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I guess this is the elephant in the room, the one thing that goes through your mind when you think about getting better with women.

Isn’t it all about looks?

I believe any man can shoot out of his league. Roughly speaking , if you’re able to pull a girl who is objectively 2 points hotter than you, you’re doing really well.

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Let’s establish a baseline here:

1: The objection that there’s no such thing as objective physical beauty for a man or woman.

I think this is nonsense. As human beings we are no different from any other species on earth. Every single one of us is hardwired by nature to recognise physical beauty when we see it. Why? It serves as somewhat of a proxy for genetic fitness.

That doesn’t mean people don’t have types. But if you were to show a picture to 10000 people of a particularly handsome man or beautful woman, the consensus would be pretty broad amongst the survey group. Everyone would pick the same man and woman repeatedly.

Bottom line : we can all recognise physical beauty when we see it, regardless of race.

Let’s say you’re a male 6 in physical looks. By my criteria, you’re doing really well if you are able to consistently pull 8s.

The implication of this is that by and large, your looks serve as a baseline of what you can expect to achieve. I’ve seen this again and again myself, and observed it by training guys on bootcamps and 1 on 1’s over several years. Plus talking to colleagues in the dating industry over a number of years too. We see it again and again.

Are You Ready To Join The Secret Society?

There are of course things you can do to improve your batting average.

The most obvious is to go to a foreign country where your base level of physical appeal is higher than in your host country. No surprises there. It’s why guys head off to Eastern Europe from USA, Australia and the UK.

Not only is the male competition less, they immediately add a point or two to their looks just by standing out from the male population in these countries.

The other is to start training your body, eat right, get a decent haircut, stand with better posture, etc etc. All common knowledge.

The rest – and it’s a big difference – is to work on your game – and in my view probably the most important your mindset, character and beliefs.

There are a whole gamut of disempowering beliefs that I’ve seen over and over again that hinder a guys progress with women. Conversely, even amongst the guys that purport to know this stuff and get success with women, very few actually have the full suite of powerful beliefs that allow them to pull hot women on autopilot without thinking about it.

So whilst looks are important – there are caveats:

They serve as a baseline of what you can reasonably expect to get at the top of your game – the absolute peak.

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There is an ENORMOUS bandwidth of improvement that virtually any guy can make to their prospects with women by improving their mindset and techniqe.

When I see Youtube comments that blithely dismiss any results I get as because I am supposedly decent looking (conveniently forgetting the fact that plenty of people think I am actually only slightly above average – women inclueded), it’s kind of boring.

I know I am talking to a negative chode who doesn’t even bother to try. The fact is, and I know this for a cast iron immutable FACT, that a huge number of guys would be happy just to get a date with a girl who is not too bad to look at.

If a guy can get a girl who is 2 points hotter than him, I gaurantee that would be enough for about 90-95% of the male population.

The guys like me who do this for years on end to the point of boredom and get notch counts in the several hundreds are extraordinarily rare. I’d estimate less than 1/10000.

I’d caution you against believing everything you hear. I’m being as honest with you as I can. Looks ARE important. But if you were to apply yourself and achieve what you COULD achieve – by getting dates with girls who are objectievly hotter than you consistently, and perhaps having relationships with girls who are 2 points hotter than you – that is HUGE and would fufil the most important criteria of all.

You might actually be happy.