Top 3 Attractive Sigma Male Traits

The Top 3 Sigma Male Traits Are: 1 – Fierce Indepenance. Sigma Males want to be master of their own destiny. 2 – Deal with reality head on. 3. Possibly reckless. A Sigma wants to live outside of the hierarchy. To do so is risky, so other people characterise them as reckless. Not that Sigmas care!

Sigma Males are right at the top of the sexual hierarchy, but characteristically attempt to remove themselves from the hierarchy as much as possible (insofar as this is possible in our hyper connected Western Civilisation).

Physical looks aside, Sigma males tend to have similar character traits that make them stand out from even the top alpha males, which make them intriguing and attractive to women. These traits are less obvious and harder to uncover than typical Alpha male traits, nevertheless they exert a powerful force on women who are in the presence of a true Sigma.

Let’s break them down here:

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(i) Fierce Independance

If there’s one overriding character trait of the Sigma, it’s a burning desire for independance. Fundamentally, Sigma Males want to be master of their own destiny and rely on no one for their happiness or livelihood.

Sigmas tend to have a strong mind and like to do things their own way, so they do not fit well within a corporate structure where by and large “teamworking” and “the good of the department” is the overriding driving force. A Sigma would rather be left alone to figure out his own way of doing things, and thus take the rewards for himself if they are forthcoming.

This character trait can cause unhappiness for all but the most hardened and tough Sigma Males, because it must be matched with accepting responsibility for failure , hard work and dealing with reality head on if the Sigma is to achieve the ultimate freedom that he craves.

A typical office worker usually doesn’t have to face the responsibilty of taking on the ultimate success or failure of a project. Usually this falls to the top alpha dog who runs the organisation or project, and though the responsibility ultimately rests on his shoulders, the component cogs in the wheel all contribute. Despite this, the responsibility for success or failure is diffused enough amongst the cogs that the typical worker can shrug his shoulders and not worry too much about whether the project succeeds. Whilst the great rewards won’t accrue to him, neither will the repurcussions of failure.

You’re unlikely to find a true Sigma Male in the position of the top alpha dog boss, or the dependable blue pill worker either. The reason is, a Sigma will not care enough about the project to be the alpha dog (because the benefits of success will not accrue to him), nor will he want to be the blue pill worker. Most real Sigmas would rather engineer a way out of the structure and take on their own project for themselves, but be willing to take on the ultimate responsibility for success and failure.

The key difference is of course that Sigmas like to accept only responsibility for themselves, and don’t have much interest in “training other people” up – so having underlings won’t work for them. Nor do they have any time for the attendant annoyance of dealing with swarms of other workers on a similar level when they are one of cogs in the machine.

Because of this Sigmas need to learn hard life lessons such as accepting responsibility, working hard, and use their intellect and ingenuity if they are to escape the grind of corporate work in the West. These are not easy life lessons for the vast majority of people regardless of how tough or gifted they are, which is why it is challenging for true Sigma Males to lead the ultimate free lifestyle that they want.

(ii) Dealing With Reality Head On

Because of a Sigmas constant drive for independance and self sufficiency, they have to learn quickly to deal with reality head on. Only by doing this can they address the root causes of unhappiness, stress and unfulfilment.

Let’s take an example of how this plays out. Let’s use the example of success with women.

Most men construct elaborate ego structures to hide from the truth about their attractiveness to women. This is why it is so terrifying for most men to approach a woman who they have never met – because they fear the negative feedback that will come their way if they try.

Rememeber that if you approach women rejection is inevitable – but you can use women as your mirror to work out where you are going wrong. A simple concept, is it not?

Except this is anathema for the vast majority of men. They would prefer to not even try, rather than face some uncomfortable (but empowering) truths about themselves.

For those that do, there are all sorts of mind tricks, ego defences and traps that the brave aspiring player can fall into in order to avoid having to face these difficult truths. It’s a common problem for guys who want to learn how to approach women in their day to day lives.

You’re more likely to see Gammas and Betas fall into these ego traps and defences than a true Sigma. The reason is, Sigmas learn the habit of dealing with reality head on and being brutally honest with themselves – they have to in order to work towards the freedom that they desire. They don’t have time for pretty lies and elaborate ego defences to hide from the truth.

The mindset of dealing with reality head on spills over into their everyday lives – so a Sigma who likes women and starts approaching will usually be safe from misleading and timewasting ego traps, and head unerringly towards the truth of what they need to work on in order to improve.

Incidentally, Sigmas who are used to dealing with reality head on and are some way into their journey of independance tend to be very plain speaking – even gruff. You’ll notice they may not hold back on what they say even if it will cause offence, because to a Sigma the truth is more important than harmony and pristine egos that haven’t been battered and bruised!

(iii) Possibly reckless

Sigmas are often characterised as being “reckless”. This is usually because they usually end up extricating themselves from the typical life map that most people end up following.

I grew up in the UK, in a generation where the “thing to do” for bright guys like me was to go to university, get a great job, buy a house with a large mortgage, then wife up and produce 2 offspring.

I began to notice flaws in this plan early on and I knew it wasn’t going to work for me. It would involve staying in one place, accepting my “lot”, working in a job which I didn’t want to do or competing in a fiercely competitive industry and moving aroudn the UK with contract work.

All of this against a backdrop of high taxes, insecure work and an overall lower quality of life,(at least by MY standards, despite what various online news outlets report about quality of life, where the UK is consistently featured in the top 7).

By my reckoning a higher quality of life involves:

Lower cost of living (including taxes)
Lots of feminine, slim women who like how I look and will be friendly to me when I approach them
Good quality housing at an affordable cost
Lots of shops where I can buy late night snacks, but also large supermarkets that stock good quality meat
Surrounded by people who share my culture and are by and large in agreement with my politics.

That wasn’t the UK that I left, and when I left the direction was drifting even further from my ideals.

Judging by most people’s standards, my decision was “reckless”, especially for financial reasons. It might well be so, but my view was (and is) that you only get one life and I would rather maximise my medium – long term happiness by living as I want NOW and for the forseeable future.

I also believed the “security” of full time jobs, pensions etc was an illusion. I’d rather take my chances, rely on myself , work hard and build my own security by relying on myself instead of a Government or pension fund provider that I am not at all convinced will even provide any income at all in 20-25 years time.

What some people deemed to be reckless, I thought of as critical thinking and self reliant.

The caveat to all of this is, if you are a Sigma male or have Sigma tendencies, you have to think about the future, work hard and plan ahead. I made the mistake of letting my finances and online business deteriorate , largely through intertia and a bit of laziness. I’d caution anyone listening about making the same mistake I did.

Either way, with hard work and intelligent effort your finances can be turned around. I think overall it’s still better to rely totally on yourself and prepare for the future, rather than blithely believe in some incandescant shining future where everything will magically “just be ok”.

It won’t!

Learning Sigma Male Traits.

Is it possible to acquire these character traits? Is it possible to change elements of your personality?

Most definitely. An englightened person tries to optimise their natural character traits as they go through life – it’s part of what allows us as men to “grow into our power” as we get older.

Let me take an example from my personal life. I once visited a CBT therapist for 3 sessions when I had a particularly bad period in my life. I found out some interesting strategies to “round out” my personality, that anyone can apply (if they have the will and knowledge to do so).

I took a personality test that attempted to break up personality drivers into dominant traits. The CBT therapist explained to me that most people have 1 or 2 personality traits that are out of whack – usually dominant , and thus can cause unhappiness and unfulfilment in life.

In my case, mine were a very strong sense of entitlement, and a fear of abandonment.

Because of this, I tend to exhibit traits that make it difficult to get on harmoniously with others, especially in the working world:

I assume that the rules do not apply to me.
I think that I deserve the best in life, and if this is not forthcoming then I feel pain.
I tend to broadcast rather than receive.
I find it difficult to empathise with other people and go straight for what I want.
I assume other people are goign to be unreliable, untrustworhty and leave me , so I leave them first or eject them from my life.
I find it very hard to trust anyone without lots of reference experiences.

Now, I am actually quite pleased that I was genetically bequethed with these dominant personality traits! Think about how useful they are for getting women!

Assuming you deserve the best – and I am not talking in a sulky teenage way here – I am talking RIGHT TO YOUR CORE believing you are worhty of the best and superior. Can you imagine how that helps with women?
Assuming the rules do not apply to me – a devil may care attitude. Might that not be attrative to women?

And so on. The point is that whilst I am happy I was given these characteristics, I had to smoooth them out somewhat because they were causing me pain an difficulty in my day to day life.

Armed with this knowledge I set to work, and 5 years later I’m a different man. The point is, it is possible to retain your core personality and the best parts of your natural character traits, but to tweak and OPTIMISE them for the most powerful effect. This is what I believe any intelligent man should do throughout his life.

Incidentally, since I met with this CBT therapist I also started working on my online businesses so I no longer have to deal with the annoyance of getting on with a boss etc in the working world. hehe. But I can say that I’ve never slipped back into the worst and darkest aspects of my natural personality traits.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that YOU can do it too. Anyone can – but you need to work hard at it and catch yourself when you slip into old patterns of behaviour.

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