In this post and video, I’m going to explain to you why so many people mistake Sigma Males for loners…Or think they are a Sigma themselves, but are infact probably a dreaded Omega (which is bad), or even worse, a Gamma (which is the worst of all!).

Fortunately for you guys there are things you can do to improve how you relate to other people (particularly women), and avoid the fate of so many who end up as social reject Gamma and Omega Males. Some of you might just be cut out to be a high functioning Sigma, (who is right at the top of the socio sexual hierarchy), and in this video I’ll give you more insights into the Sigma Male.

So let’s get to it:

The Lowdown On The Sigma Male

First of all, there is a lot of confusing information out there about Sigma Males. If you do a Google search or look on Youtube, you’ll find all sorts of conflicting information. So let’s first of all clear up what a Sigma actually is :

The contradictory information imparted on these youtube videos and blog posts goes a long way to explain why some people mistake a Sigma Male for a loner. The 2 key points to remember are this :

(i) Sigmas are typically introverted. This means they tend to shun groups, have no interest in lots of friends, feel no need to be the centre of attention.
(ii) Sigmas BY DEFINITION are highly attractive to women. This is the key point. Whilst a Sigma won’t enjoy going to lots of parties and using social status to attract women, they are the sort of guys who will spot a tasty woman on the street , approach her and get her number..And have the social skills to seduce her.

This goes some way to explaining why guys like to think of themselves as Sigmas but are infact probably Omegas or Gammas. Lots of men are introverted and don’t like being the centre of attention or being in groups..But not because it tires them out or they find it tiresome…But because they have had consistent bad experiences and are constantly rejected from groups and probably women.

This is why it’s key to remember that Sigmas have the ability to attract women at a high level. This is really the key determinent. If you cannot attract women (and I am not talking about the average sort of women that most men can attract if they put their mind to it – which immediately discounts most pick up artists) – I am talking about the top quality women. Generally speaking , a Sigma will be able to get women of 1-2 points higher SMV than themselves, with consistency, if they put their mind to it and actually approach.

If you cannot do this, you are by definition not a SIgma male. But, you could be.