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If you just want to get laid tonight, you’ll want to try at least one of these top 5 sexual dating apps.

These are dating apps where there is no messing around, and every member is looking to get laid now – whether you’re gay, bisexual or straight heterosexual.

For those who don’t want to read the full list, the number one app if you’re looking to get laid tonight is Adult Friend Finder. You can get a free trial account and a lifetime 25% discount using that link.

So use this Adult Friend Finder 25% discount link if you want to get started right away..If not, let’s go through the list:

1 Sexual App: Adult Friend Finder. 70 Million + Members, 60% Women, 40% Men.

There are five main reasons why Adult Friend Finder is the number one app to get laid now:
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User Base

I know what you’re thinking: “I want to get laid tonight”. Adult Friend Finder will be right up your street: with over 70 million members all looking to get laid FAST.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual or straight – you’re going to find what you’re looking for on this site.

These 70 million are not just fake bot accounts or inactive accounts either. Adult Friend Finder boasts over 30 million active users per week – that’s more than any other popular dating site out there (except apps like Tinder).

All of these active members are looking to get laid now, with very little thought or preamble. If you have what it takes to succeed on the app, you’ll find it the no 1 fast sex dating app on the market.

I Want To Get Laid Tonight – Simple And Straightforward Expectations

Let’s be clear: Adult Friend Finder is purely a sex or hookup app, so every man and woman that signs up for Adult Friend Finder is left under no illusions about what the site is about.

adult friend finder sexual app

The slightly racy homepage sign-up video that you see when you sign makes it perfectly clear that this is a dating site where you can get laid fast. This is confirmed once you’ve entered your details and you encounter the naughty member profiles.

Because of this, it’s not as difficult to get laid fast for an average man as it is on other hookup apps: you don’t need amazing game, and you don’t need to beat around the bush. You can be direct and straightforward: when you send a woman a message you can basically get straight to the point, send a few messages, arrange a date and hopefully get laid tonight.

If a girl takes a liking to you on Adult Friend Finder, the chances are very high you’re going to end up in bed together.

Designed With The Average Guy In Mind

The third reason why this is the best sex app in the world is it caters for the average guy in a way that other dating apps don’t.

Let’s have a look at tinder as an example: so you sign up to Tinder, you swipe left all day long trying to match with women, but unfortunately for the average guy it’s a very debilitating experience because probably most likely you won’t get many matches – if any matches at all.

There are two main reasons for this:

First, there are about 6-8 guys for every woman on Tinder, so the odds are stacked against you straight away.
Secondly the algorithm favors the really good-looking people on Tinder so if you’re an average guy like me or you, the chances of a woman swiping you or even seeing your profile are minuscule.

Adult Friend Finder is very different: it doesn’t discriminate against you in the way that the Tinder algorithm does.

For example so if you see a woman you like the look of, you can just send a message, and as we’ve already established it’s a sxeual dating app, so she’ll be expecting a hookup, so a few messages and you can get her out on a date.

At the very least you have a shot because you can message the people on the site without having to swipe and get matched first, and secondly, the demographics of Adult Friend Finder are far more in your favor as an average guy. It’s actually about 60% women and 40% guys on Adult Friend Finder (especially if you live in the United States where the vast majority of users live.)

The favourable demographics and no-nonsense approach to hookups put Adult Friend Finder way in front of other sexual dating apps..But consider the pricing model as well:

Transparent And Cheap Pricing Model

The other main reason why adult friend finder is the best sex or hookup app is the transparent and cheap pricing model.

You can sign up to Adult Friend Finder for 30 dollars a month and you can send unlimited messages to as many women as you want.

So if you live in a major city in the United States, you can spam hundreds or even thousands of women in your quest for a hookup. There are not many sex apps where this is possible.

Here’s a full breakdown of the costs on Adult Friend Finder. Don’t forget, you can get a 25% lifetime reduction on these costs by using the Free Trial 25% Discounted Link for Adult Friend Finder.

1 Month$24.95 $24.95
3 Months$49.95$49.95
12 Months$149$149

Sign up to Adult Friend Finder now (25% discount link)

No 2: Sexual Dating App: Ashley Madison

ashley madison free trial

Ashley madison comes in at a close second following Adult Friend Finder.

Whereas adult friend finder has over 70 million users, Ashley Madison has about 15 to 20 million but once again the demographics are in your favor as an average guy, because the female / male ratio is mighty favourable at 55% women and 45% men.

There are two main cohorts that will do well on Ashley Madison:

  • Younger guys from 18 up to about 35
  • Men over 35 up to about 55
    Ashley Madison started out as an infidelity site, with women basically looking for a bit of excitement on the side, and so the average age of the woman on Ashley Madison is over 28 years old all the way up to 45.

    Thus, there is plenty of cougar potential on Ashley Madison. If you’re a young guy (or a cub, from 18 to 35 or so) you will be extremely popular on this site.

    If you’re a guy over 35 all the way up to 55, you also have two demographics that will be responsive to you on Ashley Madison:

  • Younger women that like older guys (not for a sugar daddy relationship but because they are legit attracted to older men)
  • Women from 28 – 45 – cougars.
  • Now the main feature of Ashley Madison is it is a site where you get women looking for sex on the side if they’re in a relationship, or at least that’s how it started – and that’s still a sizable influence on the site.

    Because of this if you can excite her as her “bit on the side”, a bit of sexual excitement with no commitment, you stand a much higher chance of a hookup on Ashley Madison than a normal vanilla dating site.

    For older guys over 35 who want to appeal to the younger women, you have to come across as worldly wise, exciting – and keep yourself trim and fit too if possible. You want to appeal to girls who are looking for a father figure with a sexy side.

    Sign up to Ashley Madison here with a 25% discounted membership price:

    3rd Best Sexual Dating App: Seeking (Formerly Seeking Arrangement) (Best For Men Over 35)

    seeking arrangment free trial

    The third best sex app or sex hookup app is Seeking.Com (formerly known as Seeking Arrangement), and you’re probably thinking to yourself “well isn’t this a sugar daddy app?”

    Atually it really isn’t; it’s quite possible to arrange a quick and easy sexual hook up on Seeking Arrangement if you know what you’re doing.

    Now this is a sex app that works especially well for men over the age of 35 looking for really attractive younger women, but if you want to use seeking arrangement as a sex app, you have to have some qualities in place to make this work for you.

    Let’s say you’re a 45-65 year old man, you have to come across as an attractive older guy: so you have to be in shape, look after yourself and have some charisma and game – aspects that appeal to younger women.

    If you don’t have those kind of qualities the women, are going to put you in the provider box and try and set up an arrangement with you. Nevertheless, even if you don’t have these qualities, you can still set up meetings on Seeking as long as you’re happy to pay the girl for an arrangement. For some guys, this is totally fine.

    So how would you go about getting sex on seeking arrangements?

    You have to set up a cool dating profile, so show pictures of places that you’ve been, in cool restaurants with nice surroundings, drinking a nice expensive glass of wine.

    Show that you can give her a good lifestyle, that you can take her on excursions to various countries, take her around the world, romantic and interesting dates and so on.

    You are going to have to spend some money on seeking arrangements if you want to use it as a sex app to meet younger women, but if you do have some money and you don’t mind about a hundred dollars per month membership, and you have got some charisma, you’ve kept yourself in shape over the years and you’re not afraid of beautiful women Seeking Arrangement is an exceptional sexual dating app to meet very attractive young women,

    Sign up to Seeking.Com here with a 25% discount:

    fuckbook sexual dating app

    Best Adult Sexual Hookup App No 4: Cougar Life

    You can probably tell from the name that this is a straightforward sexual dating app where people come to find a hookup.

    Although not as well known as its illustrious competition, Fuckbook nevertheless has something to offer the average guy who is looking for a sex app (sexual dating app).

    For a start, this site is very explicit, so the girls are there won’t mess you about. If you’re lucky enough to catch a girls eye on this site, you can move straight from texting to meeting up near your place (or hers) for some wild exciting adult fun.

    Member Demographics On Fuckbook

    You need to know straight away that Fuckbook uses bots to simulate real female users in order to lure you into a paying membership. So don’t be alarmed if after signing up you are inundated with attention from women even before you upload your profile photos or description.

    If this a shady tactic? Yes, but dating companies will do what they must to survive. It doesn’t mean that there are not legitimate female users on Fuckbook.

    As far as I can work out, the demographics on Fuckbook are roughly 50-50 – so half men, half women. The fake bots make it seem a lot busier than it is, but when you consult trusted Web Analytics platforms like Similarweb you find out the truth.

    SimilarWeb also reveals that Fuckbook gets about 5 million visits per month, so I’d estimate a member base of around 2-3 million. 1/5 the size of Ashley Madison, and 1/20 the site of Adult Friend Finder.

    How Easy Is It To Get Laid On Fuckbook For An Average Man?

    The demographics and membership base are nowhere near as favourable as Adult Friend Finder, so it’s moderately difficult to find a hookup on this sexual dating app. Whereas Adult Friend Finder gets a 8/10 for ease of hookup, Fuckbook gets a 5.

    This bring down the average rating and explains why Fuckbook languishes in position 4 in our list of the best sexual dating apps in the world.

    Sign up to Cougar Life with a 25% discount:

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