Now some of you who listen to my podcasts may be forgiven for thinking that the concepts I talk about are only really relevant if you want to get the best possible women that you can, in the most hassle free way, without spending a ton of money…Without changing who you are, or acting like a dickhead. Well, what’s wrong with that?

But when I talk about concepts like learning to become a Sigma Male, and specifically by starting to remove yourself from the hierarchy, it’s starting to have even more repurcussions beyond just trying to get your hands on attractive young women. It’s starting to be relevant to whether you can get a bank…Or a job…Or participate in society at all.

Let me explain! There have been a rash of news stories recently about increasing government and corporate censorship and deplatforming. In just the last week :

Australia is preparing to debut its version of the Chinese regime’s high-tech system for monitoring and controlling its citizens. The launch, to take place in the northern city of Darwin, will include systems to monitor people’s activity via their cell phones. (pic of zerohedge)

Alexa has been spying on you this whole time! From the article : Many smart-speaker owners don’t realize it, but Amazon keeps a copy of everything Alexa records after it hears its name. Apple’s Siri, and until recently Google’s Assistant, by default also keep recordings to help train their artificial intelligences.

And Facebook demands that you hate targetted people, or they will ban you too. So if you want to share content by certain individuals that Facebook deem dangerous or undesirable, they require that you “express hatred toward them when you attempt to share their content” (to be fair the article doesn’t define precisely what this means. Via a button? Via free text? How can they tell you have “hated” them sufficiently?)

Now I am not a political commenter but it’s becoming obvious to me that when I removed myself from the hierarchy years ago, by making my own income, living where I want, meeting women without a wingman and without needing social groups or friends…I was actually prescient, I was preparing for the nightmare scenario that appears to be heading towards us at full speed.

So it’s worth looking at what it means to live as a Sigma Male and what it means to remove yourself from the hierarchy. Let’s get to it!