Seeking.Com Review: Is This The No 1 Sugar Site In 2023?

Steve Jabba

By Steve Jabba. Find out more about Steve Jabba here

In this Seeking.Com review, we’re going to dive deep into all the features and benefits of this sugar daddy site to answer the question: Is still the best in its sugar dating site??

Most importantly: can an average man actually meet an attractive sugar baby on this site WITHOUT paying a fortune?

❓Executive Summary At A Glance – Is Seeking.Com Worth It?

Before we get on with the main detail-packed Seeking Arrangement review, let me give you the lowdown on Seeking Arrangement right at the beginning.

You probably just want to know: will the seeking arrangement website give you what you want from a sugar daddy site?

Based on my own experience of using the site for many years, the answer is a resounding YES!

Here’s what you need to know right away:

Steve Jabba Pro Tip – Seeking Arrangement Summarised

There are over 40 million members on the site – and 30 million of them are women.

For you guys, that means you get at least 4 women for every man (in some states it’s 6-1!) No other dating site boasts such a favourable female-male ratio.

But what does this mean?

It means that the women have to compete for YOUR attention, unlike other dating apps like Tinder, POF and so on. For once, YOU are the prize.

The biggest frustration men have when they try online dating is that it’s so insanely competitive…And the women are super picky.

The reason for this is that women have an over-abundance of choice on virtually all dating platforms, and there are queues of men lining up to date even the most average looking women.

On Seeking Arrangement, this isn’t a problem because of the female/male ratio…And the fact that the women need to compete amongst themselves.

It’s a totally different dynamic and it means an average man has a much higher chance of dating a super hot girl with relative ease.

Check out this sample of girls on Seeking.Com (these are real female profiles).

Sugar Babies Online Now In Your City!

Girl 1
Girl 2
Girl 3
Girl 4
Girl 5
Girl 6
Girl 7
Girl 8

Try Seeking Free Now

The site has modern, robust verification and safety procedures, so you can always be sure you’re talking to a real human, and you will not find any unsavoury escort profiles on Seeking.Com. These profiles are deliberately removed from the site if they ever appear.

Note: If you want to know how Seeking ranks amongst its competition, don’t miss my Whats Your Price VS Seeking Arrangement review.
If you want a good laugh check out my Spdate review – it’s retty funny and shows just how scammy some “dating sites” can be.

Biggest Pro Of Seeking Arrangement

It has to be the sheer number of attractive women. With over 30 million sugar babies – and most of them are very hot indeed – you simply cannot fail to find a girl to take out on a date. Best of all, you can create a free trial profile to see the quality of girls in your local area.

Biggest Con Of Seeking Arrangement

You have to learn to weed out gold-diggers. Although there are plenty of women on Seeking Arrangement who just want to meet a guy for a normal relationship, a certain proportion are looking for money and nothing more. It is quite straightforward to sport these girls, however.

The best way to discover if it will work for you is to create a free trial account and see for yourself.

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🛑Seeking High Level Review Summary

Overall Score: 9.5/10


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Seeking Arrangement

Millions of attractive sugar babiesSome sugar babies want only money
Escort and dodgy profiles are removedCost of membership (this weeds out competiton)
Free trial to check women in your area
Women contact YOU first
Can date 2-3 women per week
Discrete payment options

seeking arrangement logo

Seeking Arrangement Basic Details

Site Identity: Seeking Arrangement, Seeking.Com, Seeking Arrangements, Seeking Arrangement.Com

Membership Options (for men): Free Trial, paid to upgrade

Ease Of Sign Up: 1 minute

Paid Membership Cost: $99 Monthly (cancel anytime)

What Is Seeking Arrangements?

Seeking arrangement is a sugar daddy set founded in 2006 by Brandon Wade. Since its original version in 2006, Seeking.Com has moved away from a pure sugar daddy/sugar baby website and is now more geared towards “dating up”. Since 2018 or so, sugar dating has become far more mainstream and accepted, so Seeking Arrangement was rebranded to become to drive this mass acceptance in mainstream society.

Since then the site has gone from strength to strength, and now services the gap in the market of sugar babies seeking genuine, normal relationships with ambitious guys. This shift from a pure sugar daddy site to a more mainstream dating site for ambitious and attractive members probably explains why so many female members are happy to meet guys off the site without any hint of an “arrangement”.

😍My personal experience with Seeking.Com

Does Seeking Arrangement Actually Work?

Yes, it does. Seeking arrangement has provided a platform for millions of men and women to meet, date and start loving relationships. Since the site is no longer a pure sugar dating site, some lucky members have even got married after meeting on the site – including the CEO Brandon Wade (how’s that for proof of a change in direction of the site!)

brandon wade seeking arrangement marriage

The CEO of Seeking Arrangement met his wife from the site

It’s not just the rich like Brandon Wade who find love on the site either. There are numerous well-publicised stories of couples meeting and getting married after meeting on the Seeking Arrangement site. Here’s a quote from one such story:

“In addition to money, their relationship is built on a foundation of a mutual desire for affection, friendship, and intimate connection. All normal things—including, to a degree, the money, when you think about what dating usually entails. Maybe sugaring is just setting clearer terms? In any case, if it can lead to happily ever after for Dan and Sarah, maybe it can for others too.”

From Baby to Bride. Can “sugar” relationships be a path to real love?


I have personally met and dated scores of women on this site. Here’s a picture of me with a girl I met on Seeking Arrangement. We spent a great time having fun in the South Coast of Spain for a week-long romantic holiday.

me with girl i met on sugar daddy site

Does Seeking Arrangement Have An App?

seeking arrangement app

The Seeking Arrangement app is currently live on the Google Play store. It has a rating of 4 stars from 37257 reviews.
The app ties directly into your Seeking Arrangement app and allow you to easily find a sugar daddy or sugar baby near you.

The app has a number of key features:

  • You can find exactly who you want with advanced search filters (based on age, height, hobbies, what they are looking for)
  • Send messages and add favourites while you’re on the go. Perfect for busy sugar babies and sugar daddies!
  • Upgrade to a premium account directly from within the app. No need to navigate a complex website!

You can find the Seeking Arrangement app in the Google App store here:

📈Is Seeking Arrangement Legit? Data Driven Testing

Probably the most important factor you need to know if you’re considering signing up to Seeking Arrangement is whether they are a reputable company.  More specifically, are there members real people? Is the purported site traffic real or bots?  Do they use shady tactics to try and entice sugar daddies to pay for an account upgrade?  Has their growth come about organically or is it manipulated?

Let’s try and answer those questions now.

Seeking Arrangement Test 1: Member numbers And Website statistics

Let’s revisit the Seeking Arrangement Community Statistics:

40+ Million Members Worldwide  130+ Countries Where Members Use Seeking 1+ Million Messages Sent Daily (on average0 40,000+ Photos Uploaded Daily (on average)


Is this true? Let’s start with traffic numbers as reported on Similar Web.  (Similar Web is a 3rd party Data Analytics company that uses a variety of hard to fake methods to evaluate key website statistics.  If you want to find out if a website is legit, one of the ways you can do so is by using trustworthy 3rd party data sources.

The data on Seeking Arrangement is encouraging and supports their claims of high membership numbers and an active community:

seeking arrangement website statistics

Please pay attention to the domain “” in the top left, showing the domain we’re evaluating.

Then pay attention to the website statistics.

Total visits: 9.4 M (as high as 12.5M) – these figures fluctuate seasonally.

Bounce Rate: This is a very low bounce rate, indicating that real human beings are going onto and not “bouncing” – i.e. they are moving onto other pages on the site.  In other words, they are logging in, checking messages and so on.

Bear in mind bot traffic typically doesn’t do this – it’s one of the telltale signs of bad traffic. Bot traffic bounces instantly.  

Pages per visit and average session duration:  These stats together with the low bounce rate paint a convincing picture of a website with real legitimate human visitors who come to the domain and stick around for a very long time.  14.49 pages per visit and 11.54 average session duration are impressive website statistics.

Let’s cap off our initial website statistics test with a comparison.  Here are the website statistics of Seeking Arrangement VS Eharmony:

seeking arrangement website vs eharmony

As you can see Seeking Arrangement (left) beats Eharmony in every important metric.  Now Eharmony is a trusted brand, so since Seeking Arrangement has superior website statistics which are hard to fake, it’s a good sign that Seeking is trustworthy too.

Overall verdict so far: Seeking is a trustworthy site and does NOT use bot traffic to manipulate their website statistics.

Test 2: Does Seeking Use Fake Female Profiles And Activity?

One of the primary ways scam dating websites encourage male members to sign up is to generate lots of fake interest in the male member profiles.  They do this by visiting your profile, favouriting it and even sending you messages.  The idea is that by faking an interest in you by attractive fake female profiles, you will be encouraged to upgrade your account (in order to contact the fake female profiles)

Luckily you can test their website to see if they use these kinds of shady tactics.

Test 1: I created a Seeking Arrangement profile with no photos and virtually no written description and left it for 1 week.  The profile received no attention: no favourites, no messages and no visits – as you would expect.

Verdict: It is therefore highly unlikely that Seeking Arrangement are using bots or women from the poorer parts of the world to simulate activity from hot sugar babies.

Test 2: I uploaded my own profile with all my best pictures and a decent written description.  I barely interacted with the site, and as you would expect..Very little interest in my profile.  I didn’t get unsolicited messages during this time period, and very few favourites.


However, when I became more active and started browsing again, my visits, favourites and unsolicited messages from female members picked up again.

Verdict: Seeking Arrangement has real human members who react in a predictably human way on the website.  They are NOT using shady tactics to encourage sugar daddies to upgrade their account.

📅The Seeking Arrangement Full Review: The Lowdown

seeking arrangement homepage

The Seeking Arrangement Homepage
Let’s dive deep into Seeking Arrangement in this full seeking arrangement review. We’re going to take a look at the features of the site, the quality of the female profiles, and every other conceivable detail you need to know before you make a decision whether to sign up to the Seeking.Com site.

When you’re ready to sign up, just click on one of the links on this page and you’ll be set up with a free trial account straight away, so you can begin checking the attractive female members in your local area.

NOTE: This review is based on my experience in using the Seeking Arrangement website, plus the collated data analysis of thousands of my clients who I have surveyed over the years (as a dating coach and online dating expert). I have never accepted payment for a more favourable review.

How Hot Are The Women On Seeking Arrangement?

This is surely the most pressing question you have in your mind as a man who is thinking about signing up to the Seeking Arrangement website. Well, the average girl on this website is at least 2 points more attractive than you’ll see on most dating websites. It really is like night and day.

seeking arrangement female profiles london

High quality female members on Seeking Arrangement
As you can see, the female members on the Seeking Arrangement site are far more attractive than you’re used to seeing on most dating sites.
The second question you might have is: how many of these profiles are actually active? After all, there is nothing worse than signing up to a dating site, becoming excited at all the great looking women that you’re going to message..Then realising that all of the members haven’t signed on for over a year!

Rest assured that this isn’t a problem on Seeking Arrangement. They have such a large userbase that there are at least hundreds of active users in even most small towns all over the USA, UK< Australia, Canada and the rest of the Western world. Check this out:

active profiles seeking arrangement

As you can see, I did a search at midday on a Sunday in Shropshire, UK (a relatively small borough in the Midlands region of the UK). Thousands of members and pages of profiles of girls who were online as I performed the search. You will not have a problem finding attractive women to talk to and arrange a date.

This is the surprising thing about the Seeking Arrangement website. When I first used the site I expected to find loads of women who are very mercenary about money. After all, the site was originally called Seeking “ARRANGEMENT”.

But even before the rebranding, when the site became just Seeking.Com, there were so many women who were happy to meet me without any hint of an arrangement. At first I thought this was just me, but I passed this info on to my thousands of Youtube subscribers too – and many of them reported the same phenomena!

It’s one of the most surprising things about using Seeking Arrangement. I’d estimate about 60 – 70% of the women on the site are not even looking for an arrangement of any kind at all.

Here’s another female from the Seeking Arrangement site so that you can see the quality of female members. I’ve had to blur out some sections of the profile, but if you sign up with an account you can see everything in perfect crisp detail, and the profiles won’t be blurred like this.

example female profile seeking

Features on Seeking Arrangement

Profile Activity

In the picture above, notice I have highlighted the activity between my profile and hers. This is a simple but welcome feature that comes as standard on the Seeking Arrangement site so that you can tell at a glance whether you’ve contacted a female member before. Furthermore, when you message a girl, your conversation history is stored so you can see everything you’ve said to each other over time. (Perfect if you think you’ve lost a super hot girls number!)

Making Notes

As well as this, you can become something of a private eye and make “notes” on each female member. Chat to her, see if you have rapport then keep these notes in one convenient place so you can narrow down potential dates and matches. This is a real plus for the more organised and forgetful among you!

An extensive and intuitive search function

It’s very easy to find exactly what you want on Seeking.Com. The site has a great search feature which you can filter on age, ethnicity, height, last active and so on. You can immediately get to grips with the girls in your local area and shortlist potential candidates for a message! This is really useful if you’re a busy guy and don’t have time to waste chatting to random girls that you’re never likely to meet.

search function seeking arrangement

Private Images

Some women on the seeking arrangement site are understandably reticent to display their profile pictures to any guy who joins the site. After all, their boss could be signed up to the site as well! (NOTE: if you’re concerned about privacy, bear in mind that images uploaded to the site are protected by the seeking arrangement membership firewall and are NOT crawled by Google. So if you’re worried your photos will be made public, you don’t have to be concerned. It won’t happen.

Anyway, if you want to hide your profile pictures until you’re ready to show them to the girl, then you can do so easily using the Private member photo function. Pro Tip: This function is also an ice breaker before you upgrade to a fully paid account, and allows you to gauge whether a girl might be interested in you before you upgrade. More on this in a short while.

All of these features make Seeking Arrangement a joy to use. It really is very easy to sign up and arrange dates within the space of a few days.

Ease Of Use Of The Site

Seeking Arrangement has a modern clean sleek look, and the site is very fast and responsive. There are no unnecessary features or accoutrements on the website which clutter up the interface or make it hard to use. It has clearly been set up from a HCI perspective with real human users in mind.

Here’s an example of the clean uncluttered look of the Seeking Arrangement members area. This is the “online now” screen, where you can see the girls that are online.

seeking arrangement members online now

As you can see, it’s a lovely clean design and easy to use.

Customer Support

Seeking has an extensive FAQ section with all the answers you need should you have any questions about your account, upgrading or any other issue you may encounter. Furthermore, there is a 24-hour ticketing support system which you can access just by dropping their support an email.

From reading reports online and my own experience, customer support is adequate for most people.

Bear in mind that they do give priority to paying members, but this is quite normal for any sort of business in any domain.

Cost Of MemberShip And The Free Trial

Let’s deal with the cost of membership first. The table below summaries the cost:

Diamond Membership Seeking

Note: For a full breakdown of exactly what you get with the diamond membership on seeking, check out our Seeking Arrangement cost breakdown.

Note the “Diamond” membership is the most expensive. The idea of this membership type is that you appear higher in search results and apparently get message replies more quickly from girls. From what I have seen it seems to be mostly unnecessary.

You might look at those costs and think “no way”. But let me outline why this works in your favour!

Why The Higher Membership Cost On Seeking Works In Your Favour

So here’s why this higher than average cost works in your favour: you want to reduce the competition from other men.. Think back to your previous experience using other dating services, like POF.COM, or OK Cupid or Tinder.

Hours and hours spent messaging girls to no avail. Constant frustration when you send a well crafted witty message that you spent a long time thinking about.. Which she doesn’t even read, let alone reply to. And why does this happen?

Because of the appalling female-male ratio and the number of attractive young guys on most dating sites Look at this data from Ogury :

women vs men dating app usage ogury

Women Vs Men dating app usage from Ogury

I hope you see the problem – you are at an immediate disadvantage on ALL dating sites because there is only 1 woman for every 8 guys or so. Think about it – if you walked into a bar or nightclub with the intent to meet a woman, and you saw a gender ratio of 9 – 1, you’d walk straight out!

So why would you use a dating site where the odds are equally as bad for you?

But it doesn’t stop there! Not only do you have to compete with 8 men for every woman on most dating sites and apps – you also have to compete with “Chad”. Men who look like this:

chad tinder

It’s no wonder that the women don’t read or respond to your messages! They have guys like Chad messaging them and they have the odds stacked in their favour 8 or 9 to 1!

How Seeking Arrangement Is Different…And So Much Better

So here’s why Seeking Arrangement is so much better, and why the higher than average cost for membership works in your favour.

By keeping the costs higher than average, you discourage young attractive guys from signing up in the first place. Why would they sign up? They do so well on Tinder, Ok Cupid and POF that they don’t need to use a sugar daddy site.

This means that for men that DO use seeking, they have less competition and much more chance of meeting a young attractive woman. Did you know that in most parts of the USA and the West, there are on average 4 – 6 women for every man on Seeking Arrangement?

The higher than average cost of membership is the principal reason why Seeking Arrangement is the ideal dating site for men over 30

Seeking Arrangement FAQ

Who Is Seeking Arrangement For?

Seeking Arrangement is for men who have not met the quality of female that they deserve, either through online dating, in their day to day lives, at work or any place where men and women usually meet.

The site recognises that unfortunately, ALL dating sites including Tinder rely almost exclusively on looks. If you don’t have the looks, you don’t have any success.

Seeking Arrangement corrects this imbalance. From the Seeking Website:

“realizing looks were all that mattered in video and online dating. There was no venue where people who are anything other than conventionally good-looking could shine or where successful, intelligent and interesting people could stand out.”

seeking arrangement who is it for

If you have not managed to find the right girl for you, Seeking.Com might be just the site you need

Is Seeking Arrangement just for super-wealthy guys to meet really hot girls?

No! If you have a job and are an ambitious man who wants to meet beautiful women, then Seeking Arrangement is the site for you. The women on this site are not looking for rich men per-se. Rather, men with ambition and drive, so you can create a life together. You don’t need to be a millionaire (or anything like it) to use the Seeking Arrangement website.

How does a Seeking Arrangement membership upgrade appear on my credit card statement?

If you purchase membership on Seeking Arrangement, it appears as W8 TECH on your credit card statement. Very discrete and no-one would know you had joined the site from the statement alone.