Training Options : Here you’ll find all programs that I offer. This includes digital products you can consume at home, remote training options and live in person training.

Digital Products

The Secret Society

secret society steve jabba

A 6.5 hour video series deep diving into all you need to know about the techniques to approach women, attract them, then get their number or take them on a date. The big idea in this product is focussing on WARM approaches off forced IOI’s, so that you can get a much higher success ratio. This greatly increases your chances of successfully approaching women in your day to day life.

Primal Seduction

I fully believe 70% or so of success with women revolves around what happens strong inside your head.

Primal Seduction is the engine of the car. Without the right mindsets, your car is going nowhere.

Primal Seduction will help you to build this powerful mindset, so you can strong>radiate attractive masculine energy on autopilot without thinking about it.