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He’s the wandering nomad, the iconoclast, the lone wolf. He is the Sigma Male.

In any group of animals, including humans you will always have a hierarchy. You’ve probably heard of the Alpha and Beta male.

The Alpha – the leader, popular, attractive to women. The Beta – the worker drone, the follower. Betas swarm around the hot girls that the alpha gets easily and tend to get the leftovers.

Both are part of the dominance hierarchy, both have their role to play.

A Sigma is different. Sigma Males have no time for the hierarchy – after all – why care what other men think about you? But crucially they have all the characteristics to dominate and succeed within the hierarchy save 1 : they want no part of it.

Sigmas gravitate to life outside of the system – they’ll often wander the globe , making a living with remote work, as a digital nomad – any way to make money outside of the system.

For a dyed in the wool Sigma Male, it’s a very tough but rewarding way of life, and it breeds a diamond hard set of personal characteristics that are magnetically attractive to women…

In this video we ask : what are the top 4 characteristics of a Sigma Male that are irresistible to women?

1 : Self sufficiency

This character trait appeals to a woman because it makes her feel safe and protected. Think about male female dynamics – why are successful marriages characterised by a man who is capable, competent and provides, and a woman who nurtures and supports? It is the natural order of things.

Women have always looked for men who are competent, and they always will, despite whatever right on political or cultural influences happen to be en vogue at the moment. A sigma male who chooses a female partner can provide this competence and self sufficiency in spades, because their nature forces them to learn it.

Men are not born competent and self sufficient – they learn through years of work, pain , rejection and failure. The difference between the Sigma Male and the average man is they get back up when they’ve been knocked down, and they keep fighting, keep learning because they have no choice. Sigma Males CANNOT rely on the usual opportunities that life provides to the intelligent man within the hierarchy, because life inside the hierarchy is intolerable to them.

They must learn, howevever painfully and slowly, to live outside the system and become self sufficient.

Here’s a post by Mr Frenzy on the Sigma Male community forum (more on this later)

“A Sigma Male is a man that lives outside the hierarchy and can for the most part control his own destiny through the choices he makes. A lot of people like this title because it depicts independence and freedom from a life that can have many cultural or social boundaries. The big picture of a Sigma Male is very appealing, however, all of the components broken down show a very arduous journey of mastering self-sufficiency.

2: A strong reality

Think of a man who is very sure of himself. A man who knows what he likes and wants, what he will and won’t tolerate, and who has no personal hangups or insecurities. Such a man has a strong reality – or a “strong frame”

Go back a few years to the Pick up artist craze of the mid 2000s. One concept stood out amongst all others : frame control. Frame control describes who is in control of an interaction. The person with the strongest frame usually “wins” – though this does NOT imply an unhealthy adversarial battle.

When a man has strong frame control, other people tend to play by his rules.

Women LOOK for a man with strong frame and they willingly and gladly submit to him – and it turns them on to do so.

Here’s a small test for you watching this video : do people tend to play by your rules? Do women gladly submit to you? If so, then you probably have a strong frame.

3: Assertiveness and strong standards and boundaries.

Think about how a sigma male has to live. He has to go out into a hard, unyielding world and take what he wants – WITHOUT any of the usual protections and opportunities that living within the hierarchy provides. To do that successfully, he MUST be assertive, and he MUST NOT be a pushover.

Sigma males share this character trait with alpha males. If a Sigma and alpha are in the same space, they might well get into conflict because the Sigma won’t submit to the alpha’s will or dominance like most men will. NOTE that this is not simply because Sigmas are tougher , more masculine or stronger – it’s because they don’t put themselves in a position where an alpha can have a hold over them. When you are self sufficient and assertive, you carve your own path and are beholden to no one – so the usual strategies for dominance that alpha males use cannot work on a sigma male.

Sigmas learn to say “no” early on in life, but crucially find other ways of living well and with personal autonomy. Their assertiveness is the fuel that propels them to build this autonomy.

4: A strong sense of entitlement

When most people hear the word “entitlement” – they think of negative connotations. A guy who feels he deserves the best – but without the qualities, talent, charisma or achievement to back it up.
A sigma males sense of entitlement is different – and he can back it up with achievement and results.

A Sigma male feels entitled to very attractive women because usually he has a long history of hooking up with such women! His sense of self worth and entitlement to the best looking females is borne out in the real world. It’s not just an ephemeral feeling that he *should* be able to date the most attractive women. It’s a strong expectation that really attractive women WILL like him – because he has a proven track record of success with top tier females.

This is a critical point. Whenever you see a Sigma male video, you will find comments like “I’m definitely a Sigma Male” – or “who cares about women though? Why do you focus on that? Sigmas don’t care about women. ”

This is 100% wrong and such comments are probably written by Omegas or Gammas. Your place on the socio sexual hierarchy is not determined by what you think of yourself. It’s determined by how others – particularly women – treat and think about YOU.

So here’s another test for you watching..Could you approach a really attractive woman in broad daylight, or a bar or nightclub – wherever you feel comfortable – and stand a very good chance of making her attracted to you , at least 40 – 60% of the time?

That is a good test whether you are a Sigma Male. But remember – any man can LEARN these traits.

The Sigma way of life is both tough and exhilerating. More and more men are choosing the Sigma path, but there are very difficult challenges that you’ll face. So my band of fellow sigmas, I created the Sigma Male community forum – designed for men who want to live outside the system on their terms, travel the world..And date the most attractive women.

If you are not satisfied with your lot, and you want something more out of your life. If you feel different from other people, and you look at the most attractive women and really want to date them..Then the supportive sigma male community may be for you.

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