⭐Tinder Alternatives 2023: FINALLY Get Laid From A Hookup App!

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tinder alternative 2022

So what are the best Tinder alternatives in 2022?

I’m going to give you the answer right away, but it depends on your age group.

If you’re a man aged 18 – 35, the best Tinder alternative 2002 for you is Ashley Madison.

..And if you’re a man over 35, you’re best Tinder alternative IN 2022 is Seeking Arrangement.

If you use either of those apps, you’ll have a vastly improved experience and get far more dates than you ever did on Tinder.

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Why These 2 Alternatives To Tinder Work

Here are 5 reasons why both of these apps are much better for hookups than Tinder

1: User Demographics

According to Statista, 76% of all users on Tinder are men.

In some parts of the United States, its even worse, with 90% women and only 10 % men

The reality is, an average man doesn’t stand a chance when the odds are stacked against you like this.

For comparison, Ashley Madison demographics – 60% women, 40% men.

Seeking demographics: roughly 4 women for every man.

Why Ashley Madison Is The Best Tinder Alternative For Men 18-35

Historically Ashley Madison was an infidelity site and built up millions of women looking to put the spark back into their love lives. The average age of the women is older on Ashley than seeking – roughly 28 years old.

So you have millions of women looking for “cubs” – or younger and aged-matched guys who want to hook up. These lovelorn women on Ashley Madison are actively SEEKING a hookup.

Similary seeking kills it for older men over 35.

With 4 women for every man, the average age of women is younger than Ashley Madison, but Seeking actually has over 30 million members.

The majority are women looking for an older man with whom they can enjoy a better lifestyle.

NO, Seeking.Com is not built around putting together sugar daddies and sugar babies. It’s now a much more mainstream hookup site…But it’s realistic about the main value proposition of older men.

The users have caught on, so women on there are not just looking for a guy to give them envelopes of cash.

Rather, the girls on Seeking are looking for an exciting older man who they can have an experience with – that they would never be able to get on their own.

These facts lead us to point 2 :

Why Do Girls Sign Up To Tinder?

On Tinder, the majority of women are on the app not for a hookup, but instead are just looking for a laugh. They crave the validation they get from having tons of guys swiping on them and then pursuing them in their messages.

Why are these 2 tinder alternatives better?

Becaues the women on there are LOOKING FOR SOMETHING – either a more exciting love life (Ashley Madison), or an older guy for a whirlwind romance, travel and a more glamorous lifestyle.

They’re serious about finding someone, so you won’t get the same contemptuous treatment as you do on Tinder.

Moreover, with the drastically improved demographics, the girls won’t be swamped for attention like they are on Tinder…

So they are much more likely to see and respond to your advances.

This leads us to the 3rd reason why these Tinder alternatives are better

Male competition: Tinder VS Ashley Madison and Seeking

On Tinder, you have a lot of “chads” who typically hog the attention of the women on the app. Why is this?

Because Tinder is designed to show better-looking men more often to women.

Remember, Tinder is a swipe app and they NEED women to be engaged. Without the women, the men will disappear – so they need girls to keep swiping and looking.

So they show the most exciting, good-looking guys to the girls to keep their interest. For the average guy, this means you’ll NEVER get a look in because you’re barely even SEEN

It’s the way the algorithm is designed. It gives you just enough hope to keep you swiping and purchasing the boosts..And get your money..

But you never end up getting a date with a desirable girl.

On Ashley Madison, there’s no algo working against you.

You don’t need to swipe. You don’t need to match. If a girl likes you she can message YOU first – and at the very least, she will see your profile

Or you can message her of course

There is also far less competition from other men because the algorithm doesn’t favour Chad and good-looking men.

Plus there is a more upfront payment system on these apps: no payment, no messages.

On Tinder, there is an ILLUSION of free messages which draws the suckers in.

Until they find out that those FREE messages are useless if they never match with a girl.

Or if they do, she’s so horrendously ugly and overweight that only the most desperate of men will use those messages.

Swiping gender imbalance On Tinder

The wonky female/male ratio is bad enough, but then you need to factor in the fact that women swipe NO 95% of the time, whilst men are more evenly split: 53% of the time swiping yes, and 47% of the time swiping no.

So what does this mean in reality? A man has to swipe about 50 women to get 1 measly match, whilst women match about 1 in 3.

Now I know what you’re thinking: big deal. I only need to swipe 50 times and I end up with a match..Well, there are 2 main problems with this theory:

Guys on Tinder tend to match with uglier girls

Because of the 2 factors that I’ve already mentioned you have an ultra-competitive environment where men are immediately at a disadvantage and even average girls still get lots of matches. Now bearing in mind that Tinder is known as a hookup app – and the women are looking for something of a thrill – why would they match with a plainer, less exciting guy when they can match with a better-looking Chad instead?

Remember: they are not looking for a long-term relationship – so they will gravitate towards the best-looking, most viscerally exciting guy who gives them gina tingles.

Bottom line: Even if Tinder had an equal number of male and female users, the women would STILL gravitate towards wholly unsuitable but attractive men because the app self-selects women who are looking for a fling, a hookup..A short-term romance.

If you don’t look like the kind of guy who could show them this good time, you are NOT getting matched.

So for the average guy, bearing in mind all of these factors combined, Tinder is a complete hellscape..A barren wasteland of invisibility and sexual irrelevance on the app.

Conclusion : Tinder Is Messed Up. Try Either Of These Tinder Alternatives.

Sign up to Tinder, get frustrated.

Try either of these Tinder alternatives and you stand a very good chance of actually meeting a girl and getting a hookup.

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