Beginnings Of A Sigma Male

Have you ever been at a party or a social gathering and felt uncomfortable, not knowing what to say?

When you see a hot girl you like the look of , you’d love to talk to her…Get to know her, take her on a date, but she’s always talking to someone else, and it’s tough to know how to approach her and start the conversation.

Or how about at your local gym, or the library. You see the same girl time and again, but it never seems quite the right time to talk to her…And if you do, it never progresses beyond polite chit chat.

Or what about when you go about your day to day life and you see a girl you like the look of, but you don’t know how to approach her, much less how to take it further if you do.

The average man sleeps with 6 women in his lifetime. Those are horrific numbers for the ambitious man who wants to experience all that women have to offer – not just begruding sex in exchange for resources or a sweet set up…But through passion, love, lust. The tragedy is that without these experiences, many men will go to their deathbeds with regrets that they could have, should have experienced the beauty of women more than they did.

Even worse, unfulfiled and unsatisfied men can never quite be happy with their lot in life or with the woman they are with. There is always a nagging, gnawing sense of lack, of insecurity that they haven’t fulfiled their potential, or lived the life they could have had. And now it might well be too late.

Is there a solution to any of this in 2019, in today’s highly competitive and increasingly fractured way of life?

The Sigma Way Of Life Is The Answer

The answer that will work for the majority of men is to become a Sigma male. A Sigma Male is characterised by two main traits:

1: Outside of the hierarchy
2: Very attractive to women.

Both of these can be learned and acquired through hard work, discipline, effort…And the right guide.

I’ve been a Sigma Male since I was 16 years old. I recall very clearly as I was growing up a sense of anger at the media portrayal in the UK of men as useless buffoons, that the poor females had to put up with.

At around the same time the ladette culture was taking hold. Women dressed like men, drank beer, swore and adopted every single masculine trait you can think of. It was considered forward thinking and trendy…And woe betide you if you spoke out about it.

I found this unacceptable, and my anger forced me to think of ways to separate myself from this, to find the kind of women I wanted to meet. I moved from city to city, eventually landing in London, where my affair with Eastern European women begain.

Eventually I figured out how to take myself out of the hierarchy almost completely, and it all began those years ago as a fed up 18 year old boy who wouldn’t accept his lot in life and his position on the socio sexual hierarchy.

Now when I meet women I do so on my terms. You see, I am like you. I don’t like parties, social gatherings or social events. I don’t have the opportunity to see the same girl again and again.

I don’t like having to rely a boss for my livelihood, to ask when I can take time off work…Instead, when I see a girl I know exactly how to approach her and stand a good chance of getting the result I want, without the soul crushing blowouts and rejections of the PUA’s you will have heard about. It’s about spotting the signs, knowing how and when to escalate…And preserving your dignity and mental health by not chasing a girl who is not interested.

And much more, of course.

Removing yourself from the hierarchy and taking control back of your life starts with mindset. Becoming powerfully attractive to women, so that you experience the best women have to offer because they want YOU for YOU..This likewise starts with your beliefs, from which your actions flow.

I’ve documented how to acquire these beliefs, and how to go out in the real world and get the results with women that you want in my book Primal Seduction, and my video series Secret Society. These are blueprints for an aspiring Sigma Male to live the life he wants, gain control of his own mind…And dramatically improve his results with women. Not only that, but become more powerfully internally referenced, to live life on his terms…Not being jerked around by others who have an agenda.

If this is interesting to you, check them out by clicking the link below…And start your journey to become a Sigma Male yourself today.

Check out Primal Seduction and Secret Society