Top 16 Doublelist Alternatives 2023 – These Adult Apps Rock!

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If you’re looking for the best Doublelist alternatives in 2023, stop your search now. I’m going to provide you with the best hookup sites where you can get laid quickly, easily and with minimal expense.

These apps WORK!

Steve Jabba Key Tip – The Best Doublelist Alternative In 2023

For those looking for the quick answer, the best overall Doublelist alternative is Adult Friend Finder – I’ll quickly explain why.

Adult Friend Finder has been a titan of the casual dating scene of over 20 years. With over 70 million members, 60% women, and no adds or shady stuff, it’s the no 1 sex dating app in the world.

There are millions of hot girls on this site looking for a hookup, so no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to find a girl for casual sex.

Check out these real girls on Adult Friend Finder:

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❓Why do you need a Doublelist alternative?

So let’s get real – why do you need an alternative to Doublelist in the first place?

First off, Doublelist started charging for ads. Yep, you heard it right. I checked on Google and one of the most popular autocomplete terms related to Doublelist is “Doublelist now charging”

doublelist now charging
This shift has not only squeezed out some folks, but it has also been a magnet for all sorts of spam and shady deals.

Next up: safety. Word on the street is that Doublelist is falling short when it comes to security measures.

The site has been a breeding ground for some pretty nefarious stuff, from prostitution rings to human trafficking – so not the sort of site that most people want to use.

Then there’s the user experience.

Doublelist’s interface feels about as smooth as a wild boar’s rear end!

It just looks like dated 1980s web 2.0 garbage.

Plus, it’s not exactly brimming with activity. It’s more like a ghost town compared to some other bustling classifieds sites out there (more on this in a moment)

Also, there have been numerous reports of annoying technical glitches.

Imagine this: you’re about to seal the deal on a killer ad, and bam! Doublelist hits you with a technical hiccup. Frustrating?

You bet.

Transparency is another sore spot. Doublelist is as tight as a nun’s chuffer when it comes to their policies and practices.

One of the main complaints from users is they keep getting their ads or even entire accounts deleted for no apparent reason! Check out the pic below for proof – there are loads of frustrated users who have been tested off the platform and search for an explanation on Google.

doublelist account issues
Then there is the mobile experience (lol).

Doublelist’s website feels like it was built in the Stone Age. Trying to navigate it on a smartphone or tablet is about as fun as a root canal. It’s a real deal-breaker for folks who like to browse on the go.

When it comes to features, Doublelist is lightweight. No profiles, no photos, no location-based search – it’s bare-bones and it shows.

And finally, the spam. Doublelist has become a haven for spam and scam ads. You think you’re contacting a hot blonde who wants to hookup, but actually you’re redirected to a shady ad. Not cool.

I think you get the point. So without further ado, let’s list out the top Doublelist alternatives as of

1. Top Doublelist Alternative: Adult Friend Finder

adult friend finder
Welcome to the world of 70 million pleasure-seekers! Adult Friend Finder has been the go-to spot for uncommitted fun for over two decades now, and it’s not slowing down. With a staggering 60% female user base, your chances to strike a hot conversation are sky high.

The site is highly respected and trusted – you’re not stepping into a den of scammers here. Plus, the women on here know the drill. No need to play coy or beat around the bush. And the blokes? There is almost zero competition from other guys – they are mostly clueless and think uploading dick pics is the epitome of game! Lol, dorks.

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2. Ashley Madison

Next up, is the notorious Ashley Madison. With 55 million users, it’s another hub for those after some unattached fun. Ashley Madison has done some serious upskilling in the security department after their well-publicized data breach. It’s like Fort Knox now – one of the safest sites out there.

The female population here is quite a sight to behold – you’re looking at a 55% share of women who are more than just a pretty face. They are adventurous, looking for excitement, and you might just be their next thrill. The only downside? It’s a tad pricier than Adult Friend Finder.

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Before I continue, if you want a good laugh check out my Spdate review – it’s retty funny and shows just how scammy some “dating sites” can be.

3. Seeking Arrangement

seeking arrangement logo
You’ve got to hand it to Seeking Arrangement – 60 million members with a smashing 65% being women. They rebranded to “Seeking” in 2020 and now they’re a mainstream casual dating and hookup app.

This site is golden for guys over 35 looking to charm a younger woman. Sure, it’s pricier than other apps, but it’s a cost that weeds out the freeloaders. And trust me, the girls here are worth every penny. Hot, young, and eager to meet you. Just remember, you must have the dough to show them a good time.

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4. Get Flirty

get flirty
Get Flirty is exactly what it says on the tin. A fun, engaging platform where you can let loose and enjoy a flirty chat, and who knows what else! Get Flirty’s platform is slick, easy-to-use and boasts a vibrant user base eager to connect.

5. Cougar Life

Gentlemen, if you’ve got a thing for older women, Cougar Life is your paradise.

There are about 14 million older women who are looking for a younger dude for hot steamy casual fun – so if that’s you, go for it! And let’s not forget, these cougars are savvy, seductive and know how to make a man feel special.

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6. Fuckbook

If you want a site that gets straight to the point, Fuckbook is your answer. With its focus on hookups and casual encounters, it’s a platform that cuts the chit-chat and gets down to business.

Now there have been reports of various scams on this site – so be careful. Honesty, Adult Friend Finder is much better though.

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7. Lust

It’s in the name, isn’t it? It’s all about passion on this site. Lust provides a straightforward and user-friendly platform where like-minded adults can connect and explore their desires.

8. Fling

The domain name says it all really.

This site is all about casual sex. It’s a smorgasbord of adults looking for a spicy encounter, and it doesn’t beat around the bush about it. If casual is your game, Fling is the name.

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9. BeNaughty

BeNaughty is your permission slip to let your hair down and show your wild side. It’s a safe, judgement-free zone where you can seek your desires without restraint. The user base is active, engaged, and, well, a bit naughty. So if you’re looking to spice things up, BeNaughty might just be your new playground.

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10. OkCupid

Yeah, OK Cupid. It is actually possible to get a casual hookup on this site.

The beauty of OkCupid is its robust matching algorithm. It’s not about just looks here, they match you based on your personality traits and interests, so there’s a higher chance of compatibility… and repeat encounters!

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11. Tinder

Tinder – the name that revolutionized the dating scene. With its iconic swipe left or right feature, it’s a no-fuss, fun way of finding a match.

Plus, it’s incredibly popular among the younger crowd, making it a vibrant, active platform for casual encounters.

Caveat: You need to be REALLY good-looking to succeed on Tinder. The app has about 80% men, 20% women – and there are LOADS of chads on there.

I added it for completeness, but really Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder will work better for the vast majority of you.

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12. Happn

Ever crossed paths with someone and thought, “What if?” Happn is here to answer that question.

The USP here is this app shows girls you’ve crossed paths with in real life.

It’s a bit like serendipity in your pocket. Plus, it adds that extra thrill of meeting someone you might have seen at your local coffee shop!

13. Pure

pure hookup app
Pure is the epitome of ‘here and now’. It’s a time-limited service where you post a request for a meeting, and it’s visible for one hour.

The urgency creates a certain thrill and spontaneity that’s unrivalled in the world of online dating. If you love living in the moment, Pure is definitely worth a shot.

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14. CasualX

casual x
CasualX is another Doublelist alternative that’s worth checking out. It’s a bit like Tinder but with a focus purely on casual encounters. CasualX aims to create a safe and private space for people looking for casual relationships.

If you’re a nervous nellie who is worried about privacy, it’s worth a look. Maybe.

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15. Feeld

Feeld (cool name huh) first appeared a few years ago and has grown in popularity since.

It’s supposed to be a place where men and women can explore their sexuality without judgement.

If you’re looking for a Doublelist alternative that supports and encourages exploration and diversity, Feeld is a must-visit.

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16. Quiver

Quiver is for those who are interested in the swinger lifestyle. Now this sounds like a great idea, right?

The reality is that the userbase on Twitter is mostly horny old people who look like extras from a horror movie. If you like sagging tits, a yeasty gash and grey pubes on the ballsack, knock yourself out champ!

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If you like hot girls then try Adult Friend Finder.

seeking arrangement los angeles sugar baby profiles

Let’s talk briefly about other things you’ll need to know if you’re looking for the best Doublelist alternatives. We’ll take each section in turn and discuss briefly:

User Experiences & Testimonials – based on real reviews.

Based on various online reviews, many users have reported positive experiences with these platforms. For instance, users of Adult Friend Finder often praise the site’s vast user base and the open-mindedness of its members.

For Ashley Madison one of the main benefits is their commitment to privacy and discretion (for obvious reasons)

Features of these Doublelist alternatives

Adult Friend Finder offers a range of communication tools, including chat rooms and instant messaging, while Ashley Madison offers the ability to ‘wink’ at other members and send them private messages.

Platform Interface & User Experience

Most of these platforms offer user-friendly interfaces. Adult Friend Finder has a straightforward and easy-to-navigate design, while Ashley Madison boasts a sleek and modern interface.

Seeking looks like something from 2030, in comparison to Doublelist, which as we’ve pointed out looks dated and archaic.

Geographical Coverage

Most of these platforms have a wide geographical coverage. Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison, for instance, have members from all around the world.

So if you’re travelling or even on business in another city, you can be pretty sure you can organise a quick rootin’ tootin’ session!

Safety & Privacy Measures

These platforms typically take safety and privacy very seriously. For instance, Ashley Madison has stepped up its security measures following a data breach in 2015. Similarly, Adult Friend Finder uses encryption to protect users’ personal information and offers the option to report or block any suspicious profiles.

These Doublelist Alternatives Should Have Something For You…

doublelist alternatives
Navigating the online dating scene can feel a bit like sailing through uncharted waters, especially when platforms you are familiar with, like Doublelist, start to lose their appeal. This guide was designed to throw you a lifeline, introducing you to the top 17 alternatives to Doublelist in 2023.

From titans of the dating industry like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison to lesser-known but equally exciting platforms like Get Flirty and Quiver, we’ve covered a broad range of sites and apps to suit various tastes and preferences. Whether you’re seeking casual encounters, exploring your sexuality, or looking for adventurous experiences, there’s a platform on this list for you.

Each platform offers a unique blend of features, user experiences, and communities. They vary in their approach to safety, privacy, and geographical coverage, but all aim to provide spaces where adults can connect, flirt, and find what they’re looking for.

Who knows? Your next unforgettable experience might be waiting just around the corner on one of these Doublelist alternatives.