I’m very happy with the progress of this Youtube channel. Viewers, subscribers and engagement are all up massively since I started posting videos again in July of 2018.

The vast majority of people who watch these videos don’t comment. It’s less than 1%. Instead, they just watch the video, presumably enjoy it (due to my like / dislike ratio), and a certain proportion make the entirely wise decision to check out my products Primal Seduction and Secret Society. This is for the guys who want to actually take action and improve their dating lives, self esteem and generally become a better man. Good!

But there’s one aspect of posting again on Youtube that I am really not happy with and that’s having to deal with moronic comments. Though the majority are positive and intelligent, there are still entirely too many morons having their say. The types of comments can be subdivided into :

Commenting without watching the video and asking dumb questions that I have already answered IN THAT VIDEO
Signalling / showing off – “I’m a Sigma male too, yay. Or “Sigma Here” on my Sigma Male videos.
Putting words into my mouth that I never said, misrepresenting me.
Gamma induced reality denying / nitpicking
Prove me wrong type comments

And more. The list goes on and on.

Whilst I don’t think this video will make any difference to the mouth breathing morons / Gammas / virgins / incels / commenters that I talk about here, I’m trying to take the postive from the unctuos experience of having to deal with their idiocy and pull out some valuable lessons for the more intelligent and reasonable amongst you who actually want to improve.

Are You Ready To Join The Secret Society?

I understand that the annonymity of internet has an effect on the less socially savvy. Because they can hide behind a screen, a certain proportion of low value morons can act out in a way that they would be far too cowardly to do in real life.

Nevertheless, the impulse has to be there in the first place and some of you listening might share it but never comment, so I think it’s worth exploring some of the recurring themes of their shitty attitude and behaviour. Some of these might help the silent majority who never comment at all but might share some of the social problems that these commenters clearly have.

Final point : I’m anticpating pushback such as it’s not very Sigma like behaviour to be affeccted by the opinions of others. It won’t be the first time I’ve heard this.

This type of comment falls squarely within the moronic / low IQ bracket that I’m referring to here. Since the low IQ crowd won’t figure it out for themselves, let me flesh out why:

I’ve done 32 videos in the Sigma Male series, which scratch the surface of the mindset I go into great detail in Primal Seduction. Part of this is that I’ve designed my life just as I want it over the years. I talk to who I want, when I want, I answer to no one etc.

It’s possible to contact me unless you first purchase something off me, then you gte my email address, or you show an interest in my coaching events (very expensive as they are).

So Youtube comments are the last place that people who I have no control over associating with can contact me. Whilst I just find it irritating at the moment, the point is that I don’t like that I have to deal with people who I haven’t vetted and sussed out beforehand.

As you’ll see from this video, the comments I object to are from low value, low IQ morons who I have no interest in interfacing with. So, it’s the only part of my life that I’m not in control over, so it irks me that I have to deal with it (you’ll see why later).

The next low IQ comment that will probably spring to mind will be that this is no way to speak to my customers. Flat out wrong – the point is that the kind of people I talk about in this video are not my customers, never will be , and indeed are potentially driving away real customers with their behaviour. As you’ll see, another compelling reason to delete and block them.

So, let’s get started in discussing the 4 types of moron that I have to deal with in Youtube comments that you DEFINITELY don’t want to emulate.

1: Lack Of Empathy

The first point I’d like to make is that I suspect negative comments that have no value can tarnish the image of my channel and thus have the potential to reduce my income.

It’s hard to quantify this, but since this is my only source of income right now (though I am working on others), then I am going to take action on any probability that is greater than 0%.

The lesson that the vast majority of decent folk who watch my videos can draw is to have some empathy. Infact, it’s an underlying theme of Primal Seduction and Secret Society. In Secret Society I talk about using IOIs as a portal into awareness, based on my observations from training guys over the years and noticing that without fail they constantly missed opportunities, were not able to “read” the girls signals, missed when a girl is giving them a subtle come on, and all manner of other social cues.

Now, it’s obvious some of the comments are from malicious know nothings who just want to one up me, get a rise, troll, or they’re in pain and want to lash out at someone who is more successful with women than they are etc. But, some are obviously from people who completely lack empathy (usually Gammas) who feel they have a God Given right to come on my channel, with traffic I have generated, shit all over my work and then demand I prove them wrong / debate with them or even engage with them at all.

Whilst this obnoxious behaviour is at the extreme end of lack of empathy, I beleive it’s still on the spectrum and is not unlike some of the behaviour I used to see in my training sessions.

The lesson any of you who are interested to hear can takeaway is that other people have needs. Whilst I am a grown man and I just find it irritating and annoying to have to deal with morons, girls are far more sensitive and vulnerable. It’s imperative that you learn to empathise with others, see their point of view and fundamentally understand that human beings have FEELINGS.

Are You Ready To Join The Secret Society?

Girls are not some experiment that you get to play around with for your own benefit, nor are they just a receptacles for you to stick your dick into (though I strongly suspect that most of the morons commenting never get the chance to get anywhere near a real, live human female pussy).

2: Unwarranted Entitlement

Another unpleasant trait that’s abundantly clear from the toxic comments I need to deal with is an unwarranted entitlement. It takes multiple forms:

(i) Posting demanding comments that require I come running to their aid to help them, often with complex questions and demands on my time (written in a wall of text).

It would appear that there’s a couple of misunderstandings about how the world works here:

The first is that as men we are required to deal with an uncaring, unyielding world. The thin veneer of civilisation we see in the west is just that : a veneer. It’s a historical anomaly. For much of the history of man, life was (to quote Thomas Hobbes : solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”

Even in todays softer, gentler times men are struggling. Male suicide rates have increased by 25% in the last (source CDC)

Look at the explosion in self help and the manosphere. Whilst I greatly appreciate this because it increases my potential market, it does point to a growing trend that men of all ages increasingly need help. (I suspect a large part of it is single motherhood. Males need their fathers).

In lieu of a father figure who would point this out to the misguided commenters and anyone else who doesn’t get it : understand that life is hard and we have to go out and carve out our own opportunities. No one is going to come running to your aid (at least no one of value).

So when you come to someone like me and demand I spent my time on you FOR FREE, with a long wall of text and entitled attitude, what do you think my response is going to be?

It’s amazing that I have to point this out. I struggle to understand how any man who lives in this world can even think this is an effective way of socialising with other people. Perhaps it’s because they don’t see me face to face and think of me as just some robot who works for their pleasure in the background for free, producing content to entertain them.

Use the searh function on my website, or search through my Youtube videos.

Bottom line : No one owes you anything. If you want the juicy stuff from me, the step by step guides and action plans, you fucking pay for it.

I’d point out here that my livelihood depends on pleasing and providing the best value to my CUSTOMERS (note customers – not freebie seekers). If I produce the best quality, most actionable content then in the long run I’m going to win out. So, I live and die by the quality of the work I produce.

If you want the best from me and actually want to improve your dating life, you need to look at my exisiting products Primal Seduction and Secret Society, or my coaching options. Don’t write a long wall of text and expect me or anyone else to spend hours answering your demanding query.

3: Not listening or learning

When you go into someones house, do you start insulting them, or demanding that they do something for you? I sincerely doubt it – and if you have done, I imagine you have less a full set of teeth.

If you went into an MMA gym, wouldn’t you listen respectfully and take on board what the instructor is saying?

Are You Ready To Join The Secret Society?

I’ll tell you a story. I recently went to a gun firing range here in Warsaw. The instructors were happy go lucky young Polish men, but I was under no illusions that they took their job very seriously. You want to bet your life my mates listened to them.

Now, they are dealing with life or death when they handle firearms, and obviously I am not on this channel. But the point is, whenever you enter someones house or get instruction from someone , the onus is on you to at least listen to what they have to say. You don’t just rock up and start shitting all over their teaching or demanding special attention.

The majority of you must be watching content like mine for a reason – you are presumably not entirely happy with your dating lives and feel you could do better. If I go into a class where I want to learn a new skill, I shut my fucking mouth and listen to what the teacher has to say. I don’t gainsay, nitpick , demand freebies or special attention from the teacher.

As I’ve said, the internet gives licence for morons to comment and gain mass exposure on channels like Youtube so I guess I can see why it would attract a certain kind of low value clown who doesn’t have value to offer in real life, so he has to leech it off others by trying to hijack their microphone for themselves.

You won’t see many of these disparaging comments on my channel, because I delete and shadow ban them (I like the idea that they will keep commenting long after they have been banned and waste their time, not knowing that the only person who sees their comment is themselves.).

The bottom line here is : have respect for others, stop demanding free stuff and understand you are not a special snowflake. There’s always something you can learn from other people, and it’s just really obnoxious to nitpick, demand free stuff and correct whatever other people are saying.

4: Lack of initiative

Finally we have lack of initiative. I recall my first ever project work job. I only lasted 3 months because I had not yet learned the hard lesson that often there IS no answer with the current data. You have to apply your intelligence and figure it out for yourself.

My whole life has been an exercise in reinforcing this simple lesson again and again. I can tell you that it’s a tough road but it does force growth and change. It fits in with the Sigma mindset of figuring stuff out for yourself.

I’m not attempting to pass myself off as the worlds greatest internet entrepreneur, that would be absurd (though with the increased effort over the last 8 months I’ve made massive strides forward). But , I have certainly lived off my wits for the past 6-8 years or so through using initiative and taking charge of my own destiny.

So it’s a little exasperating when I see comments that ask very obvious questions that can be logically inferred from the video they are commenting on, or by doing some research and watching some of my other videos.

This is a much more common trap that many of you listening will fall into. It affects us all (including me sometimes , though not often).

But as a basic rule of thumb, don’t ask a question without first asking yourself : have I made every effort to figure this out for myself? Ask yourself honestly, am I just being a big baby and expecting others to spoon feed me?

Am I displaying low IQ and low initiative in asking this question?

Finally, understand that I deliberately do not give you everything that I know. The step by step, lead you by the hand material is all in my products or from my coaching.

There is no way I am giving away for free what I can charge for because (1) I have integrity. I’m not going to repeat the information that I release on here for free and then charge for it, though I know a ton of people do that and (2) This is how I make my living. I have to earn money, just as you do.

So Game Lesson 101 Video 1 : Don’t be a moron. Hope it helps. It was quite amusing to write this out.