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Seeking Arrangement is the number 1 sugar daddy site in the world, with more than 40 million active members in over 130 countries.

If you’re looking to “try before you buy” look no further: we’ve gathered all the key info, links and permissions you need to get your free trial activated immediately.

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✅ Is Seeking Arrangements Free?

Before we carry on, if you’re keen to see how Seeking stacks up vs its competition, check out my detailed Whats Your Price VS Seeking Arrangement breakdown.

Seeking Arrangements offers a basic, free membership, which lets you create a profile, browse, and send a limited number of messages (for men). Women can get a full Seeking account with all the features in some circumstances (such as being a student etc).

For men, to truly enjoy the platform and its perks, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium membership.

With a paid subscription, you’ll have the freedom to send unlimited messages, get priority placement in search results, and access advanced search filters. So, while the basic version is free, to unlock its full potential, you need to upgrade your account on Seeking.

✅ What Do You Get With The Seeking.Com Free Trial?

Here are all the features that you get with your free Seeeking Arrangement trial account:

  • ✅ Create your free profile

Write your profile headline, upload your photos and write a profile description. You’ll need this to create an intriguing persona for the attractive sugar babies.

  • ✅ Check Sugar Babies in your area or worldwide

You wouldn’t buy a car without seeing that it has all the parts, would you? Similarly, you can make sure that there are enough sugar babies that you find attractive in your catchment area before you commit to a paid account

  • ✅ Get the lowdown on sugar babies you find interesting

You can read all the details of the sugar babies you find interesting and even favourite them to indicate your interest. (If they favourite you back then it’s ON)

  • ✅ Request access to sugar baby private photos

This is another tactic you can use to pique a sugar babies interest. If you request access to her photos, it’s a signal to her that you’re interested..And once again, if she grants you access, it’s a green light for you.

  • ✅ Test how attractive your profile is

Here’s the best way to do it: upload photos, write a profile headline and description and view lots of female profiles. If they start viewing your back, you know your profile is a winner!

What The Free Trial Does NOT Include

  • ❌ You cannot send messages to sugar babies during your free trial phase. To do that, you will need to upgrade your account.

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What Is The Seeking Arrangement Free Trial?

The Seeking free trial is offered for your benefit. The team at Seeking Arrangement knows the value of their community boils down to the quality of the singles on the site, so they have to allow prospective customers (sugar daddies) a sneak peek before they spend any money.

By taking advantage and signing up using our free link you’ll be able to test out your profile and see if you can successfully meet an attractive sugar baby in your area.

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date deals on Seeking.Com membership, take advantage of our Seeking promo code page – you’ll always get the best offers on Seeking Arrangement there.

You can write your profile description, headline and upload some killer photos and see how the members on the site react. Better yet, you can see every single female member’s profile, read up about them, favourite them..And see if they favourite you back – in effect, building up leads before you even upgrade.

How attractive are Seeking Arrangement female members? See for yourself. Here’s a screenshot taken inside the Seeking Arrangement dashboard showing members in London, United Kingdom. (Photos are slightly blurred for privacy reasons). Of course, when you create a free trial account you can see all photos crisp and clear without blurring.

sugar babies london

Seeking Arrangement Sugar Babies In London, UK

How long does the free trial last for? As an established (male) member of Seeking Arrangement, your free trial account will last in perpetuity – or at least until you decide to upgrade. Once your premium membership is over, you will revert back to a trial account until you pay to upgrade again.

👍 More Info On The Seeking Free Trial

Seeking Arrangement is probably the best way for an average man to meet attractive women and you don’t need to pay for an arrangement if you do it right. Check out my Seeking Arrangement Review to find out more:

You can also get more details on the Seeking Arrangement free trial in my video below:

Why Sign Up To Seeking Arrangement?

Here are some reasons why you should strongly consider signing up to the Seeking Free Trial. There are a number of key advantages to Seeking over other dating websites:

[ninja_tables id=”8012″]

1: The girls don’t just judge you solely on looks.

We’re all human and we like what we like, but I’ve found that Seeking is one of the few dating sites where a man’s intelligence, hard work and character pays off more than just his looks. Contrast that with Tinder (for example), where your success on the app is entirely dependent on how you look in photos.

2. Judge 80% of men as “below average”

This data is based on a famous study by OK Cupid that discovered women rated 80% of men as “below average”. On Seeking the women don’t just take one look at your photos and immediately screen you out.

3. Progressive attitude. Less feminine

This is entirely subjective and difficult to prove – but every guy who I’ve spoken to either in real life or online reports that most modern dating apps are left-leaning, whilst on Seeking traditional values still reign. If you’re a guy who wants a woman to be a woman and a man to be a man, Seeking is the place for you.

4. Average rating 6 or below. Often overweight.

This isn’t really open to debate. Sign up for the free trial and you will soon see that the average girl on Seeking is at least 2 points hotter than most dating sites. It makes your dating experience that much easier and more pleasurable when you search for girls and don’t see a long list of overweight crisp eating fatties returned as your search results. Who wants to date girls like that?

5 times more women than men. YOU are the prize. Seeking is the one dating site I’ve found where YOU are the prize for once. No more having to suck up to girls or pretend that they are higher value than they are.

No more having to excuse a girl’s bad behaviour because she is at least semi-slim and doesn’t resemble a beached whale gasping for air on a South Australian beach. Finally, you can expect to meet an attractive girl!

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fat girls newcastle

No more girls like this

Upgrade From The Seeking Free Trial

Once you have signed up for a free Seeking Arrangement trial period, you can upgrade your account at any time. There are numerous benefits to moving from a free trial account to a Premium upgraded account.

Note: If you want a full breakdown of all the costs, check out my post on the Seeking Arrangement Cost for a breakdown of the costs for men.

For a quick breakdown check out the table below:

[ninja_tables id=”5928″]

Here are the features you will unlock when you upgrade your Free Trial Account:

Unlock messaging between members: Only premium sugar daddies can message sugar babies on the site.

Jump to the top of the search results: Get noticed by hot local sugar babies when you upgrade your trial account.

Sugar Babies take you more seriously: Seeking Arrangement look to match up ambitious men with beautiful women. The women won’t take you seriously if you won’t pay the account fees, so you really do need to upgrade your account to a Premium membership if you want to get the best out of the site.

The free trial is intended to open your eyes to the world of sugar dating for men, but it cannot be a replacement for a Premium membership. It is however the best way to see for yourself just how many attractive women you can date when you finally upgrade to a full account.

Even if you don’t upgrade for 12 months or longer, the free trial offer is never withdrawn, so you can become a premium member at a time that is right for you.

7️⃣ Seeking Arrangement 7 Day Trial

Seeking Arrangement offer a 7 day trial where you can test all the features of the website. It’s definitely worth a go because during this 7 day period you can work out if the site matches your needs.

Infact many men have reported that they managed to meet an attractive sugar baby during the 7 day trial period and never needed to upgrade their account!

⚖️ Is The Seeking Free Trial Worth It?

If you’re thinking about signing up for the Seeking Free Trial you might be wondering if it’s worth it as a sugar daddy. The answer is YES!

You can use the free trial to set up potential dates with attractive sugar babies in your local area, so that when you do upgrade you can move straight on to exchanging contact details.

If you’re smart about how you use the free trial period, you can guarantee that you will get your money’s worth. Keep reading to find out how.

🆓 Can you get a Seeking Arrangement Free Upgrade?

I searched online and to date, there is no record of a Seeking Arrangement free upgrade. Infact, over the years the price of the Seeking Arrangement upgrade has gone up, indicating that the business is healthy and doing well.

Seeking Arrangement does however offer coupon codes and discounts from time to time. Get the full lowdown on the Seeking Arrangements Coupon Code here.

The best option remains to set yourself up on the free trial account and wait for a discount.

Here’s what the discounts look like in your Seeking Arrangement dashboard.

where the seeking arrangement premium discount appears

How To Set Up Your Seeking Arrangement Free Trial – For MEN

Seeking Arrangement has recently changed the registration form for a free trial, which can make it a little confusing for first-time users. It’s still a simple 2-minute process, but you have to select the correct fields – otherwise, you will be registered as a man looking to be a sugar baby.

Here is how to set up the form correctly. You have to do it this exact way or your profile won’t have all the features that you want.


Man or woman: Select Man (obviously)

Attractive Or Established: Select Established. (This is the new field). This means that you will be set up as a sugar daddy so you will have access to all the attractive sugar babies on the site

Interested in: Select Woman (if you want to meet an attractive sugar baby)

The next stage of the form asks if you want a woman with “looks and charm” or “success and wealth”. Select “looks and charm” to make sure you can see all the attractive sugar babies.

And that’s it!

👨 How To Use The Seeking Free Trial (For Men)

Let’s make sure you get the best out of your Seeking Arrangement experience. Follow this simple procedure after you create your free trial account. You can line up dozens of attractive sugar babies until you’re ready to upgrade to a premium membership and start chatting.

1. Upload photos, profile headline and description.2. Check sugar babies in your local area (actually open their profile). When you do this, the sugar baby gets a notification and often she will check your profile back. If you like her, favourite her profile.

3. By doing step 2, you start to get massive exposure to your profile and you line up strong potential leads before you upgrade – so you KNOW you won’t waste money. If the girl favourites you back, you know she is at least somewhat interested in you.

4. Gather as many strong leads as you can..Or if there’s 1 particular lead then it’s time to upgrade.

Do it this way and you will almost guarantee you get dates BEFORE you commit to spending any money. Here’s how your profile looks when you use this simple seeking arrangement profile trick.



Do you need to pay for seeking?

Men need to pay to use a Premium membership but women get their account for free. However, men still have a lot of features when they use the free trial.

Can you get Seeking Arrangement free premium membership?

You cannot get Seeking Arrangement free premium membership. You have to upgrade your account by purchasing a membership after setting up your free trial account.

Seeking Arrangement Messages

Here are some frequently asked questions about Seeking Arrangement messages.

Can you message on Seeking Arrangement without paying?

No you cannot if you are a man. You have to use a premium membership to message other members.

How to use seeking arrangement for free?

You can use a free trial account with many useful features enabled, but to send messages with other members you need to purchase a premium account.

Is there a Seeking Arrangement premium hack?
No, there is no hack to get a free Seeking Arrangement premium subscription.

Can you read Seeking Arrangement messages for free?
You can if you’re a sugar baby. If you’re a sugar daddy looking to date sugar babies, you cannot read messages for free.

Is Seeking arrangements premium worth it?

Seeking Arrangements premium is worth it if you’re a sugar daddy looking to date attractive sugar babies in your area. It is actually a cost-effective way to meet women.

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