I made this short video for the Youtube crowd but haven’t shown it much on my site.

It’s an excerpt from my Secret Society video product where I talk through the three pillars of a successful cold approach. Namely:

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  • Social Intelligence : You need to know which kind of girls respond best to you (yes / maybe girls) – and when is the best time to approach
  • Sexual Tension : You’ll need to take the conversation onto a sexual / flirty level. There is a real skill to doing this quickly and repeatedly with every girl.
  • Authenticity : This is absolutely critical both for your own sanity and for the girl. She needs to know you are not just saying the same thing every time to every girl. A part of this is being able to create spontaneous conversations on the fly.

I go through the three pillars (and much more) in step by step detail in my video product The Secret Society.

Check out the excerpt below:

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Are You Ready To Join The Secret Society?

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