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Adult Friend Finder is one of the most well-known hookup sites in the world – but it’s not for everyone.

Here you’ll discover 6 excellent Adult Friend Finder alternatives where you can hookup with hot girls without being scammed.

1: Ashley Madison (Try It Free)

ashley madison free trial

Ashley Madison is the most well-known cheaters website – but the site has evolved since the early days. It’s now a fully-fledged hookup site and is our No 1 alternative to Adult Friend Finder.

Their slogan is still “life is short, have an affair”, BUT look at this excerpt from their website:

“Millions of people like you are looking for a discrete connection”
ashley madison millions

After the rebrand, the site is suitable for men who are single and looking, married, attached or looking to explore. There is something for everyone on Ashley Madison, and with millions of users, it’s not the number 1 Adult Friend Finder alternative.

Note: If you’re just looking to get laid fast, check out my list of the best sexual dating apps.

Member Demographics On Ashley Madison

If you’re an older guy looking for a younger woman for a hookup, this will be one of the best Adult Friend Finder alternatives. Conversely, if you’re a younger guy looking hook upkup with a younger woman, you will also find this on Ashley Madison.

With over 10 million members on Ashley Madison, it’s one of the biggest hookup dating sites in the world, with a strong well-known brand.

Because of this, Ashely Madison gets approximately 15 thousand new members per day. The site grew at a fantastic clip during the pandemic, and this explosive growth has not stopped since.

Ashley Madison, therefore, solves one of the main issues facing men when they join a hookup site: – are there enough hot women to talk to?

Although not as large as Adult Friend Finder, Ashely Madison’s explosive growth means you’ll never be short of new girls to talk to if you’re looking for a hookup.

The male/female ratio is even better on Ashley Madison than Adult Friend Finder! The site boasts a 60% women 40% men ratio – so there are 6 women for every four men!

Finally, you get to know what it’s like to be desired.

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The girls on Ashley Madison are generally aged 28 + and are way better than average looking.

Overall rating: between 6-9 You’re not going to see any obese women on Ashley Madison.

ashley madison female dating profiles florida

The girls on Ashley Madison are great looking…

Who Will Ashley Madison Appeal To?

So who is Ashley Madison for? This is for well-dressed intelligent men who know how to act aloof.

When you use Ashley Madison, keep your distance, don’t tell too much about yourself, and don’t be too emotional. Instead, appear a bit reserved, and act selfish. You’ll find this behaviour attracts women on Ashley Madison.

Cons Of Ashley Madison

There are scammer girls on there but they’re pretty easy to figure out and spot. There are certainly less scammers on Ashley Madison than there are on Adult Friend Finder.

As long as you don’t send money to women across the internet, you probably won’t get scammed on Ashley Madison.

It’s also not the cheapest dating site, you do have to pay for credits – but once again you can get a discount using the links on this page.

So overall it’s the number 1 Adult Friend Finder alternative. I give it an 8/10 for guys looking for hookups or something in between.

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Ashley Madison Review

Check out my detailed review if you want to know more about Ashley Madison.

No 2 Adult Friend Finder Alternative: Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan

Here’s a quick overview of Victoria Milan, our 2nd best alternative to Adult Friend Finder.

First, this is an infidelity site, so if you have moral compunctions about this then try one of the other dating apps on this list.

Victoria Milan has not evolved since its’ original launch and remains a cheaters website.

User Demographics on Victoria Milan

Members: 9,100,000

Like Ashley Madison, Victoria Milan is growing rapidly, with 16,000 new members daily.

If you’re looking for a viable Adult Friend Finder alternative, don’t ignore Victoria Milan. With numbers like these, you will find plenty of women to hookup with in your local area.

Age Demographics on Victoria Milan

age distribution of members victoria milan

The average age on Victoria Milan is young – but look beneath the surface and you’ll see it will be suitable for 2 groups of men:

  • 1: Younger guys (under 35) who are looking for aged-matched girls
  • 2: Guys over 35 who are looking for younger women to hookup with.
  • Both cohorts are served well, but if you’re getting past 55 you’ll probably be better off with the next Adult Friend Finder alternative on this list.

    Hotness of girls on Victoria Milan

    Check out these example Victoria Milan profiles

    female members victoria milan

    Average rating: between 6 and 8.5. Not quite as hot as the girls on Ashley Madison, but still hotter than Adult Friend Finder.

    Join Victoria Milan Free using this link and get a 25% lifetime discount.

    3: Adult Friend Finder Alternative – Seeking Arrangement

    seeking arrangment free trial

    Whilst not a strict hookup site, Seeking Arrangement is a great Adult Friend Finder alternative for men over 35. Here’s why:

    Member Demographics On Seeking Arrangement

    Members: Over 30 Million
    Male/Female Ratio: 75% women 25% men (or even better)

    Seeking Arrangement has the best demographic mix of all the Adult Friend Finder alternatives we’ve talked about so far. In some US states there are as many as 6 women for every guy!

    Since 2019, Seeking Arrangement has rebranded to “Seeking.Com” for various reasons. They are now a much more mainstream hookup site – which is good for an average man looking for Adult Friend Finder alternatives.

    Bottom line: Seeking is NOT full of gold diggers and scammers as some dishonest people report.

    In fact, there is an ecosystem on Seeking Arrangement, with girls of all types looking for all kinds of relationships.

    If you know how to use this site, it’s a wonderful alternative to Adult Friend Finder where you can meet plenty of really attractive women.

    How Hot Are The Girls On Seeking.Com?

    There are some stonkingly hot women on Seeking – probably better looking than any of the dating sites on this list. Feast your eyes on these example Seeking profiles and you’ll see what I mean:

    seeking arrangement attractive members examples

    Who Is Seeking Arrangement Suitable For?

    Seeking works well for men who tick their boxes. Check out the criteria below, and if this sounds like you then give Seeking a go:

    Sugar babies on Seeking are looking for:

  • Smart guys over 35.
  • Guys who know how to treat a woman. This is a site where you need to spend some money.
  • Guys who are still young at heart who crave an attractive younger woman
  • Men who are willing to spend some money
  • The membership cost on Seeking is about $100 per month, and you’ll need to pay for everything on dates. If you use the site properly, you can also take women away for weekend breaks and so on.

    You have become the exciting older guy who can give them a lifestyle that they cannot get on their own.

    But this does cost money – not because you’re handing her over envelopes of cash, but you’ll need to pay for flights, hotels, restaurants and so forth if you go away for romantic weekends. This is not a dating site for stingy men!

    Advantages of Seeking Arrangement

  • Huge membership base
  • Extremely attractive women
  • Great for guys over 35 with some money
  • Great for guys who can take girls out and show them a good time
  • Disadvantages of Seeking Arrangement:

  • Expensive
  • There are some scammer girls on there as with Ashley Madison, but you just need to use some common sense.

  • Overall rating: Seeking is best for older guys over 40 who love really beautiful women and have some money to burn. Sign up using the link below for a FREE trial account and 25% discounted membership:

    Join Seeking Free

    4. CougarLife


    It’s probably blindingly obvious what this site is about from the domain name, but basically it’s a site where older women (cougars) are on the lookout for younger guys (cubs).

    Therefore this is only an Adult Friend Finder alternative for men who are under the age of 35 or so. If you’re older than that, you probably won’t appeal to the cougars on Cougar Life, and you’ll be wasting your time.

    So what does Cougar Life have going for it?

    Well, it’s specifically for younger guys looking for cougars, and there are approximately 1 million members. The mix is roughly 50/50, so 50% women and 50% men.

    You can probably see the issue straight away: with only 1 million members, there are far more cougars on Ahsley Madison or Victoria Milan simply because the site is so much smaller.

    So if you’re a younger guy looking for an alternative to Adult Friend Finder it might do the job if you absolutely insist..But why not try Ashley Madison or Victoria Milan instead?

    Still, if you just want to give it a go,as always we have a 25% discount link. Sign up using the button below to get your discount.

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