Sigma Male Downsides

Steve Jabba

By Steve Jabba. Find out more about Steve Jabba here

Now, you might be forgiven for thinking there are no downsides to becoming a sigma male, as sigma is attractive to women lives. Life on his terms makes his own money outside of the hierarchy and often travels all over the world for years on end. But it’s an extremely tough way of life. Here are some of the downsides of the sigma way of life.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with what can happen when you’re on a downswing. Your mood suffers. Everything seems like how you don’t do the work that’s needed and you lose focus. This is one of the key downsides to being a sigma male. The lack of a work ethic, unless it’s a subject that really interests you because Sigma are characterized by their strong desire for independence, you naturally devote yourself to work that only interests you at that particular moment.

So how is this possible? Well, as a sigma, you naturally insulate yourself from anyone having power to dictate to you. So you can basically stick two fingers up at the working world and work only on what you’re interested in. Whilst this fierce desire for independence and whimsical nature is great for leading a self-determined life. It comes with the downside of a poor work ethic.

If you’re not excited or enthused about what you’re doing, especially if everything else in your life is not going well. If you’re listening to this and thinking, That sounds like me, there are some practical tips I’ve learned to manage this unhelpful part of your character as a Sigma male. The first is to just develop routines for your day to day life.

So go to the gym on set, days at set, times, work to a pattern and so on. Whilst it may not come naturally to you. This discipline helps you to overcome productivity. Born from a lack of inspiration. In essence, you’re borrowing some of the traits of a Delta male and bolting them on to your character. Because Sigma’s tend to have rather extreme personalities.

So to combat the downsides that come with the enormous upsides to being a sigma male, you have to think of yourself as a work in progress. Now, work on yourself never really stops. And it’s about rounding out your personality to become a better person. It’s not about navel gazing and worrying excessively about yourself. As an example from my early childhood of how a Sigma male acts in his natural character without any kind of development over the years.

So I remember one incident very clearly that was an Army recruitment drive, and they came to my sixth form. On the sixth form. It’s something the UK kids go through from 16 to 18 when they do their advanced A-levels and it prepares you for university. So they lined us all up in the sports hall and busted us all.

We have to follow orders are do ten star jumps, ten burpees, 20 press ups, climb up the rope, run around the hole and things like that. And it was exhausting. Some kids took with relish, eagerly following orders to prove their worth. Some were too physically weak and tried hard but lagged behind. And what did I do? I found the exercises easy because I was the fastest and the strongest there physically.

But I kept asking, What is the point of all this? Why are we doing this? It’s a waste of time. Now, I didn’t know then, but this is precisely the kind of guy they don’t want, or at least to be a grunt. Someone who cannot follow orders unless he first understands and actually agrees with them, which is another classic Sigma trait.

Now, think about how this translates to the working world. It’s tough for a natural sigma to fit in, especially with operational work. Operational is day to day work. If you work in a bank or on an IT helpdesk, for example, you might understand how horrific it is for Sigma who wants to think for himself and live outside of the hierarchy.

The key is you must take this drive for independence, the creativity of a sigma. But Marriott’s with hard work, discipline and can do attitude of a delta or a Bravo. It can be very tough to achieve because it’s totally outside of the character of most natural Sigma males. Now, if you’re presently in the situation yourself and you’re nodding your head in recognition of what I’m saying, another option is to go down the project route instead of trying to become an entrepreneur.

So instead of just keeping the systems ticking over, the thrust of project work is to improve them within a set timeframe and budget, or even actually to create entirely new systems. And this requires more thinking outside of the box, which tends to appeal more to Sigma males. Ultimately, you have to figure it out for yourself. Unfortunately, if you want to take it as far as I did and live a fully autonomous life where you rely on no one, that’s much tougher for the vast majority of your listening.

It’s probably best to build it up step by step. So start off with operational work, for example, then build up to project work and then go into the fully autonomous like my life. So this discussion so far should signpost you some significant problems with an underdeveloped sigma mindset, namely an almost pathological disinterest in tasks or work that doesn’t enthuse you and difficulty fitting in with people who you wouldn’t choose to associate with.

These two sigma traits make sigma very tough to work with. Contrast that with a Delta who turns up, asks What do you want me to do? Does the job competently. Usually ahead of time and does it with a smile on his face. Everyone loves a delta. Delta’s are the cogs in the machine upon which civilizations are built. Sigma is most definitely or not, at least by nature.

And if you’re interested in finding out more about the other archetypes, I’ll show you a related video at the end of this presentation. With the socio sexual hierarchy and all the various archetypes Alpha, Sigma, Delta, etc. So in conclusion, don’t think it’s all rainbows and unicorns for a sigma male. If you’re on this channel, you must be interested in the way of life of a sigma.

But it would be remiss of me not to caution you that it’s not the easiest way of life at all. But for those of you who are inclined this way, it might be that you really have no choice at all. I personally found so many elements of life inside the hierarchy completely intolerable. I was not willing to accept what I saw as a mediocre way of life, which was laid out for me.

Bear in mind that life as an Alpha is not much fun either. Imagine having to deal with the constant status, jockeying and conflict that an Alpha has to deal with, or by contrast to the acceptance of an average looking girl and the compromises that come with being a Delta male. So what about you? Does this presentation put you off from becoming a single male, or do you still want to pursue the sigma way of life?

What do you find intolerable about living inside the hierarchy? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll speak to you soon.