In this post I’ll break down the Steve Jabba method. Video for the guys who don’t like to read :

See The Secret Society for the full step by step breakdown

Or join me on a weekend BootCamp in London to learn it all in person!

The Steve Jabba Method is a simple, effective, easy to remember daygame model that anyone can apply to start meeting women in their day to day lives.

It attempts to do away with the typical problems associated with other daygame models, namely :

A lack of awareness on behalf of the daygamer

  • This leads to missing iois
  • not spotting viable women to approach
  • not reading signals from women, leading to perennial miscalibration
  • not knowing when to escalate, eject..and not knowing what to do next

Spam approaching

  • saying the same thing every time regardless of the girl you are talking to, her social – milieu, her race, likes, dislikes, her level of investment
  • approaching women with a very high chance of rejection, leading to constant failure, blackpilling, eventual capitulation
  • bad reactions from women, eye rolls, rejection
  • causing a general nuisance on the street, staling out an area, making it more difficult for other inexperienced daygamers

Lack Of Social Intelligence

  • not being aware of your own smv
  • not spotting patterns, not spotting who responds well to you, not being aware of your own ping range
  • not adapting and LEARNING from your interactions with women. E.G cultural norms, what her clothing says about her, reading body language

Low investment and fear-based approach – leading to no sexual tension, “hedging your bets” due to a fear of rejection.

When you approach like this – like a coward – women lose any respect or interest they might have had. You will NOT capitalise on any attraction they may have had, and you will be rejected, possibly with some disgust response from the vast majority of women. Women do not sleep with you because they feel sorry for you.

They want men who like THEM, specifically. Not weak men who do a half-hearted approach and don’t invest in the interaction because they are afraid of being blown out, so they can say “well I wasn’t trying anyway”..

This hedge your bets approach where you don’t “cross the line” will ironically GUARANTEE MORE rejection and humiliating failure.

In general, most daygaming systems seem to lead to spam approaching by rote, poor results, disgruntled females and unhappy men. The Steve Jabba Method attempts to correct that.

Here are the features of the Steve Jabba Method :

1: Build Your Awareness To learn to “read” women, learn empathy, spot signals and spot patterns.

You begin to learn awareness by :

    • A deep dive into IOIs (see the Secret Society). When you “switch on” in your day to day life and start to force and spot IOIs, you begin to see the Secret Society all around you. The world of subtle female flirting signs that happen all the time.

      • IOIs are a “portal into awareness”. They force you into the present moment and allow you to build a heightened sense of awareness.
      • Once you start to force and see IOIs, you’ll begin to notice which women respond well to you, glance at you, shoot iois at you.
      • You’ll start to spot PATTERNS –> culminating in learning your PING RANGE – aka girls that tend to respond well to you most of the time.
      • Moreover, as you become more attuned and aware, you’ll learn to READ signals from girls
      • Body language signals when you’re talking
      • common and uncommon iois
      • when they are uncomfortable
      • when they are turned on

This will allow you to subtly STEER your interactions with women towards a happy conclusion. A number that doesn’t flake. A kiss. A date..Or jumping into bed with you.

You’ll begin to learn social intelligence and awareness. Because of this, you’ll know when to eject..When NOT to approach..And the girls that are most likely to respond well to you.

Instead of spam approaching the girls that won’t respond well to you..You will pick out the girls that WILL. Leading to a much higher approach to success ratio.

Learn About Sexual Tension – making every approach count

Another common problem that most daygamers experience is a total lack of sexual tension.

They don’t escalate because they fear rejection. They hide their intent

They are basically expecting the girl to do the work. This is totally wrong.

The Steve Jabba method SEEKS sexual tension. INVITES it and CREATES it by its nature

Stand close
Prolonged eye contact
Crossing the line verbally – “I like you”. “Do you have a man”.

It’s designed to make it very, very clear to the girl what you are after. But it’s done in a socially calibrated way with full awareness of her feelings and READING HER SIGNALS to know when she will respond well to it.
Once you get really good at it, you can MAKE it the right time to escalate. This comes with greater proficiency.

It’s ironically a LOWER RISK STRATEGY because without sexual tension and crossing the line you are guaranteed to get NOTHING. If you DO cross the line – you have every chance of success, you amplify attraction and create a favourable impression.
When you do it smoothly as the Steve Jabba method teaches, you can gracefully eject if she is simply not interested – but she will NOT eye roll, NOT “REJECT” you in a condescending fashion…It’s all very smooth and low key when you do it with social intelligence.

In Set Technique

You’ll also learn about good in – set technique and verbal skill. There are 2 main ways this is taught simply but effectively

1: I show you how to develop a “framework” for the first 3 minutes

The first 3 minutes are the critical time. You don’t need more than 3 minutes using the Steve Jabba method.

I show you how to build a humorous and interesting framework for your conversation with the girl, focussing on the most likely conversational set pieces:

Where she is from
Where you are
Differences between your home town and where you are / where she comes from

How to “cold read” her humorously and with sexual innuendo
this is partially from building your awareness, but I also teach you how to build humourous cold reading skills in your day to day life

How to “SOI” – statement of intent effectively. This is CRITICAL for success and is sorely lacking in most daygame pickup

Using my framework, you’ll be able to confidently step through 3 minutes, get her laughing, build sexual tension, and walk off with her number and / or insta – date.

This is a very high level overview of the Steve Jabba Method.

See The Secret Society for the full step by step breakdown

Or join me on a weekend BootCamp in London to learn it all in person!