Have you ever wondered why PUA’s, men who talk and brag about banging women are so obsessed with butt sex?

I know I have! Since I was attacked by 4 Gamma males a few days ago and made a video about it, I’ve been thinking about what prompts these guys to attack actual men like me, who women like in real life, and not just in World Of Warcaft Games or internt chat rooms.

I did some videos a while back on Gammas and we know they share certain patterns of behaviour, like snarky comments on internet forums, Youtube videos and reddit sites. We know they are horrendously unattractive to women, sitting as they do right at the bottom of the social sexual hierarchy. When a female encounters an actual real life Gamma male, her reaction is one of mingled disgust – making her want to run away whilst holding her nose, and visceral anger too – meaning she wants to punch him in the nose, if only she had the strength.

But is there something deeper going on? We can look at their behaviour all we want…But what drives it? What causes their neuroses and dysfunction?

And then it struck me, and I saw it. (they live 3 min). Once you spot Gammas’ you can never not see them anymore…But I believe I am onto something fundamental here….Something that explains WHY they are such nasty, low value pieces of work….

And it’s all related to butt sex.

[gamma commenter] – Steve it’s YOU who is obsessed with butt sex! Why do you keep talking about it? Is there something you’re not telling us? I bet there is! waaaahhh

OK tARQUNIN, Gamma commenter I’ll answer that. I confess…I do think about butt sex. But do you know why?

Because girls won’t let me do it to them! It’s true..>Every time I’ve even broached the subject of butt sex with an actual human female, they let out a little shriek of fear.

The typical response is “There is no WAY you are putting that thing anywhere near my butt”

This is the cast iron honest to God’s truth. I’ve even had some women that shy away from letting my put my hammer in their actual vagina, scared it will hurt them.

I tried once or twice to stick my hammer in a girls poop shoot without them knowing. It was like a comedy sketch. Midway through the act of sex she would stop moaning in pleasure and I’d hear the same thing every time…Just what they fuck are you trying to do?

It would never fit, and certainly never “slide in” like I’ve seen of some of these reports I’ve seen by PUA’s online.

So yeah I am interested in butt sex because I have only had it once with 1 actual human female, and every other time I’ve tried it’s been a complete comedy skit shit show…

So my question is : how are these other guys managing it…And is there something they are not telling us?

[gamma commenter] Ahh look at you bragging tell us all you’ve got a giant hammer. What are you, 7 inches? That’s nothing! I’m way bigger than that, and I have butt sex all the time! whaaaahhhh

OK gamma commenter, let’s look at that shall we? I didn’t say how big my hammer is , that’s not for you to know – but it’s big enough that it won’t fit in an actual human females butt and it terrifies girls to let it anywhere near it.

What you’re not telling us Gamma commenter is how you’re measuring your wang!



Yeah gamma commenter, let’s see what you get now! 4 inches with your big fat hairy stomach hanging over 2 inches of it! That’s the truth!

We’re getting ever closer to the truth now arne’t we?

I think these guys that are obsessed with butt sex a want to defile, degrade a girl. Corrupt her. I think it’s a form of power and getting their own back! Isn’t that a Gamma trait??

But there’s more! If they are actually able to do this consistently , to “slide it in” when the girl is unsuspecting….They’re ACTUALLY ADMITTING THEY HAVE TINY LITTLE WEINERS!

Otherwise how do they get it in? And don’t tell me about Vaseline. If I tried rubbing that around a girls poop shoot mid act, it would take away any element of surprise I had about trying to get my hammer in there, and they’d run out of the room before I even get a chance to get it anywhere near her arse.

Think about it! These guys can easily stick it up a girls arse whilst holding her in a position where she cannot stop them…That’s the power element…BUt guess what else? They don’t need to look the girls in the eyes! Is that why they’re so obsessed with butt sex?

Because they don’t need to look into her eyes and see the expression of dissappointment at their tiny thin weiner when they slide it in?

Now we’re getting somewhere!

Alll that’s left now is to decide which came first….The obsession with butt sex…Or the realisation that they have a tiny weiner, that girls find it dissappointing and disgusting..And they’ll never satisfy an actual healthy young woman with it, ever.

More importantly, is THIS what makes them gamma? Is there tiny weiner what drives all the stupid comments online, all the snarky behaviour…and more importantly…


[gamma commenter] oh my god he’s onto us….stop posting online and talking about butt sex. Steve has figured us out! wahhaaahhh


I think I’ve got it cracked and brought them all bang to rights. Just remember guys, butt sex is not cool and it’s probably best not to keep bragging about it if you do it.

All you’re doing is advertising how thin your cock is to a guy like me, an actual man with a big hammer.

Until next time on Steve Jabba investigates…

I hope you enjoyed this video. If you want to pick up actual human females, and have normal actual sex without trying to put it in their butt holes, check out my products Primal Seduction and Secret Society.