Sex In Denver: How To Get Laid Fast, Cheap And Easy!

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Ready to dive into the ultimate guide to sex in Denver?

In this Denver Sex Guide I’ll show you all about call girls in Denver, how to get laid in Denver with normal girls (FAST!), and how to hookup with Denver girls with minimal fuss and effort.

We’ll talk about how to hookup in Denver using online dating, in bars and nightclubs and in the daytime.

We’ll also talk about call girls/ prostitutes in Denver, and how to spot “semi-pro” call girls in Denver on hookup dating apps.

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ℹProstitution And Sex In Denver: Background Information

Denver Call Girls And The Sex Trade

Note: If you’re curious about more sex gudies, check out my sex in Las Vegas post – you’ll find tons of info there if you’re ever planning a trip to Sin City!
If you’re clued up about Denver and Aurora’s streets, then you must be aware of the fire and fury law enforcement has unleashed on Colfax’s prostitution scene, especially around the East Montclair neighborhood.

The police forces from both cities have rolled up their sleeves, putting up an all-out battle against this age-old profession.

Sting operations in disguise? You bet. Shuttering motels notorious for being in cahoots with the trade? Check.

Collaborating with local groups desperate to cleanse their neighborhoods? Oh, absolutely.

They’ve even dared to flash the faces of the johns in local papers. While the streets have their tales, let’s not forget the quiet whispers of massages parlors and spas. Yes, there’s a whole underbelly serving customers across the city.

The Street Trade

street walker denver colfax
Thanks to digital age allure, street-based prostitution has taken a backseat, with online ads becoming the new streets. And who’s walking the Denver streets, you ask? Both homegrown talent and international visitors.

Typical rates on the streets? Think along the lines of $20-$40 for a quick oral service. Want more? That’s going to cost you between $40 and $100, depending on the quality of service and your bargaining skills.

Denver’s Hotspots for Street Prostitutes

  • Colfax Ave: Despite the frequent police stings courtesy of Denver, Lakewood, and Aurora officers, this is where the action’s hottest. Both gents and ladies are up for grabs.
  • Capitol Hill District
  • Broadway Junction
  • Mississippi Avenue: Tread with caution.
  • Federal Boulevard: You might catch a deal or two here.
  • West Alameda Avenue
  • Blake Street: A mix of the usual and the unexpected.
  • S Abilene Street in Aurora: Yes, the neighboring Aurora isn’t left behind.

Problems With Call Girls And Escorts In Denver

You will face a number of issues if you go hunting for call girls in Denver and in most places in the United States:

1: It’s illegal!
2: The girls are often not hot AT ALL
3: They often have drug issues
4: Violence is never far away
5: A general air of desparation and seediness prevails.

If you’re looking for places where the sex trade is more out in the open and less risky, check out my guides to sex in Budapest, sex in Warsaw and sex in Prague.

❓How To Find “Semi Pro” Call Girls And Avoid Street Walkers In Denver

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There are plenty of “semi-pro” girls on Adult Friend Finder in Denver
An alternative to soliciting is to check the naughtiest hookup sites to find “semi-pros” – girls who WILL sleep with you if you are willing to splash the cash.

One of the best websites to find independent Denver call girls is Adult Friend Finder

There are tens of millions of members worldwide, and the site allows users to search by service, ethnicity, and location.

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How do you identify call girls on Adult Friend Finder? Simply ask! Generally speaking, if the girl’s photos are naughty and she has a sexy profile, she is open to some fun for money.

🕺🏼Nightlife For Singles In Denver

larimer lounge denver
You know, hitting the city’s nightlife can be a game-changer when you’re on the prowl.

Bars and clubs aren’t just about boozing or shaking a leg; they’re the modern man’s arena.

The music, the ambiance, the thrill of a first glance, and that edgy first conversation – they’re all parts of the dance. Denver’s nightlife, in particular, has that mystique about it.

The right venue can set you up perfectly for that serendipitous meeting. Here are the spots you’ve gotta check out (with their respective Google ratings!)

The 1UP – LoDo: (Rating 4.4) Ever tried breaking the ice over a retro arcade game? Here’s your playground! Nestled in Lower Downtown (LoDo), it’s the place for some nostalgia and casual chats.

Check out this lovely video to get a feel for what you can expect in this cool bar:

Larimer Lounge: (Rating 4.5) It’s vibing with energy, especially when the live bands are on. Great place to catch someone’s eye amidst the beats.

Williams & Graham: (Rating 4.6) Slide into this speakeasy in Highland. Dim lights, divine cocktails, and delightful conversations – it’s the old-world charm done right.

Vinyl:(Rating 3.3) This isn’t just a club; it’s an experience. Multi-genre, multi-level. And the rooftop? Views of Denver to die for.

The Church: (Rating 4.2) Yep, you read that right. An old church turned into a nightlife sanctuary. Multiple levels, diverse music, and a crowd that’s here for the time of their lives.

Blue Ice Lounge: (Rating 4.1) It’s where Broadway’s heart beats the loudest. Chic interiors, a dance floor that’s always kicking, and weekends? They’re a saga.

Bar Standard: (Rating 4.1) An elegant, yet edgy spot. This vintage hotel offers rooftop views and beats that’ll have you moving in no time.

La Rumba: (Rating 4.1) If Latin beats and salsa moves ignite your soul, this is where you need to be. The place hums with energy, and who knows, you might even get a few dance lessons!

Denver’s streets come alive at night. Dive in, take a chance, and ride the vibe.

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🌤Meet Girls In Denver In The Daytime

16th street mall denver
When nighttime prowling becomes a tad cliché, the daytime emerges as an uncharted territory, beckoning the urban huntsman.

There’s something refreshingly honest about the sunlit encounters – the lack of dimmed lights, loud music, or alcohol as your wingman. It’s you, her, and the radiant Denver sun, casting a golden hue on everything. Plus, let’s not forget, a casual chat over a coffee beats a shouty conversation in a club any day of the week.

Denver, with its vibrant streets, sprawling parks, and countless coffee joints, is a goldmine for those willing to step out and embrace the daylight.

1. 16th Street Mall:
A bustling pedestrian promenade packed with shops, restaurants, and street performers. The sheer footfall guarantees you’ll run into someone interesting. Plenty of cafes to duck into if you fancy a longer chat.

2. Cherry Creek Shopping District:
It’s upscale and has a blend of major chains and unique boutiques. The area is brimming with stylish coffee spots, making it prime territory for a relaxed meet-cute.

3. Larimer Square:
Historic, charming, and always buzzing. Larimer Square is the perfect backdrop for a chance encounter. It’s Denver’s oldest block and a hub for the city’s most fashionable and sociable crowd.

4. Red Rocks Amphitheatre:
Now, this isn’t your typical meet-a-girl spot, but hear me out. It’s iconic and often packed with fitness enthusiasts and music lovers, depending on the time and event. The surroundings? Mesmerizing. And, trust me, nothing beats bonding over an impromptu workout or shared music tastes.

5. Washington Park:
A serene getaway in the heart of Denver. Lakes, flower gardens, and plenty of walking trails. High footfall, especially on sunny days, and dotted with quaint cafes. Ideal for a laid-back chat.

6. Union Station:
A historic landmark transformed into a bustling hub of eateries, bars, and shops. The Terminal Bar or the Mercantile are excellent spots to grab a cuppa. And given the traffic this place sees daily, you’re bound to bump into someone interesting.

But how do you approach in the daytime?

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😎How To Get Sex In Denver With Attractive Girls – The FAST Lowdown!

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Ashley Madison – the number 1 choice to hookup in Denver with hot girls. Millions of girls looking for a hookup all over the world, no matter where you’re from.
2. Magnetic Messaging so you can follow up the intial meeting over text and get a date…Every time!
3. Adult Friend Finder for guys who want nonense fast sex with “semi-pros”, or girls who are DTF.
4. The Scrambler for those guys who want effective psychological tactics to hookup wth girls in bars and clubs.
5. The Secret Society video series by me (Steve Jabba), for those guys who like to meet women in the daytime!