If you’re like me and at a point in your life where you want to focus on your work and productivity, but still have an active interest in meeting women then this podcast might be for you.

Today I’m going to talk about a simple mindset and strategy to make meeting women for dates as streamlined and simple as possible. I’m not proposing this is the most “efficient” method – in the sense that you sleep with the maximum number of girls from each and every lead. TO do that, you might need to put in a bit more “work” – to be frank – and I have outlined a method to do this elsewhere on this very channel.

This is for guys who want to waste no time at all, no buggering about with long text and whatsapp exchanges, and get right to business.

Let’s get started.

When you meet a new girl, whether from daygame, nightgame, Tinder or online dating, you have 1 simple objective : to get her on a date as quickly as possible.

Particularly with Tinder and online dating, you haven’t actually met the girl before, so you certainly don’t want to waste time fannying around trying to “game” her for a meetup – largely because you have not seen her in the flesh – and chances are she is substantially less hot than she appears on her profile pictures.

Never make the mistake of pedestalising or creating an idealised version of a girl from online or Tinder – in 90% of cases she will be less hot in real life.

Tinder VS Reality

Equally, for girls you’ve met in the flesh (from daygame or nightgame), you do NOT want to get drawn into the trap of endless messaging backwards and forwards, “working” for your date.

The date is where the magic happens (or not), and where you will be able to progress towards taking her to bed. If you do this on a same day lay , you’re still actually progressing on the date, so let’s not get pedantic here.


The mindset for this method is simple. I have found over the years that girls can be at various stages in the cycle. They might be looking for a boyfriend, or recently split up, or whatever.

Depending on where they are in the cycle will largely determine how easy it will be to get them on a date. The other factor is how much of an impression you made when you met her, of course.

Let’s say a girl who is really interested in meeting someone is right at the end of the buying cycle. If you make a good impression, there is legitimately no reason why she shouldn’t make it pretty straightforward to at least get her on a date, WHERE THE REAL SEDUCTION HAPPENS.

There’s no risk in meeting you , right? Remember, real resistance comes when it comes down to nookie time for all the reasons we know about – not wanting to appear a slut, worried about what people will think etc. But there is no reason not to go on a DATE with you is there?

If she’s further away from the buying cycle, she might still meet you at *some point* but generally speaking she’s going to make it more difficult to meet up. Depending on her personality, she may stall for time, try to play games with you (e.g. always on the point of meeting , but never quite making it), etc etc.

You don’t want to ever waste time in getting a girl into a position where you can actually take things further i.e. P in V. YOu don’t want to get caught up in endless text exchanges that go nowhere. Now, you might hear other guys talking about how they “love the process” and the “feminine energy”

This is a load of bullshit! Any seasoned player will tell you, let’s be honest….YOu want it as easy as possible. You don’t want to have to work for it to “appreciate it more”. This is bollocks.

So – that’s the mindset. Get that girl on the date, as quickly as possible and don’t get drawn into long pointless exchanges or playing games.

Let’s take some concrete examples to see how this plays out in real life:

Tinder / Online

Let’s assume you have talked a little and got the basics out of the way. You want to get the number ASAP. I usually say something like

“What is your Whatsapp? Easier to arrange a date – I don’t sign into **APP* much.”

Send this literally after 1-3 messages max.

If she does anything other than give you her number, then if you really like the look of her, be prepared to send 1 or 2 more messages then repeat:

“Come on woman / young lady. Give me your number! I don’t want a Tinder buddy”

If after that she doesn’t give you the number, don’t send any further messages. Perhaps when you are bored you can mass blast tinder / online matches with some generic but funny guff. But don’t make a big effort of it.

The next phase is similar with online dating / tinder and daygame / nightgame. After you’ve got the number you want to spend no more than 1-3 messages getting her on a date.

Again, get right to the point. YOu can chuck in some humour here to salve it a little,, but it’s the MINDSET that’s important.

Some additional points about the mindset:

You’re coming from a position that you are busy, working on other things in your life – business, finances etc. You don’t have time to waste on prevaricating girls.

You’re polite, you love girls, but ultimately you can take it or leave it. If there’s going to be drama or difficulties in setting up a date or getting the number when the stakes are low, then forget it. Leave it.

Fundamentally, you DONT GIEVE A FUCK about her until it’s TIME TO GIVE A FUCK. i.e. when you can actually do something about it and take her to bed.

Again, some of you might object and say you’ll miss girls by doing this. Possibly. But you’ll also miss out on a lot of buggering about and wasting time.

When you are seeing multilpe girls it can be a full time job, and you don’t want to waste time in trying to arrange meetups where she is on the fence.

The point of all this is that there is literally no difference between the type or quality of girls you can get using this lower effort mindset and approach.

It’s not the case that you’ll automatically end up with lower quality girls because hotter girls require “more work”. This is complet guff.

Fundamentally I have found that a girl either likes you or she doesn’t, and her position on the buying cycle (to us the earlier analogy) is what it is. You can persuade, or intrigue but it’s kind of a fanny on.

If you suspect you’ve found the girl of your dreams, of course you can spend more time. But don’t think you have to play it safe or treat her any differently to another girl – this is often what guys do and it backfires. They end up wussing out with the girls they really like, or turn her off by being more needy etc.

When you take this kind of approach and mindset, you’ll be amazed how simple and straightforward dating can be. You might lose a certain % of girls who you could have “captured” with longer game, more effort etc – but I’ve found the difference isn’t all that great.

I’ve found at my current stage of life, this approach works for me and there are still PLENTY of genuinely hot , feminine girls who are open to me. I just have to spend less time getting to them so that I can focus on other things in my life.

Give it a try and see what you think.