SpDate.Com Honest Review – This Site Is An Absolute Joke!

Steve Jabba

By Steve Jabba. Find out more about Steve Jabba here

spdate fake bot profiles
In this Spdate review, I’m going to take you through everything you need to know about Spdate.com so you can make an informed decision whether to bother with this dating site.

You can probably tell from the headline that I am not impressed with Spdate but you really must read on, because you will find this review highly amusing..And I will show you exactly why Spdate is such a joke of a “dating site”.

Let’s go!

How I reviewed Spdate.com

Whenever I try out a new dating site, I put in every effort to test it as thouroughly as possible. I spend weeks trying out the free and paid version of the site, and I send hundreds of messages to girls and try to set up a meet.

Be cautious when you read online “reviews”, because loads of sites don’t even bother to use the app to test it. On SteveJabba.com, I want to warn you of all the scam sites and apps out there so you don’t waste your money.

I know it can be incredibly tough to pick out the right dating app for you given that there are hundreds of apps and sites available.

When it comes to Spdate.com, here’s a quick snapshot comparison of how it compares to the hookup site where guys are having the most success using Adult Friend Finder (which you can sign up to for free here).

Demo Image
Demo Image
Adult Friend Finder
  • Best Hookup App of the year
  • 60 % women and 40 % guys
  • Over 70 million members
  • Low male competition
  • Loads of bots and fake profiles
  • Awful interface (esp on mobile)
  • Signs of a scam site

❓What I Learned During MySpdate.Com Review

I wrote this review with the average guy in mind who doesn’t have all the knowledge of a dating coach. Modern dating sites can be an absolute minefield, and are an excellent way to waste time, money and emotional energy if you choose the wrong site.

With that in mind, there are several criteria that any guy needs to know when he’s trying out a new dating site. I’ve compared Spdate.com to Adult Friend Finder so you can really appreciate the difference:

Demo Image
Demo Image
Overall Rating
4.5 / 5 (Excellent)
1 / 5 (Terrible)
Quality Of Women
4 / 5 (Generally hot)
1 / 5 (ALL fake profies)
Number Of Members
100,000 (who knows - mostly bots)
Female / Male Ratio
60 / 40 % (more women than men)
25 / 75 % (more men than women)
Chance Of Hookup
9 / 10
0 / 10
$ 45 Per Month
Free - all paid for by ads

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By the way if you’re looking for other scam dating sites reviews, check out my Fuckbook Review here – it’s also pretty funny!

😋My Recommendation

I was quite hopeful about my chances on Spdate.com when I first tried it out. After all, I have had a lot of success using married affair based sites like Ashley Madison, so I was hopeful that Spdate would be just as good.

But even from my very first touch point with the Spdate, things started to go wrong straight away.

I recorded my first few minutes on Spdate so you can check out the what happened straight away – and trust me, it aint pretty. Please, just watch the video below: I think you will find it amusing and instructive!

So straight away you see that you cannot do anything, or even wink / favourite a girl without 8 million ads popping up. But it gets worse!

🟥Spdate.Com Warning Signs!

Spdate Problem 1: A constant stream of ads

spdate fake profiles
Just check the videos above. You can see that within 5 minutes of using Spdate, I discovered :

  • 1. There doesn’t even appear to be an actual dating site (at least on desktop). It’s literally just 1 ad after another
  • 2. The site is poorly coded and throws up code errors
  • 3. Every single “girl” on this dating site is a bot. There are no real females on this site!

You can see the image above – it is clearly not a real girl. And look – another exhortation to click an ad right at the top.

Here’s another example of the fake bot profiles on Spdate:

spdate fake profiles 2

You cannot even read the “messages” – you’re just redirected to another dating site

As you saw in the video, I tested the site and the second you click on any of these “messages”, you’re immediately redirected to another spam dating site.

The same rules apply if you fancy replying to these “ladies” who, strangely enough, are all ready and waiting to chat with any new bloke who comes their way.


Fake profiles, every last one of them.

After signing up, a quick scan reveals a seemingly impressive array of profiles featuring attractive women. However, I’m telling you, every profile I looked at screamed ‘fake’.

Try a reverse image search and you’ll find plenty of these “women” all over the web. They’re nicking the female profile pictures!

Shoddy sites pull this trick all the time, conjuring up a slew of fabricated profiles in a feeble attempt to convince new lads that they’re chatting up real women.

They are advertising other sites

Now, any site worth its salt wouldn’t dream of giving their competitors a leg-up.

Seriously, if you strolled into McDonald’s and they were hell-bent on sending you off to the Burger King down the street, wouldn’t you start to question what’s going on?

That’s why it’s clear as day to me that Spdate.com is just one colossal ad campaign, and not a serious platform for meeting genuine women.

Do me a favour, and yourself a favour too: take a look at AFF or any other reputable site if you want to see some actual results.

Spdate Customer Satisfaction

spdate trustpilot review

I spent the time checking for reviews of Spdate. On Trustpilot the overall rating is 2.8 with a “poor rating”. I’ll give you a summary of the reviews:

  • Lots of mentions of a scam.
  • Questioning whether the girls pictures are even of the same person (further evidence of fake profiles)
  • If you talk to girls on their, their English is poor / stunted – which means the site is probably using 3rd worlders to ape Western girls.
  • The site seems to be using tactics to keep you using up message credits so you have to renew, meaning they are just trying to extract as much money from you as possible.
  • Complaints about the site functionality (as I showed you!)

So Can You Get A Hookup On Spdate.Com?

spdate fake bot profiles
So here’s the deal: hooking up on Spdate.com?

It’s about as likely as England winning the World Cup in football – and we all know how that usually turns out (hurts to say because I am English!)

First off, the so-called “female profiles”.

You’d have a better chance of meeting a genuine princess in a hoor house in Bogota than coming across a real woman on this site.

I’ve scrutinised a hefty load of these profiles, and I’m telling you, they scream ‘bogus’ louder than a vuvuzela at full blast.

These pictures have been cherry-picked off the web and glued onto profiles as bait – don’t fall for it!

Next up, the site’s crafty tactics to swindle you out of your hard-earned dosh.

It’s all a meticulously designed game of smoke and mirrors, aimed to hook you in, keep you dangling, and drain your wallet.

Trust me, the site isn’t concerned with your love life, it’s all about their bank balance. They’ll even hire various 3rd worlders from the farthest corners of the earth to reply to your messages – pulling your leg and emptying your pockets at the same time.

Then there’s the site’s functionality – or should I say, lack thereof.

With each click, you’ll be cursing more than a drunk sailor in a speakeasy in New Orleans.

You’d be so frustrated, you’d want to lob your phone against the nearest wall before you even get close to setting up a date.

And if those reasons aren’t enough, remember this – a reliable dating site wouldn’t need to resort to cheap tricks and shady practices.

It’s all about creating a genuine space for meeting people, not a money-making machine designed to fleece hopeful souls.

So, take it from me, lads, if you’re after a hookup, steer clear of Spdate.com.

I’ve said it before – Adult Friend Finder.Com is your best bet. At least you know the site is legit an packed full of hot girs all over the world.

Here’s a few more real profiles on Adult Friend Finder to feast your eyes on!

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Girl 1
Girl 2
Girl 3
Girl 4
Girl 5
Girl 6
Girl 7
Girl 8

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Safety and Privacy on Spdate.com

Talk about security on Spdate.com, and you’re facing a battle uphill. In my stint on the site, I found scant mention of safety measures in place to protect user information.

You’d want to be sure your personal and payment details aren’t hanging out in the open for hackers to nab, but this platform gives no such assurance.

Privacy? Forget about it! There’s no such thing as anonymous browsing or photo blurring tools on this site. Not exactly a fortress of safety and privacy, is it?

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Spdate.com seems to be hibernating. The Contact Us section feels as barren as the Sahara Desert. Need help or got a question? Good luck getting hold of a real human! With no live chat or hotline in sight, you’re pretty much on your own in this wild, wild west.

Pricing and Value for Money

As for the pricing, Spdate.com seems to be all too eager to reach for your wallet. At $55 per month, you’d expect a red-carpet dating experience, right? Instead, you get a shaky platform teetering on the brink of collapse, infested with bogus profiles and dodgy practices. Talk about daylight robbery!

Spdate.Com Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spdate?

Spdate is a fake dating website. The site appears to rely entirely on ads from adult dating traffic exchanges to make money, rather than member fees. This is why it is free to use.

Is Spdate Legit?

Spdate is not a legit dating site. The site is plastered with ads and uses fake AI bots extensively to simulate real user activity. The terms and conditions of Spdate admit they use bot accounts.

Is Spdate Real?

Yes, Spdate is real – but it’s a fake dating site. The site is powered by fake AI bots to simulate user activity and make money when you click the ads on the site.

Is Spdate A Scam?

Yes, Spdate is a scam site. The site is designed to get you to click ads, which makes money for Spdate and its owners. Although you won’t be charged, you will never meet a real human female on Spdate.