The Love Bubble

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What is the love bubble?

The love bubble is a term that I invented around 2013 I think.

It’s a little known but incredibly powerful Natural Game technique that is used to form a hyper close connection with a girl.

As crazy as it might seem, you can almost gaze into a girls soul and create a sense of “our world” very quickly – if you know how.

When I say our world..I mean it is as if the rest of the outside world is shut out. Nothing else exists in that moment in time. Just you and her.

Can you see how powerful this would be??

When I say quickly I mean within 5 minutes of knowing her. I’ve actually done it.

Now obviously there are limitations. One of them is the environment. You cannot really form a love bubble when you first meet a girl on the street.

The love bubble would be formed on a date perhaps, in an intimate setting – but it could also occur on the dancefloor of a busy nightclub.

Let me give a couple of examples of where you might form the Love Bubble….

Have you ever locked eyes with a girl in a nightclub, and walked over to her? For example on a dance floor.

Then held her hand, gazed deeply into her eyes…And whispered a few words in her ear?

Then pulled away again..Smiled..And danced kind of slowly with her?

This would be an example of a mini love bubble. When you create one you’ll hear things like

“I cannot believe I’ve only known you for a few minutes”

“I feel safe with you”

Things like that.

Another example would be on a date. You’ve dealt with the humdrum stuff..The boring conversation.
Then you say something a little risque..A little out there..

There’s an electric moment of communication where she looks at you a little shocked but also seeing if you mean what you say..Whether you hold your frame and can be so bold..

Once she’s established that you do hold your frame, and you really ARE solid in your identity..Then she begins to feel safer with you and you can proceed to create a love bubble.

This is simply the most powerful type of game there is. It’s fully real and authentic because YOU ACTUALLY mean it. YOU are affected in that moment too.

It’s a moment of shared communication between man and woman and in my view it’s what makes dating women fun. It’s one of the precursors to genuine connection and of course, ultimately, sex.

I think you can probably tell that this is powerful stuff but you need to have a number of things in place to be able to open yourself up to experiences like this.

But when you do..That’s when you begin to have real connections with girls…When you can actually show some vulnerability and who you REALLY are..And she’ll love you for it.

Note I am carefully avoiding the word “technique” or “trick”. This isn’t a trick or technique. Instead it’s a totally natural, authentic and REAL experience that means something to both of you. It’s intoxicaing!