Cold Text Game 101 : Turning Ignored Texts Into Lays

It’s the most frustrating aspect of a players career: he chat’s to a girl, thinks she’s into him..Then she goes cold over text.

In this post I’ll talk you through cold text game, including info on a good cold text reply no matter what she says, how to cold text a girl and so on.

Let’s get started.

What Is A Cold Text?

A cold text is a text or Whatsapp message that was ignored, not replied to or dismissed (usually by a female!). Sometimes a woman will go cold over text to play hard to get, or because at that moment she is not interested in pursuing the relationship further.

There are some strategies that you can follow if a girl goes cold over text to try and rescue the interaction, or equally realise when you are wasting your time.

Here’s what you should do:

Cold Text Reply : Flirting And Sexual Tension

If you want to turn around a good cold text reply, you basically want to avoid boring conversations. You need to stand out.

The best way to do this is to flirt and create sexual tension over Whatsapp / text.

Have a look at this example:

In the example above you can see I recommend “try and kiss you”

Redpill Text Game:How This Works

You ALWAYS want to make clear your intentions, and you ALWAYS want sexual tension. Ideally, you would have created this vibe from your initial approach.

See my video Secret Society for more on this.

If you do it correctly, it generally makes text game simply a matter of setting up logistics.

However, you can still use text and whatsapp to make your intentions clear and create this kind of vibe. The example above is only one way.

I often combine humour with a direct statement of intent (SOI). The example above shows this : you’re clearly coming onto her, but in a humourous lighthearted way.

Isn’t your texting strategy high risk?

Yes. High risk is a good thing.

But no.

Doing this is MORE effective at turning girls around over text, creating sexual tension, making her think about you and ultimately shoving your co** into her warm moist hole.

Here’s why:

Think about what sending a “high risk” text or Whatsapp demonstrates:

Confidence (including sexual confidence).
Calibrated humour.
Not caring about the outcome (outcome independance)
A bit “rude” and “pushy”. Girls LIKE THIS! It stands out.

They like to play act being offended.

It’s a little game they play with themselves, and with you. So if you receive a bit of a pouty face or sulky reply, GOOD.

pouty girl face

You WANT this kind of reaction.

You’ve affected her. She’s feeling emotions about you. This means she is beginning to take you seriously.

You’re not just some little fly she can swat away. You’re not irrelevant.

You’re demonstrating you don’t consider her so far above you that you risk offending her.

Girl Goes Cold Texting? Here’s What To Do.

Going cold when texting is a common problem with girls. There are some key points you need to bear in mind:

The worst thing you can do is when a girl goes cold texting is to try and grab her attention back with a flurry of needy text messages.

This will turn her off and make her more likely to ghost.

Instead, do this:

The “My World” Picture Ping Option

Try sending ping messages (pictures are better).

You want to give her an insight into your world and show her what a fun life you have.

Bottom line: Show her that she is missing out by going cold.

Any kind of ping message will do. Try not to overthink it.

Here’s an example I sent to a Moldovan girl I met over Tinder:

whatsapp ping example

I added something like: I love these cool Moldovan restaurants. You should come and join me sometime.

Think about what this shows:

You’re interested in the local culture (the restaurant was not well known, and was off the beaten path). So I had to ask around to find it.

You like fine living.

It’s a warm looking picture which invites her to come and join you.

The strategy worked, because I ended up bonking her after a 2nd date:

Me with the Moldovan girl.

Other example Whatsapp Ping Picture messages

Here’s another example which I used to bring a cold lead back to life over text in Warsaw:

whatsapp ping example 2

The caption was something like:

“Love these cool studenty bars. Nice drinks and not full of loudmouth left wing English students! Come join me!”

What girl could resist??

Check this post for a full guide on how to meet girls in Warsaw.

The humourous and bold option

Let’s say you met a girl 3 weeks ago on the street. You send her a ping text but no reply.

Looks like she has ghosted you.

So, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I once sent this text to a girl from this exact situation and got her out on a date:

“Listen woman, if you don’t get back to me I’m gonna appear outside your house, rummage through your bins and start sniffing your knickers”

The point is, it’s about mindset and the position you’re coming from.

As I blasted this guff off to her, I was cracking up with laughter, I didn’t particularly care if she responded or not.

And that is the key!

Text Game: The Mindset For Success

The real key to this is you genuinely have to believe, right to your core, that she is not out of your league.

Whilst you may want to bonk her so badly it makes your teeth hurt, you cannot let this make you act weird..Or needy..Or excessively cautious.

Bear in mind, I am NOT saying act like a dick, like the usual incorrect and miscalibrated manosphere advice.

If you think that, you miss the nuance.

I’m saying you are calibrated, humourous, bold but still respectful.

Crucially you also actually genuinely don’t care about the outcome.

The difference between my advice and the usual manosphere guff is that my responses come from my core, I mean it and I do NOT agonise for hour on end about a clever reply.

It usually takes me about half a second to think of what text to send.

Check out some of the popular manosphere sites and you’ll often see blow by blow analysis of text exchanges and why x response is better than y response.


Here’s why:

Whilst 1 particular witty text might get some sort of response, think about how long the guy thought about it.

Think about his mindset : what can I SHOW and DEMONSTRATE by sending this text?

In other words, how can I fake it?

If you’re having to think and agonise about what text to send a girl, you’ve already lost. You will not bang this girl.

You’re too invested. You care too much. At some point you’re going to subcommunicate this to the girl, and you will lose her.

But Steve, you have built this mindset over many years, with lots of positive reference experiences

Yes, I have – and that’s why I know my advice is right.

It’s also why I know it’s better to start from a solid foundation.

Good text game is 60-70% mindset, 30% calibration. The calibration part includes using humour, social intelligence, sexual tension – all that good stuff.

So gentlemen, here’s a short insight into great text game.

It should be clear that it’s a combination of mindset, and creating a powerful impression in the first place.