1 – Fierce Independence.

If there’s 1 defining characteristic of the sigma male, it’s their desire for independance. You see, Sigmas yearn to live outside of the hierarchy. They don’t like to be told what to do…They cannot abide having a boss…And they want to be master
of their own destiny.

Sigma’s will often end up setting up their own business – whether big or small. Steve Jobs is a well-known example of a powerful Sigma Alpha mix, but most men who have the drive and determination to set up even their own small business have at least
some sigma traits.

Note that it’s not so much the desire to be an entrepeneur that defines a Sigma. Rather it’s the desire to be independant – to set their own timetable, do the projects they want, live where they want that really separates them from the herd and puts them in the top 1% of males.

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2. Loners…But with loyal and steady friendships

Sigma males are typically introverted. They love their own company and will definitely stay away from crowds. Now it’s important to point out here that this is NOT because they cannot fit in…This is where others often mistake a Sigma for an Omega. Sigmas actually CAN fit in with other hierarchies, and even dominate them..It’s simply that they don’t want to. Sigma males get no enjoyment from being in charge, they don’t want the responsibilty and they don’t want to lead other people…Though they absolutely can if occasion demands it.

No, a Sigma would much prefer his own company, busying himself with his own pet projects or working on his side hustles…Or quite often, spending time with an attractive female companion (more of this later on the video)

Now whilst Sigma males do like their own company, they do have friendships. But these are not normal friendships that most other people have. A true sigma doesn’t understand the concept of a friendship of convenience, or just making small talk to pass the time.

A sigma males relationships are deep, meaningful – and there are definitely strong barriers to entry. To form a relationship with a Sigma male, you’ll need to be allowed in first – and beware! Sigma males are VERY choosy who they decide to spend time with,
since they find most people irritating or boring.

3 – Powerfully attractive to women

Of the two most attractive men on the dominance hierarchy, Sigma Males equal alpha males in their ability to attract the best looking women. However they operate VERY differently to alpha males because of their personality. Alpha males tend to like being the centre of attention. They like being around groups of other people (including men)..and then dominating and leading the group.

Sigmas are very different, yet equally as alluring to women. Sigma males don’t insinuate themselves into groups to meet women. They often go out alone – whether a bar, coffee shop or nightclub – or even just in the daytime on the street – and then approach the women they like the look of.

A common misconception about Sigma Males is that women approach them. They don’t need to do anything at all to attract women. Unfortunately this isn’t true since that is simply not how male / female dynamics work – we’ll talk more about this later. But be aware that when Sigma Males DO make the effort they are just as capable of attracting the most desirable females – a feat that only about the top 1% or even the top 0.1% of males can accomplish. This is probably the top defining characteristic of the Sigma male alongside their fierce independance.

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4. Introverted but self posessed

When people think of introverts, they usually think of social dysfunction, inability to get on with other people, withdrawn. This is not how you would percieve a Sigma Male if you ever met one. Infact, Sigma Males can be some of the most charming men you’ll ever meet – if they decide they want to talk to you. The key point is that they CHOOSE to talk with you or not, because they often live in their own world, immersed in their own thoughts and plans. Like most intorverts, Sigmas tend to be highly intelligent (they share this trait with Gamma Males)….But unlike Gamma’s, Sigmas are attractive to women, so their intellect is turned outwards onto creative projects – which is why they have the nouse and ability to separate themselves from the hierarchy.

Contrst this with the Gamma Male who is universally disliked and shunned, especially by women. So a Gamma’s intelligence is turned inward, destructively – usually consumed with thoughts of how life is unfair, and why whatever woman he is obsessed with should be with HIM instead of his more attractive counterparts.

The introverted leaning of a Sigma Male combined with his higher than average intelligence means he can devote time to making money from unusual sources. You’ll often find Sigma Males working online, and you’ll find many more Sigma males gratefully taking on remote work that has become available due to the current crisis the world is facing.

The key point about a Sigma’s introverted nature is that it is by CHOICE. They are not rejected but choose to spend time alone, and they do not wither and die like an Alpha male would without company or a crowd to follow him.

5. An adventurous wanderer

Sigma males typically love to travel. If you’ve ever been to a foreign country alone yourself, you’ve probably seen a Sigma Male sitting outside in the sunshine drinking a coffee (or a wine) watching the world go by, wrapped in their own thoughts…And often catching the eye of attractive local females as they walk past.

True Sigma males rarely stay in the home town where they grew up. It’s as if their place of origin isn’t big enough, and they long to see what the world has to offer. It’s not uncommon for a Sigma Male to spend years away from their place of birth, and even set up an entirely new life abroad. To do this, they need to rely on their innate self sufficiency, intelligence and drive, and most importantly their ability to rely entirely on themselves for prolonged periods of time.

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Whilst most men can go on a holiday with their friends for a week or two, very few men can actually make it entirely alone in a foreign city without even any source of income. SO if you want to ask yourself if you have what it takes to be a Sigma Male, simply ask yourself honestly if you think you could pull that off.

Sigmas develop their wanderlust at an early age. You’ll often find that Sigmas love movies that involve adventure and travelling to exotic locations. Sinbad movies are absolute catnip to Sigma males, as are movies like the revenant and into the wild.

A sigmas dream is to go off on their own with nothing but a small suitcase…a laptop and a dream..and a one way ticket.

6. Detest Gamma Males

Sigma Males simply cannot stand Gamma Males. The reason for this is that Gamma Males are driven by dishonesty and jealousy, so when they meet a true Sigma Male they are driven by revenge. Gamma’s see a Sigma receiving flattering attention from women and it awakens a powerful rage mixed with self pity, an elemantal force they cannot control. So they go out of their way to make the Sigma’s life as difficult as possible, to the extent that they can exert any influence at all.

Not this creates a real problem for Sigma Males, because they simply want to be left alone to go about their business without bothering unduly with other people. So when they receive this unwanted attention from the Gamma Male, it instictively makes them recoil – because 1: they don’t solicit the attention of others and 2: being jealous of other men is alien to them. So from their perspective, they are being attacked for no understandable reason.

Unfortunately we live in a society that is increasingly infested by Gamma males, so a Sigma will have a hard time coping in the workplace with Gamma’s because banter and social dominance are really not natural for them. Sigmas really have no time for or interest in fitting into the hierarchy, so when these kind of conflicts happen in the workplace where there are real consequences of not playing the game well, it puts a SIgma at a disadvantage (especially since Gamma’s can sometimes rise to positions of authority).

This is why it’s imperative that Sigma Males use their intellect and creativity to prevent this kind of unwanted Gamma attention and power play from occuring in the first place, and another of the principal reasons they seek to remove themselves from the hierarchy. Jealousy and unwanted attention from other men is a powerful motivator for the Sigma Male.