Now The Sigma Male is usually forged in his formative years due to a combination of being an outsider with most other people, but equally having a high degreee of skill in one or more areas. It’s not uncommon for Sigmas to be blessed with high intelligence too.

If in your early years :
You didn’t really fit in with most other men.
You didn’t like status jockeying / banter and trying to assert myself in the hierarchy,
And were physically rather ugly, with gapped teeth, really bad skin and large sticking out ears.

…then you had what could be the beginnings of devellopping sigma traits. Critically though, you need to work hard at it, which dictates where you end up as an adult.

Basically,a Sigma is what you would call a square peg in a round hole, but with significant talents and gifts.

Nod your head if this is ringing true with you. If you recall your earlier years, you’ll probably remember the popular guys, the guys who got on with everyone. The tough guys. The total weirdo. Well, an early Sigma is none of those and the seeds of what to come are already often sown. Fundamentally, you’ll often just feel…Different and an outsider.

Now this causes pain and anguish. You see, when you have a mind that can critically evaluate, coupled with a very strong sense of entitlement (like a lot of Sigmas do), you’ll perceive that the other guys are no more gifted than you, no more “deserving” than you…Yet they are liked by other people (mostly other men – we’ll talk about women later) a way that you simply are not. Thus the pain and anguish begins, and you begin to want to separate yourself from the hierarchy.

And yet…And yet women seem to like you. Usually women start to notice you around aged 15.5 – 16 , particularly when your talents come fo the fore.

Bear in mind most Sigmas have an independent streak a mile wide so whilst the other guys are content to stay in the local area where they grew up, a Sigma will want to explore…And particularly want to see what women out there in the world are like.

I tell you all this to give you a sense of how Sigmas are formed. They usually have good reasons to want to separate from the hierarchy, and it usually begins by being different and somewhat of an outsider early on in life. The critical thing to remember is you MUST harness your talents and work hard to continually optimize and improve yourself, with women, work, creativity, everything. There is a thin line between a Sigma who sits atop the socio sexual hierarchy, and a lowly Omega, who is right at the bottom. Without sufficient will and hard work, you could end up going either way.

Now that we’ve got some background, it’s time to look at why a Sigma develops this yearning desire to remove himself from the hierarchy. Why might a man want to do that? After all..It can be a profoundly difficult way of life.

Recall the socio sexual hierarchy. You’ll note that Sigma males sit right at the top alongside the alpha males – but they remove themselves from the hierarchy BY CHOICE. The key words there are choice.

As you watch this video in late march of 2020, the world is forcing you to realise that there are significant advantages to being able to live outside of the hierarchy. The global pandemic and train wreck economy that is shortly
going to engulf most of the West is a powerful motivator to get the budding Sigma off his ass and find a way to survive and thrive!

Think about the alternatives if you are inside the hierarchy. Here’s just a few of the unpleasant things that Governments might introduce in the not too distant future :

You may need to rely on the government for money. What if you cannot get it?
Without freedom of movement you are told when and where you can travel to. Watch this video – right now in my home country of the UK you are not even allowed to sit in the park, even if you observe social distancing rules.
You may be forced to have a vaccine with god knows what in it.
If you want to participate in society, you’ll need to submit a blood sample otherwise no bank account, ability to rent or own a home for you.

They might even try to introduce inserting biochips under your skin. Who the hell knows?

In the book The Sigma Male, here is what I wrote in early 2019 :

“As I write this in 2019, it’s increasingly apparent to any informed man that the halcyon days of having a well paid job for life are rapidly disappearing, and so is the opportunity of attracting a slim, attractive, attentive wife who will look after the children whilst you work your well paid blue collar job. That ship sailed with the Baby Boomers.

It’s been every man for himself ever since, and the trend is accelerating. You have to forge your own way nowadays, which is precisely the traits that a Sigma Male develops in abundance.”

Even I didn’t expect it to get this bad so quickly however.

Now, The very attitude and mindset that you need to thrive in these ever toughening conditions is the same mindset that will steer you towards solo game and thus more success with women too. Namely:

A refusal to rely on others for your livelihood and happiness.

Recognising that employers do not have your best interests at heart. Assume your employer would dispose of your services in a heartbeat if I was no longer needed. The natural process of shedding jobs with increased efficiency and cost cutting is only going to accelerate with automation, (especially for low skilled workers and the young).

Most people are not suited to the new kinds of jobs that will be created in this new economy.

And a bunch of other factors. For a Sigma the the best case scenario is relying on yourself, creating your own work and income – and this attitude extends to how you go about meeting women.

So let’s talk briefly how as a Sigma you can begin to develop this mindset and leverage it to get better quality women. Yes, I know about the pandemic, but with some basic common sense measures, meeting women by approaching in real life is perfectly possible. Check out my video Series Secret Society and book Primal Seduction for more on this – as you’ll see, there are links in the description below.

Sigma Males gravitate towards Solo Game, because it appeals to their natural personal characteristics of fierce independence and self determination. When you do Solo Game you don’t need a wingman, you don’t need to leverage social circles, you don’t even need to go to bars or nightclubs…And you don’t need to mix in groups if you don’t want to.
All you need is your own personal charisma, your willpower, and your knowledge of seduction.

Whatever your situation right now, I can imagine that as more and more of you adjust to the new reality of ever tougher working conditions, unemployment uncertainty, jobs drying up, you’ll naturally begin to develop the mental toughness, self determination and get up and go attitude you need to prosper by creating your own career by entrepreneurial activities.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

Phase 2 : Taking It Further

So why stop there? Why not extend this lifestyle design to how you go about meeting women, so you can meet the hottest, most feminine women you can, well into your 40s , 50s and beyond?

I bet every guy you speak to nowadays knows that life is better abroad, specifically because the women are simply superior by every important metric:
Body fat percentage Degree of naturally feminine characteristics (nurturing, submissiveness, making the man feel good, etc) Aversion to the worst excesses of feminism
Not only that, but the day to day existence is more pleasant in these “red pilled” countries too.

The borders will not be shut forever. Now is the time to start working towards your own lifestyle design…If not by changing country, and least by meeting the best women you can in your home country, and building side gigs and businesses that inure you against the difficult times to come.

How this begins :

All of this begins with mindset. Some of you will naturally gravitate towards Solo game, especially those of you who don’t enjoy nightclubs, and don’t have much of a social circle.

Over time, if you’re like me, you’ll want to explore what is out there in other cities and countries. This is when the Sigma Lite missions come into play. So, if you’re in a small village or town, you’ll go to the nearest big city over a weekend, book accommodation and start approaching women there. (
If you’re in a big city, you might book a week off, go to a European city like Prague and approach women for a week there. And so on.
This gives you the merest hint of what solo game can look like.

Now, when you do Solo Game, especially if it’s in the daytime, the vast majority are going to find out very quickly that it is not easy at all.
Beyond your first sugar rush of actually approaching women for the first time, you’ll begin to realise that there are huge improvements to be made to your approach, how you talk to and relate to the girls.
Some of you won’t represent a sexual threat – you’ll need to learn to present that to girls without freaking them out or getting arrested by the police. Some of you will have crippling approach anxiety. Some of you will be able to have conversations, but not know how to escalate.

After you’ve learned the basics of this, you might happily continue for years. But, there are particular subdivisions of solo game, especially in the daytime.

You’ll probably start off by necessity having to do large numbers of approaches to get a result. In other words, you’ll have to make time during your day to do your approaches. This could last for several years. A large % of guys never get past this phase.

More recently, it’s become more popular to be more selective in who you approach, trying to pre select girls before making the approach, by carefully working on a pre approach routine and “reading” the girls likelihood of responding well to you before going up to her and opening your mouth.

I’ve actually talked about this for about 9 years now. I’ve developed a well laid out and executed method in my video product Secret Society on how to do this effectively.
Once you get this ability, it’s then possible to execute “sniper game” – approaching girls as you go about your day to day life, who you are very sure have a high probability of success. I did that for many years and it’s a nice, low stress way of doing things.
Just be aware that it’s a form of game that you can only do with considerable practice and expertise.

This is just an outline of how you might develop into Solo game as a Sigma Male. It’s good news for me that many more intelligent and forward thinking men will naturally gravitate towards developing Sigma qualities as the harsh times that are coming begin to exert more of an influence.
If this has piqued your interest in any way at all I’d recommend the following:

If you’re not happy with your woman situation, check out my book Primal Seduction and video Product Secret Society. The links are in the description below.

Now if approaching women in real life doesn’t appeal to you at all, you might be interested in an online dating hack where you can meet very hot women online with much less competition than normal, and where you are actually the prize. If that appeals to you, check out the video on the right hand of the screen.