I’ve been getting quite a few comments recently to the effect of :

“Im surprised for a guy so on point with the Sigma Mindset, that you actually believe in chasing girls”

“Sigma Males don’t need to approach bro. That’s not what Sigmas do”

“What’s all this BS about approaching women? No real Sigma male would bother doing that. If girls turn up, fine. Just live your life bro and do your own thing”

Etc etc. I’ve seen literally dozens of these kind of comments in the last week or two.

Now I’ve seen research that proves that online comments can have an influence on the reader. They can sway opinion (you can look this up yourself if you fee the need to confirm this for yourself).

With that in mind, I’m making this video to make what I hope are a number of useful points about the thrust of these comments, that are much closer to reality than the comments themselves.

So here we are.

First let me call out the obvious : the commenters are posturing and attempting to position themselves above me. Clearly, I’ve been wrong all these years! How stupid of me!

You see bro, you don’t need to make any efforts to get girls. You just have to be a Sigma mAle..Then….Something happens and girls just land in your bed…Repeatedly!

Good God! How could I be so foolish..But if you don’t mind me asking…Can you elaborate a bit on what happens in the “something happens” phase where girls just magically appear? So we can all learn?

How’s that work then mate?

There’s a particular kind of guy you’ll encounter when you make videos or write online that always pops up when your ideas start to get traction (like these videos in the Sigma Male Series). Briefly, they are characterised by :

(i) A belief they are smarter than they are – this is why you get the blatant posturing comments like I’ve listed above. I think they somehow believe that I don’t know exactly what they are up to, despite having worked online for years and seen it over and over again, on forums, on Youtube, on my websites etc. Coupled with the fact that, you know, I am not a dummy.

(ii) It’s quite apparent to me that this is due to wilful and deliberate reality denying. Recall my earlier videos on Sigma Males and you might remember that one of the top 3 traits of a Sigma Male is DEALING WITH REALITY.

So, anyone who denies reality is automatically on my shit list because this is anathema to me, and in my view always leads to bad outcomes and a sad, inadequate life. Despite this, they target videos / websites / forums like mine and attempt to poison the well.

(iii) It’s usually an attempt to spread their misery and discourage good, well meaning people who want to improve their lot with something that requires effort, willpower and hard work i.e. improving their success with women.

It’s also combined with an attempt to elevate themselves by pushing me down and positioning themselves above me and (hopefully) swaying other peoples opinions in the process. Low IQ trolling.

Anyone is free to make their own videos on Youtube and expound on their philosophy. I can tell you from experience if you make a video that doesn’t offer any value or capture the attention of other people, it’s not going to go anywhere. You’re going to have to do a LOT better than say “just be sigma and girls appear”.

But in the interests of completeness, I’ll offer the challenge to anyone watching this video : rather than leaving one of the posturing, intellectually void comments like the ones I’ve read out at the beginning of this video, why don’t you offer a counter argument and make a video about it? I’m waiting!

Enough of that, I think anyone with an IQ over 105 will understand that these comments are never about offering any value.

But what about the substance (such as it is) of the comment. To wit : Sigmas don’t need to approach or make any effort with girls. They just appear!

Is there any validity to this?

The answer is no. I love my little tumbleweed clip with sound effect, so once again..This is what will happen if you make zero effort to meet women.

I don’t care if you look like Brad Pitt on steroids. If you make no effort to meet girls, you will get nothing. Especailly if you actually live a Sigma lifestyle like I do – travelling aleone – NOTE ALONE – to a foreign city where you know literally no one.

Bear in mind, I’ve been living this lifestlyle for years, and I have developped a method over many years of meeting girls that is as efficient, sustainable, effective and low effort as possible. Without bragging, this method has served me well and I’ve proved it time and again and built a very strong reputation. I’ve posted numerous videos about this in this Sigma Male series as some of you watching may know, so go check them out.

I’ve also written a lengthy book about my method, mindset and belief systems, plus filmed a 5.5 hour video series. I’ve also trained hundreds of guys, live, in field over many years. I’ve never met anyone that can just do nothing and girls miraculously appear out of nowhere to fall in your lap.

The reality is this: High value women sleep with high value men. If you want to get quality of girls, you HAVE to make an effort, and you HAVE to have something very attractive and compelling on offer. It’s the same principle in any difficult endeavour a man tries his hand at conquering:

Men have to carve an existence from an unyielding and uncaring world. As difficult as it is to make Youutbe videos that people actually watch and resonate with, it’s equally if not more difficult to get hot women repeatedly.

Note I am telling you the truth and living in reality, as I always do. It would be easier for me to lie and bullshit you, telling you that if you just do this 1 thing, girls will appear in your bed. It’s so easy! You can be a fat lazy slob, make no effort at all , but with this 1 weird trick you’ll get girls panties to drop..Regardless of what they thought of you at first!

But that would be a lie, and life does not work that way.

I’ve encountered this kind of posturing and reality before many times, and so have other guys who operate in the same niche as I do. Some have even written about it.

What these guys are talking about is known as Underwear Gnome Game.

I hope you see the analogy, but if you don’t…..

Phase 1 : Be a Sigma Male
Phase 2: ???
Phase 3 : Girls land in bed.

2 final points. If you’re one of those reality denying guys who wants to tell me that I don’t understand and you get girls all the time by doing nothing, I obviously don’t believe you. So I challenge you, make a video on youtube and expand on it. Explain phase 2 to me and everyone else that will be very interested to learn how to get girls by doing nothing. We’re all waiting.

Final point : I shall not hold my breath and neither should you. If you’re one of the larger group of guys who are well intentioned and just want to improve your dating life, feel free to hang around and check out some of my other videos.

I’ve got a lot to tell you – and I explain phase 2.