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It’s time to pull together everything we’ve learned so far about Sigma Males and attempt to make a practical, useful case for how to transform ourselves into one.

The genesis of this post is the numerous comments I receive on the channel along the lines of “You cannot BECOME a Sigma Male”. I think there’s even a Youtube video with this exact title. Needless to say , I disagree. I’ve spent over 20 years becoming ever more Sigma, and trained several hundred guys how to develop Sigma traits, as well as having written a book and produced countless hours of video material on the subject.

Please note this isn’t a lame attempt at an argument from authority, but I’d have to be insane to waste my time if it wasn’t possible. So any more comments along those lines will be directed to this video (which is another compelling reason to make it, I suppose).

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I’m going to rely heavily and talk through my existing 2 products, Primal Seduction and Secret Society for this video.

That is , after all the entire point of both of them and they are also absolutely on topic. It would be almost impossible for me NOT to mention them, infact.

Just a quick note : I am anticipating comments along the lines of I am trying to sell my products. Yes, that is correct, I am. Both of them are entirely on point, I spent years developping them, they’ve been very well received, and, you know, I have to make a living. So, if mentioning them is offensive to you, kindly fuck off my channel and become a communist instead. Idiotic comments along these lines will earn you an instant ban from ever commenting on the channel again.

For the realists who also work for a living like I do, let’s crack on with it.

The Top 2 Sigma Male Traits

Let’s refresh our memories of the top 2 Sigma Male Traits. We’re going to be as precise as possible so there is no room for confusion:

1: Very attractive to women on the basis of his intrinsic worth – looks, personality. Nothing to do with status or money.
2: Outside the hierarchy and no interest in being part of it.

Let’s take each one in turn and argue how it is possible to become a Sigma by strengthening each of these characteristics. We’ll do it in order.

Sigma Males And Attraction To Women

This is the no1 characteristic of a Sigma. Based on some of the comments I’ve read, there seems to be some confusion about this, so we have to be clear on this right away.

A Sigma is the kind of guy who can consistently, easily attract women that the vast majority of guys cannot BASED SOLELY ON HIS OWN INTRINSIC WORTH. Now, I would never expect any of you to take my word for it that I am in this position. For those of you who are serious about improving your lives, you can always ask around about me, and / or watch my videos, and generally ask yourself if my advice sounds credible.

Do I appear to know what I am talking about? A good rule of thumb when someone makes a claim is to trust your gut : does this guy strike me as the kind of guy who gets hot women, without bullshit and without smoke and mirrors?

Unfortunately there is a long and sordid history of guys in my industry being outed for all sorts of false claims, fake videos and worse, but I will stay out of that. I’m happy for anyone to try to find dirt on me , because there isn’t any , and I’ve always been very honest.

Let’s return to the definition again : consistently, easily attract women. What does that mean? What does it look like, and more importantly for you guys, how the hell can it be learned?

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Let me reference my book Primal Seduction and video course Secret Society here. I believe success with women is based on a combination of factors, which can be conceptually dividied into mindset and beliefs, and tactics and techniques. Formally known as Inner And Outer Game.

In Primal Seduction a good part of the book is based on what I call the cornerstone characteristics of the naturally attractive man. Now, I wrote these based on years of observation, conversations and debate with other deep thinkers, and trying to figure out how one can become naturally charismatic and attractive to women. Naturally , since I wrote it, it is largely based on my experience – and thus is why these characteristics are NATURALLY and INEXTRICABLY tied in with gaining the mindset and beliefs of a Sigma Male.

From the introduction to Primal Seduction (this part was written by Nick Krauser – himself a well known Daygamer who also has a reputation for being brutally honest with high integrity:)

“We’ve been good friends a few years now, hanging out and traveling abroad together. I’ve watched him meet girls in cafes, the streets, bars, and nightclubs. I’ve seen it so much that the awe has long since worn off and now I can peek behind the curtain and see the method behind the outrageous results, my mind no longer reeling in disbelief at what I’m seeing.

And more than anything else I’ve realised this: Steve’s natural disposition is just like mine. Introverted and sigma. Steve is the absolute archetype of the successful sigma male. If you were to model your behaviour and mindsets on any one man, it would be Steve Jabba. So that is what this book is about. For the next 150,000 words we are going to take you deep into Steve’s head to figure out how he thinks and why it is so attractive to women. This is unlike any other Game book out there. This is Game for Sigma Males.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. More specifcally, let me read out the cornerstone characteristics to you, so you have a rough idea:

  • Loving Women (With Empathy) And Desire
  • A Strong Identity
  • Present
  • Being Assertive And Having Boundaries
  • Having Entitlement
  • Being Brutally Honest With Yourself And Others
  • Emotional Sensitivity
  • Sexual Energy
  • Dominance
  • Mastery Of Emotional State
  • Self Amusement
  • Harness Your Masculine Drive

Now I can tell you that each of these is powerful and very important. Let’s just talke a quick example : in writing my new product recently I have been talking a ton about vibe protection. Think of these mindset qualities as natural vibe protection. Why? Well how much of your vibe is destroyed by negative responses from girls and poor results – a lot, right?

To take just the first one – loving women with empathy and desire. It’s just a simpler, easier way to approach a woman with a much higher probability of success and less chance of nasty reactions.

You express what you want honestly, you’re sexual but if she’s not up for it there is no loss, no anger…You tell her straightforwardly what you are after and establish boundaries about what is acceptable and is not. All the while from a position of love and empathy. I tell you my experiences, so that if you perhaps have lingering traces of misogyny, I can help you to melt them away.

Just as a quick reminder – girls have a limited window of peak beauty and soft power. They are not like men, who can improve througout their lives through hard work and focussed effort. They have fears, worries and problems just as much as men (in my view much more so). In the book I tell you through story, action plans and exercises how to increase your love your empathy so that a girl doesn’t just see you as a grabbing, seedy sex pest or a guy who “only wants one thing”.

That’s just one example from the book. In Secret Society I combine all of the mindset and beliefs with practical, step by step guides on approaching women successfully without getting blown out, time and again. If you read around, you’ll notice that one of the key difficulties that guys face is keeping going when the going gets tough (which it does).

Not only do you have to contend with female nature, but also blowouts, rejection, flaking, and other vibe destroying factors. So Secret Society is broken down based on my years of experience in approaching and bedding women honestly, from a position of love, with nothing but the clothes I stand up in and my personal charisma.

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I still follow the edicts of that video product even now.

Let’s turn to the 2nd part of being a Sigma : outside of the hierarchy.

Sigma Outside The Hierarchy

Partially this means that you have financial independance. As per my previous video, you have to aim to remove yourself from as many power centeres as you possibly can.

This is of course a huge subject and beyond the scope of this channel. I have had several comments along the lines of : how do you just get up and go wherever you want? How do you support yourself?

I’ve done a short video on this, but in reality if you want to learn to make a living online, it takes hundreds if not thousands of hours of effort, an entrepreneurial mindset, and you have to have something of value to offer. There’s tons of other channels on this subject, so it’s kind of a waste of my time to give “tips”, because that won’t help.

If you’re the kind of guy who can do it, you’ll have to largely figure it out for yourself (this is one of the reasons that I stated “thinking for yourself” is one of the antecedents of developping Sigma Traits. By thinking for yourself, you can learn how to remove yourself from the hierarchy.

In the sense of dating, there are some obvious things you can do to remove yourself from the hierarchy immediately. First, don’t congregate where you are going to have to compete in real time with other men and give the girl a basis of comparision. In essence, play to your strengths too. For example, approaching women in the daytime or early evening rather than going to a nightclub or a bar.

In doing so you can play to your strengths of being perhaps more introverted, a better talker than being purely physical, and perhaps less physically imposing than other guys who hang out in nightclubs. In doing this, you are partially removing yourself from the hierarchy.

Now I am well aware of the obvious retort – that other men will still be hitting that girl up that you approached on the street in a club, or on Tinder, or at work. Obviously, there is not a damn thing you can do to stop this from happening. When we talk about a Sigma being outside of the hierarchy, it doesn’t mean that he has exclusive access to women and other men do not.

It’s more a case of he has his own thing going on, his own method of meeting women that works well for him, that means he doesn’t NEED to compete as most other men do. He doens’t need a “wingman” (by the way, even most well known daygamers need wingmen). I have never, ever relied on one. Infact , people are often shocked when I meet them that I immediately state – right, let’s split up then and go off to meet women. I hate the constraints of relying on others to meet women.

I hope you can see that in running your game in this way, you are as far as possible taking yourself outside of the hierarchy. Fundamentally, a Sigma does everything he can to prevent the hierarchy exerting influencing his life, wants no part of the hierarchy at all and just ignores the rules.

So there’s a brief high level overview. Let’s have no more comments stating you cannot become a Sigma – you most definitely CAN, within the limits and range of your intrinsic characteristics and talents. Bearing in mind I have stated publically several times that an average guy would be happy with a girl hotter than himself to settle down with, and that the absolute TRUE sigma life is not suitable for everyone, becoming at least a fascimilie of a Sigma is eminently achieveable.