfectly natural to do so.

In the book I explain the process step by step. As you are probably aware, changing your identity at a deep level is not easy, especially after the age of 25, or even 30 and 40. The older you are, the harder it is.

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