Sex In Copenhagen: How To Get Laid Fast, Cheap And Easy!

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Eager to delve into the mystique of sex in Copenhagen?

Welcome to the definitive Copenhagen sex guide.

In this Copenhagen sex Guide, I’m going to shed light on the realities of call girls in this city, show you paths to quickly connect with local women, and lead you to sexyrendezvous with Copenhagen’s beauties without the hassle.

You’ll unveil secrets on hookups in Copenhagen – be it via digital avenues, its vibrant bars and clubs, or the allure of daytime.

Moreover, we’ll explore the nuances of call girls/prostitutes in Copenhagen, and how to identify those “semi-pro” women on specific online platforms.

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😊Sex And Prostitution In Copenhagen

Sex and The Scene in Copenhagen

Before 1999, if you wanted to be part of the sex trade in Copenhagen, it couldn’t be your primary bread and butter.

But come 17 March 1999, the rulebook on prostitution saw a revamp with tweaks to the penal code (Straffeloven). The truth is, Copenhagen had been turning a blind eye to hookers for a while, even before their status got “official.”

Here’s the deal: buying and selling sex is legal. However, running brothels or playing the pimp is off-limits.

The age barrier in Denmark is set at 15, but if you’re out to buy or sell sex, you’ve got to be 18 or over.

To keep a check on this, the Danish police run a special “morality” squad, the sædelighedspolitiet. And if you’re wondering about any upcoming changes to these prostitution laws, the ruling Venstre party has made it clear—they’re keeping things as they are.

Like many European hotspots, Copenhagen’s call girls and escorts now predominantly use the internet to hawk their services.

Digging into some numbers from the Danish National Centre for Social Research, as of 2011, Denmark boasts about 3,200 hookers. Of these, 600 ply their trade on the streets, with a sizable chunk coming from foreign shores.

Here’s an eyebrow-raiser: one in every six Danish guys has paid for sex. And with over 400 bordellos peppered across the nation, the sex industry rakes in a whopping 1.2 billion kroner annually, as put forth by Danmarks Statistik.

😍In the Market for Female Escorts?

Copenhagen’s brimming with escorts promoting their trade online.

But a quick word on the ethnicity: While many of these women are undoubtedly Danish, those labeled as “tan” or “brown” are mostly African, with a dash of Brazilians in the mix. Those labeled as “Italians” or South Europeans are in fact Eastern European. When you spot “Thai” or simply “Asian lady,” it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Costs? Your first hour with an escort will knock you back by 1000-2000 kr, with subsequent hours ranging from 500-1500 kr.

Ekstrabladet, a prominent daily, is your goldmine for ads from escorts, striptease performers, and massage professionals from all corners of Denmark. Pick up the phone and give them a call. Danish girls are fluent in English, and the foreign ones can hold their own.

The accuracy of online photos of these Copenhagen escorts is commendable, although they might not be the freshest. Some sites might be exclusively in Danish, but thank heavens for Google Translate. You’ll typically spot 4 regions: Copenhagen / Zealand / Jutland / Funen.

Tap on your choice and dive in. But a pro-tip: emails might gather dust. A phone call is your best shot. A lot of these platforms also flaunt a dedicated escort service section—it’s hard to miss.

Red Light District In Copenhagen

When thinking of red light districts, Amsterdam’s De Wallen or Hamburg’s Reeperbahn might come to mind. But Copenhagen, with its undeniable charm, holds its own secrets too.

Venture behind the Copenhagen Central Rail Station, and you’ll find the city’s pulsing heart of nighttime pleasures – Istedgade, Halmtorvet, and Skelbækgade streets. Early in 2009, it seemed like the sex trade was taking a backseat here.

However, by the middle of the year, things took a turn. The streets echoed with the allure of Eastern European and African call girls joining the fray. But don’t expect the window displays of hookers you’d see in Germany or the Netherlands.
 Red light district copenhagen
While the streets are alive with the promise of lust, they also have their darker sides with drug addicts lurking around. Strip joints and adult shops flank these streets, with hookers plying their trade and watchful big guys making sure everything’s under control.

Getting There: Most tourists, stepping off at Copenhagen Central Station (Hovedbanegården), head straight up the escalators, turn right to Ströget’s charm and the grandeur of Tivoli.

But for those in the know, there’s another path. Dive into the underground passage towards Vesterbro, and you’re stepping into a world where pleasure meets business. Vesterbo has seen reforms, but the spirit of nighttime pleasures persists, especially on the notorious Istengade street.

🤨Obstacles You’ll Face with Hookers and Call Girls in Amsterdam

Stepping into Amsterdam’s iconic Red Light District? Prepare to confront these challenges:

1: The waters are muddied – understanding the laws isn’t simple.
2: Not every window will display a knockout.
3: Drug issues? Sadly, more prevalent than you’d wish.
4: Beware, not every corner is your friend.
5: The heavy air of desperation is hard to ignore.

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❓Why Opt for “Freelance” Hookers (Semi-pros) in Amsterdam Over the Ones on the Streets?

girls in copenhagen
Bypass the streets, leap into the digital sphere. Online havens are teeming with “freelancers” – women up for an exciting night, especially if you flash a little cash.
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🌷Copenhagen’s Electric Singles Scene

nightlife copenhagen
Ah, Copenhagen! Europe’s Coastal Gem. When the sun sets, that’s when the spellbinding allure emerges. **You must dive into Copenhagen’s nightlife when you’re here.**
This isn’t just about the radiant city ambience and entrancing melodies; it’s the realm of memories you’ll treasure forever.

Hear the beats, feel the pulse, get swept up by that tantalizing initial interaction, and indulge in vibrant chatter beneath a canopy of stars – Copenhagen’s rhythm? You must feel it in your veins.

For nights you’ll recount again and again, here’s where you should set foot (all top-rated on Google):

VEGA: (Rating 4.6) An institution in itself, VEGA hosts both local and international acts, encapsulating an electric atmosphere.

Culture Box: (Rating 4.4) Dive into electronic beats at this club, renowned for its techno and house nights.

Jazzhus Montmartre: (Rating 4.5) For a change of pace, this historic jazz club offers a soulful retreat.

Chateau Motel: (Rating 4.1) Four floors of diverse vibes, from R&B to EDM. The energy here? Unmissable.

RUST: (Rating 4.4) A trifecta of live music, club nights, and a vibrant crowd. Pure magnetism.

ARCH: (Rating 4.5) This underground club promises electronic beats and a crowd that dances until the wee hours.

La Fontaine: (Rating 4.6) A jazz haven, where melodies and stories intertwine seamlessly.

In Copenhagen, every night promises a tale, a dance, a memory. Don’t be a mere observer; dive in, lose yourself, and let Copenhagen’s rhythms take the lead.

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🌤Meet Girls In Copenhagen During The Day

nyhaven copenhagen
Why limit romance to just nighttime? Copenhagen in daylight exudes an allure that’s hard to resist.
Without dim lights or pounding music, just you, the lady, and Copenhagen’s radiant sun setting the scene. Isn’t there something pure about chatting beside a tranquil canal than battling club decibels?

Beyond fairy-tale castles and Hygge vibes, Copenhagen’s bustling streets, charming parks, and snug cafes are playgrounds for those not waiting for dusk.

1. Nyhavn:
Not just for postcard-perfect shots. Side streets filled with eateries and unique boutiques serve as great spots for organic encounters.

2. Nørrebro:
A vibrant district, with colorful streets and eclectic cafes. Just the spot for intimate, genuine conversations.

3. Kongens Nytorv:
The city’s pulsating hub, teeming with energy. Mix of locals and tourists makes it a hotbed for serendipitous meetings.

4. Fælledparken:
Copenhagen’s green heart, ideal for a relaxed walk or spontaneous chats. The diverse crowd guarantees there’s always someone interesting around.

5. Torvehallerne:
A bustling marketplace showcasing Copenhagen’s gourmet scene. It’s not just about food; it’s a space for lively banter and casual talks.

6. Strøget:
Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping street. A blend of high-end brands and local shops, it’s a magnet for both shoppers and seekers of spontaneous conversations.

Ready for some daytime tactics?

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😎Your Guide to Getting Laid In Copenhagen!

Eager to dive into the vibrant dating scene of Copenhagen? Here’s your bespoke guide:
1. Ashley Madison – Top Pick: Beyond historic buildings and scenic canals, Copenhagen bubbles with budding romantic connections. Ashley Madison serves as your bridge to locals and fellow explorers, all on the lookout for a memorable encounter.

2. Magnetic Messaging: Bagged a number near the Little Mermaid? Now, keep the embers burning. Master flirty texting and ensure she eagerly awaits round two.

3. Adult Friend Finder: For those with a penchant for candor, this platform offers just the right mix. Populated with women who celebrate clarity and spontaneity, Copenhagen’s charm resonates here.

4. The Scrambler: Whether it’s vibing bistros in Nyhavn or chic locales in Vesterbro, elevate your game. Equip yourself with tantalizing strategies ensuring you remain unforgettable.

5. The Secret Society Video Series: Copenhagen’s magic isn’t limited to moonlit escapades. Its daytime aura, peppered with bustling streets and serene spaces, is a treasure trove. With this series, harness those sunlit moments, weaving tales that linger.

Copenhagen goes beyond its fables and legends. It’s a canvas of endless possibilities, romance, and moments that become tales worth recounting. Dive in, and perhaps your Copenhagen chronicle could become the stuff of legends! 😉