Sigma Males gravitate towards Solo Game, because it appeals to their natural personal characteristics of fierce independance and self determination. When you do Solo Game you don’t need a wingman, you don’t need to leverage social circles, you don’t even need to go to bars or nightclubs…And you don’t need to mix in groups if you don’t want to.

All you need is your own personal charisma, your willpower, and your knowledge of seduction.

So how does a Sigma typically meet women totally Solo? Let’s first explain the evolution of a Sigma, and what I now think is the best route for an aspiring Sigma Male to live, prosper and attract the kind of women he wants through Solo Game.

Phase 1 : Developping The Mindset

If you watch my other Sigma Male videos, you’ll know that becoming a Sigma is not an easy path, but in my view it’s becoming increasingly necessary as time progresses. This is because the very nature of work or employment and therefore society is changing.

For most of you listening to this, I can imagine that you’ve developped an interest in Sigma Males because you may have heard the term (possibly through my other videos), and thought it sounds slightly dangerous, out there, free and exciting.

What you may not have considered is that you may well be forced into developping Sigma qualities because of the looming crisis in financial insecurity and the difficulty in finding well paid employment.

For example:

It’s increasingly apparent to any informed man that the halcyon days of having a well paid job for life are rapidly dissappearing, and so is the opportunity of attracting a slim, attractive, attentive wife who will look after the children whilst you work your well paid blue collar job. That ship sailed with the Baby Boomers.

It’s been every man for himself ever since, and the trend is accelerating. You have to forge your own way nowadays, which is precisely the traits that a Sigma Male has in abundance.

The very attitude and mindset that you need to thrive in these ever toughening conditions is the same mindset that will steer you towards solo game. Namely:

A refusal to rely on others for your livelihood and happiness. In my case I can tell you I saw the writing on the wall long ago. The idea of having a pension in my later years is laughable. Even a solid private pension, never mind a state pension.

Recognising that employers do not have your best interests at heart. I always assumed my employer would dispose of my services in a heartbeat if I was no longer needed. The natural process of shedding jobs with increased efficiency and cost cutting is only going to accelerate with automation, (especially for low skilled workers and the young).

Most people are not suited to the new kinds of jobs that will be created in this new economy.

And a bunch of other factors. As a Sigma I can tell you that my best case scenario is relying on myself, creating my own work and income – and this attitude extends to how I go about meeting women.

Whatever your situation is, I can imagine that as more and more of you adjust to the new reality of ever tougher working conditions and harder to come by jobs, you’ll naturally begin to develop the mental toughness, self determination and get up and go attitude you need to prosper by creating your own career by entreprenurial activities.

Phase 2 : Taking It Further

So why stop there? Why not extend this lifestyle design to how you go about meeting women, so you can meet the hottest, most feminine women you can, well into your 40s , 50s and beyond? I bet every guy you speak to nowadays knows that life is better abroad, specifically because the women are simply superior by every important metric:

Body fat percentage
Degree of naturally feminine characteristics (nurturing, submissiveness, making the man feel good, etc)
Aversion to the worst excesses of feminism

Not only that, but the day to day existence is more pleasant in these “red pilled” countries too. Check out my related video on the differences between Poland and the West for a more thorough breakdown of why.

How You Can Evolve Into Solo Game

Starting solo game begins with mindset. Some of you will naturally gravitate towards Solo game, especially those of you who don’t enjoy nightclubs, and don’t have much of a social circle.

Some of you watching this video might have your interest piqued. For you, I’d recommend checking out my 30 day challenge videos, and beginning your own 30 day challenge. This basically boils down to : stopping masturbating, stopping porn, and approaching at least 1 woman per day.

Over time, if you’re like me, you’ll want to explore what is out there in other cities and countries. This is when the Sigma Lite missions come into play. So, if you’re in a small village or town, you’ll go to the nearest big city over a weekend, book accomodation and start approaching women there.

If you’re in a big city, you might book a week off, go to a European city like Prague and approach women for a week there. And so on.

This gives you the merest hint of what solo game can look like.

Now, when you do Solo Game, especially if it’s in the daytime, the vast majority are going to find out very quickly that it is not easy at all.

Beyond your first sugar rush of actually approaching women for the first time, you’ll begin to realise that there are huge improvements to be made to your approach, how you talk to and relate to the girls.

Some of you won’t represent a sexual threat – you’ll need to learn to present that to girls without freaking them out or getting arrested by the police.
Some of you will have crippling approach anxiety.
Some of you will be able to have conversations, but not know how to escalate.

And so on. This is where I would recommend my book Primal Seduction and video product Secret Society. Combined, they tell you all you need to know about the mindset and actual HOW TO of approaching women you’ve never met, charming them, seducing them and getting them into bed.

After you’ve learned the basics of this, you might happily continue for years. But, there are particular subdivisions of solo game, especially in the daytime.

You’ll probably start off by necessity having to do large numbers of approaches to get a result. In other words, you’ll have to make time during your day to do your approaches. This could last for several years. A large % of guys never get past this phase.

More recently, it’s become more popular to be more selective in who you approach, trying to pre select girls before making the approach, by carefully working on a pre approach routine and “reading” the girls likelihood of responding well to you before going up to her and opening your mouth.

I’ve actually talked about this for about 9 years now. I’ve developped a well laid out and executed method in my video product Secret Society on how to do this effectively.

Once you get this ability, it’s then possible to exectute “sniper game” – approaching girls as you go about in your day to day life, who you are very sure have a high probability of success. I did that for many years and it’s a nice, low stress way of doing things.

THe problem with that is , it’s easy to become lazy and fall into bad habits. Especially if you’ve been focussing on other areas of your life as I have been. This is where you may well come full circle and force yourself to go out and approach at least 1 woman per day again with a 30 day challenge (as I have done recently, whilst at the same time eradicating bad habits. For me this also includes decreasing alcohol consumption by about 70-80% and increasing gym time).

Approaching at leat 1 woman per day also helps you to keep the approaching muscles taut and preventing approach anxiety and weasling from creeping back into your game.

This is just an outline of how you might develop into Solo game as a Sigma Male. It’s good news for me that many more intelligent and forward thinking men will naturally gravitate towards developping Sigma qualities as the harsh times that are coming begin to exert more of an influence.

If you’ve watched this video and it’s piqued your interest in any way at all I’d recommend the following:

If you’re sceptical about whether there is even a looming financial and work crisis coming, do a little research on the effects of AI on job losses. Think hard about it – the usual argument is that every technological revolution has always resulted in MORE employment.

But does that apply this time? I personally don’t think so. It’s coming, and it’s going to decimate jobs that many people will find tough to replace in my view.

Start thinking about how you can deal with this. Start thinking for yourself (as per my other video on how to become a Sigma Male, this is the no 1 trait you need to cultivate).

If you’re not happy with your woman situation, check out my book Primal Seduction and video Product Secret Society. Combine that with your own 30 day challenge as I’ve described, and possibly Sigma Lite Missions and you’ll make rapid progress thta will last for years to come.

If you’re already an experienced ladies man, you might want to do what I am doing and eradicate laziness and bad habits that may have crept in over the years. If you’re in this position and you haven’t done solo game before, you are an ideal candidate who will take to it like a duck to water.

I certainly did, when I started 9 years ago and bedded a hot Iranian girl in Milton Keynes, UK, years ago from my first ever daytime approach. Again, check out my book Primal Seduction and video product Secret Society.

Overall do your research, think to yourself if what I am saying rings true to you and get to work. I wish you the best of luck.