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But have no fear! Here’s a list of the top 5 best hookup apps (2022) for the average guy.

If you’re impatient and don’t want to read this long article, the no 1 hookup app in 2022 is Adult Friend Finder. Use this link to get a 25% lifetime discount on Adult Friend Finder so you can start meeting hot women today.

Best Hookup App 2022 Overall: Adult Friend Finder

Member Demographics On Adult Friend Finder

When you think of hookup apps you think of Tinder – but let me tell you why Adult Friend Finder is so much better than Tinder, and why the average guy can actually get results with this dating app.

The first reason is, it’s got a huge membership base. There are over 60 million members on Adult Friend Finder. Of those 60 million members, there are 25 million active members per week, and crucially it has a 50-50 male / female split.

Compare that to Tinder, which has an appalling 6 men for every woman – and you’ll begin to see Why it’s so much easier to actually meet an attractive woman on Adult Friend Finder. The odds are NOT immediately stacked against you.

There are a whole range of users on Adult Friend Finder. Have a look at the age distribution of members, which is taken from the well-known web analytics platform Similar Web:

age distribution adult friend finder

Age Distribution On Adult Friend Finder


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What does this evenly distributed age distribution mean for you?

It means that no matter how old you are, you’ll be able to find a girl looking for a hookup on Adult Friend Finder.

  • If you’re a younger guy looking for milfs / cougars, you’ll find it on Adult Friend Finder aplenty.
  • If you’re a younger guy looking for age matched girls, you’ll also find that on Adult Friend Finder.
  • And if you’re a cool older guy, you’ll also be able to hookup with young attractive women on Adult Friend Finder (there are plenty of women looking for older men)
    It really does cater for all tastes.

    User Expectations On Adult Friend Finder

    As well as the favourable demographics on Adult Friend Finder, you’ll also discover that the women on this app are a bit more realistic about the kind of man they can expect to hookup with.

    So on Tinder, the girls are all basically looking for a guy who is an 8 or 9 in looks.

    In other words, CHAD. So if you don’t match that look – if you’re basically an average guy like the vast majority of us, you will get nothing on Tinder.

    chad thundercock

    Girls On Tinder Expect You To Look Like This…

    Whereas on Adult Friend Finder, they can check out your profile, talk to you, and get a bit of a relationship going with you before you meet. You can use your personality and seduction skills to woo women, whereas on apps like Tinder you are immediately screened out purely because of your photos.

    Also, there’s no pretension on Adult Friend Finder about what the women are looking for. When they sign up, they are signalling explicitly they are looking for hookups – so if you contact them and say “hey, do you wanna meet up?” after a few messages, they’re not going to be surprised.

    So overall this is the No 1 dating app for hookups – I give it a 9 out of 10, simply because the average guy FINALLY gets a look in.

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    No 2 Hookup Dating App: Ashley Madison

    ashley madison free trial

    Now number 2 on the list is Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison is marketed as a dating app for women looking for an extramarital affair.

    Their slogan is still “life is short, have an affair”, BUT check this quote out from their website:

    “Millions of people like you are looking for a discrete connection”
    ashley madison millions

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    The site has rebranded, and is now built for people who are single and looking, married, attached or looking to explore. In other words, there is something for everyone on Ashley Madison, and you no longer need to worry if the site contravenes your moral code.

    In 2022, Ashely Madison is now a mainstream hookup app like Adult Friend Finder.

    Member Demographics On Ashley Madison

    If you’re an older guy looking for a younger woman for a hookup, this will be one of the best dating sites for you. Conversely, if you’re a younger guy looking to hookup with a younger woman, you will also find this on Ashley Madison.

    There are over 10 million members on Ashley Madison, so it’s one of the biggest dating sites out there, with a large established reputation.

    Because of this, Ashely Madison welcomes over 15 thousand new members per day. The site grew exponentially during the pandemic, and this explosive growth has not stopped since.

    Ashley Madison therefore solves one of the main problems of online dating – are there enough quality singles to go around?

    Although not as large as Adult Friend Finder, Ashely Madison’s explosive growth means you’ll never be short of new girls to talk to if you’re looking for a hookup.

    Plus the male/female ratio is even more favourable on Ashley Madison than Adult Friend Finder! The site boasts a 60% 40% ratio – so there are 6 women for every four men! For once, you get to be the prize.

    Quality Of Girls On Ashley Madison

    One of the main pros of Ashley Madison is the average quality of girl – in terms of looks at least.

    The average looks rating of the girls on Ashley Madison is pretty high – I would say between 6 and 9. You’re not going to see any fat hambeasts on Ashley Madison.

    ashley madison female dating profiles florida

    The girls on Ashley Madison are pretty hot…

    So who is Ashley Madison for? This is for guys that dress well, are intelligent, and can appeal to a woman’s fantasy.

    So when you use Ashley Madison, don’t tell too much about yourself, don’t come across like every other guy and reveal information, and don’t show your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Instead, appear a bit aloof, maybe even a bit selfish – and you’ll probably do well on Ashley Madison.

    Cons Of Ashley Madison

    Now some cons of Ashley Madison – there are scammer girls on there but they’re pretty easy to figure out and spot.

    And basically, if you’re not a moron, and you don’t send money to women across the internet, you probably won’t get scammed on Ashley Madison.

    It’s also not the cheapest dating site, you do have to pay for a membership – but once again you can get a discount using the links on this page.

    So overall it’s second behind Adult Friend Finder for hookups. I give it an 8/10 for guys looking for hookups or something in between.

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    No 3 Hookup Dating App: Victoria Milan

    Victoria Milan

    I’ll give you some quick headline facts and figures so you can decide quickly if this is the right site for you.

    First, this is an affair dating site. The idea is that men can form a relationship with bored married spouses. So if this is morally questionable for you, dont sign up for Victoria Miland and try Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder instead.

    So Victoria Milan is similar to Ashley Madison, BUT whereas Ashley has become more mainstream offering all types of relationships, Victoria Milan has stuck to its roots since its inception in 2010, and is still an avowed “affair” dating site.

    User Demographics on Victoria Milan

    Why should you consider Victoria Milan?

    The “affair” dating website trend is growing, regardless of its questionable morality. Like Ashley Madison, Victoria Milan is a fast growing site, with 9,100,000 anonymous members, and 16000 new members daily. This is really astonishing growth.

    The point is, this kind of site is here to stay, and with numbers like this you cannot ignore Victoria Milan if you’re a man looking to hookup or even get into a relationship.

    Of those 10 million users, the ratio is very similar to Ashley Madison, with a 55 / 45 split – so 55% of the site members are women, and only 45% men. Not quite as good as Ashley Madison, but still light years in front of Tinder!

    Age Distribution Of Members On Victoria Milan

    age distribution of members victoria milan

    As you can see, Victoria Milan trends younger than the other hookup dating apps we’ve discussed so far. So this is a site that’s going to appeal primarily to two groups of men:

  • 1: Younger guys (under 35) who are looking for aged matched girls
  • 2: Guys over 35 who are looking for younger women to hookup with.
    Both are equally valid, but if you’re a guy who’se over 55, you’re probably better off with the next hookup app on this list (more on this in a moment).

    Either way, with such a rapidly growing female membership base, most guys will be able to find someone to date on Victoria Milan.

    Quality Of Girls On Victoria Milan

    Rather than just reading what I say, let’s have a look at some female profiles on Victoria Milan:

    female members victoria milan

    Pretty hot I am sure you would agree! Like Ashley Madison, the average rating for girls on Victoria Milan is between 6-9 / 10. Once again, way hotter than an average guy can expect to get on dating apps like Tinder.

    Overall I’d give Victoria Milan a 7.5/10. It’s well worth considering if by some unlucky chance Adult Friend Finder or Ashely Madison doesn’t work out for you.

    Sign Up to Victoria Milan using this link for a 25% lifetime discount.

    Seeking Arrangement: Best Hookup App For Older Guys For Younger Women

    seeking arrangment free trial

    And so 4th on this list is Seeking Arrangement – and bear in mind this is the No1 hooking site for older men (over 45) looking for younger women. This is the most famous sugar dating site in the world.

    Member Demographics On Seeking Arrangement

    It’s been going for years, has a very large established member base – over 30 million people – and it does have the most favourable demographics of all the dating sites in this article.

    There are on average 4 women for every guy on Seeking Arrangement – so a 25 75% demographic split.

    Now when you hear “Seeking Arrangement”, you automatically think “sugar dating site”, and gold diggers. This is no longer really the case.

    Bottom line: Seeking is no longer just a site where women are looking for guys with money for a purely transactional relationship.

    In 2022, there are now all sorts of shades of grey with what the women are looking for on this dating site.

    If you know how to play it, Seeking Arrangement is actually a goldmine for older guys looking for extremely hot, younger women.

    So a couple more pros about Seeking Arrangement: the girls are actually looking to meet someone, and they often message you first!

    It’s the only dating site in the world where girls message you first, and it works even better for men over 40 or so.

    So if you’re a guy over 35 up to about 65, this is probably going to be the right dating site for you.

    Quality Of Girls On Seeking Arrangement

    Of all the hookup apps on this list, Seeking is no 1 for the quality of girls on the site. The average woman on Seeking is a 7 or even 8/10 in looks – an astonishing feat. It’s as if all the best looking women in a city, state or country have been rounded up and corralled into one place!

    seeking arrangement attractive members examples

    What The Girls Look For On Seeking Arrangement

    Seeking will only really work for you if you have some qualities in place. So what are those qualities, and who will do well on Seeking Arrangement?

    The women are looking for:

  • Smart guys over 35.
  • Guys who know how to treat a woman. This is a site where you need to spend some money.
  • Guys who are still young at heart who crave an attractive younger woman
    Remember, the the membership on Seeking is about $100 per month. And it’s a dating site where you have to take women out. You have to take them out on dates, for a drink, for cocktails, also weekends away, that kind of thing.

    You have to be the exciting older guy that shows them something they’ve never seen before.

    If you can present that kind of lifestyle to these girls, show it in your photos and your profile – that you can take them away for weekends, show them a whirlwind romance – and you’re an older guy – you could well hookup with hot 20 year old women on Seeking Arrangement.

    I personally have done it myself many, many times and everybody I’ve recommended it has managed to pull this off.

    But it’s not going to work out for guys who are stingy, or guys who have no money, guys who don’t understand how women work…And guys that aren’t prepared to take a girl out for a drink, or go for weekends away.

    So if you’re low on cash, or you don’t believe in spending money and don’t like going away for weekends with girls, this isn’t going to be the site for you.

    Pros of Seeking Arrangement

  • Huge membership base
  • Extremely attractive women
  • Great for guys over 35 with some money
  • Great for guys who can take girls out and show them a good time

    Cons of Seeking Arrangement:

  • Expensive
  • There are some scammer girls on there as with Ashley Madison, but you just need to use some common sense.
    Don’t send money over the internet and you will be fine.
    Now just 1 note about Seeking Arrangement: the site does look for scammer girls, so if you do get a girl trying to extract money from you, just report her and she’ll be taken off the site almost instantaneously.

    Sign Up to Seeking.Com (Seeking Arrangement) using this link for a 25% lifetime discount.

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