The Art of Subcommunication: Attract Women Effortlessly

Steve Jabba

By Steve Jabba. Find out more about Steve Jabba here

What Are Subcommunications?

Subcommunications are the “tells” that a person gives away when they interact with another person or group. They can be very subtle or very obvious.

Typically subcommunications are displayed through body language, eye contact, timbre and tone of voice, etc.

What you subcommunciate when you talk to a girl is obviously of prime importance.

Subcommunications And Attraction

Being able to attract girls easily is not just about your fundamental physical appearance : the angle of your jaw, the structure of your face, the structure of your body.

It really boils down to what you subcommunicate. By this I mean the tells of your body language, your state, your voice timber, the way that you talk, and the way you REALLY feel about yourself.

Here’s the thing:

It’s almost impossible to hide how you really feel about yourself.

These subcommunications give a quick insight to women, even without talking to you, and allow them to form an initial impression of you that can be hard to change.

Improving Subcommunications Is The Key To Long Lasting Success With Women

The typical advice in numerous dating articles is to change your body language, to try and help you to get yourself into a more confident mood.

Or perhaps a meditation session to induce a more calming state.

Or even smashing a gym session, feeling pumped up – then approaching.

All of these can work to improve your subcommunications. Temporarily.

But here’s the thing:

They are not addressing the root cause of poor subcommunications. And therefore, you have to constantly be at your best in order to think about meeting women. It’s tiring!

How To Improve Your Subcommunications

Have a look at this picture. It’s taken from my 408 page MONSTER book Primal Seduction:

Notice the ship floating on top of the water. The top 33% or so of your state is temporary factors – like I just mentioned – going to the gym, meditating etc.

But underneath…the deep swell of your subcommunications (66% or more) is based on your self esteem, your sense of healthy entitlement to women.

Fundamentally it boils down to 4 things:

Do you like yourself?
Do you feel worthy of women?
Do you love women?
Do you want women (your sex drive)

It’s long been the aim on the pick up industry to brute force a deep identity level change, and therefore automatically improved subcommunications by mass exposure to women.

Doing lots of approaches, and gradually improving your results.

But look at the horrendous drop off rate. I’ve had conversations about this with colleagues in the industry and we’d estimate it’s about 95%

95 % of guys drop out…And go right back to where they started with women. Or even worse.

In most cases, this means getting nothing.

Subcommunications And The 11 Cornerstone Characteristics

If you want the ability to attract women on autopilot – the holy grail of “just being yourself” – you need to do two things:

1: Inculcate what I call the 11 cornerstone characteristics of a naturally attractive man.

Don’t worry – these are characteristics that you will have felt at some point in your lives when you feel masculine, powerful and GREAT about yourself.

You don’t need to become someone you don’t want to be. Every man feels good with these cornerstone characteristics.

2: BECOME that man with a deep identity level change.

Tinkering around the edges by temporary fixes, or trying to brute force it for years without this deep level change will not work for 95% of you.

It’s like trying to put a Ferrari bodywork around a crappy car. One with no engine and trolley wheels. It simply does not work.

To change right through to your core takes time, perseverence and the right guide of course.

Get The 11 Cornerstone Characteristics And Become That Man

Screenshot From Primal Seduction

I can only recommend by book Primal Seduction. It’s an inner game bible that takes you through the journey of deep identity level change.

There IS a process to this stuff which does not involve spam approaching and dropping out after a few weeks or months and feeling worse about yourself.