👧💋Seeking Arrangement Tips For Men (Don’t Get Scammed!)

Steve Jabba

By Steve Jabba. Find out more about Steve Jabba here

So you want to know all the best Seeking Arrangement tips for men, but you’ve been unlucky so far.

Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’m going to show you specific Seeking Arrangement tips.

Such as how to optimise your Seeking Arrangement profile beyond what you thought was ever possible..

So you can attract the right kind of women on the Seeking.Com website (and no, I am NOT talking about Gold Diggers).
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❓The Problem For Men On Seeking Arrangement (And Other Sugar Dating Websites)

The problem that you’ll face as a man when you try to get advice on your Seeking Arrangement profile is that the advice that’s out there is just awful (I know, because I looked!)

It’s either written by women..

Or men who don’t actually understand how Seeking Arrangement works.

Pro Tip: The truth is you can meet plenty of normal girls who are NOT looking for an arrangement – but only if you correctly set up your Seeking Arrangement profile, intrigue and attract the girl enough, and follow through in your communications with her.

This is the big secret of Seeking Arrangement that most people don’t know:

It’s basically a front for younger women to meet attractive older guys.

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📷Seeking Arrangement Photos For Men

Let’s start with some basic principles about your photos.

All men, regardless of age, want to demonstrate some powerful attractive qualities with their profile photos that are bolstered by their written description (don’t worry, I will show you how).

Photo Attractive Quality 1: An interesting and enviable lifestyle

No matter how boring your lifestyle is, you must attempt to demonstrate that you can show your girl a good time in your profile photos. There are a million ways to do this; here are some below:

  • Photos of you in a glamourous location
  • Photos of you travelling – maybe with a backpack – in some obviously foreign location. It doesn’t need to be expensive – just different
  • Photos of you in a restaurant, bar, hotel bar. The background should look exciting and different – think of a bar with beautiful lighting, cool photos on the wall.
  • Photos of you doing something relaxing: sitting on a beach drinking a cocktail or white wine. By a swimming pool with sunglasses on. At a beach club.
  • Seeking Arrangement girl

    Me at a beach club in Lviv, Ukraine. Bonus points because it’s a girl I was actually intimate with

    These are just examples. Think of some examples from your life where you really enjoy yourself and you do something that other people would love to do.

    It doesn’t need to be ridiculously expensive, but it does need to show a girl that you’re a little out of the ordinary and you know how to live life.

    Even if your day to day life is sitting hunched over a computer screen, then watching a movie alone at night – try to demonstrate that you have had a life at some point in some of your profile photos.

    Photos to avoid:

    Try hard photos are a big turn off for girls online and especially on Seeking Arrangement.

  • No photos of you and your car.
  • No selfies in the bathroom mirror unless you have a superb body (top 2-4 % of men)
  • No photos of you hover handing a girl or group of girls you barely know.
  • hover handing a girl

    No photos like this in your Seeking Profile

    Sugar Babies Online Now In Your City!

    Girl 1
    Girl 2
    Girl 3
    Girl 4
    Girl 5
    Girl 6
    Girl 7
    Girl 8

    Photo Attractive Quality 2: A Multi-Dimensional Personality

    There are some stunning women on Seeking Arrangement, and girls like this crave a high-quality guy. Once you get past the initial WOW phase of being with a really attractive girl, you still have to talk to each other, and women instinctively realise this more than men (men just see a hot girl and want to go to bed with her).

    Because the girls are ambitious and want a quality guy, you’ve got to show that you’re intelligent and have some depth. You cannot come across as an airhead, vacuous, boring, unintelligent or lacking in insight.

    Mostly you display your depth of personality in your written description, but it must match your profile photos. You want to create an intriguing persona that she is dying to know more about.

    Here are some examples:

    A picture of you with an animal or small child (denoting a caring side)
    A picture of you in a gym or doing some physical activity/sport.
    A picture of you with a group of people – hopefully friends – where you are relaxed, smiling and having a good time. (Shows you are, you know, normal and not a weirdo).

    me with dog

    Me showing my caring side

    Photo Attractive Quality 3: Basic Social Skills

    If there’s one mistake that guys consistently make with their profile photos, it’s that they are always alone in the pictures.

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    No pictures with friends, or girls, or family.

    This isn’t a good look. It instantly raises suspicion in her mind that you’re a total loner, that you have no friends and that you cannot get on with other people.

    You have to work around this in any way you can. Dig out any recent photos of you with other people – even if you look awful in the photo. What’s more important is that you are with other people with whom you have some kind of relationship, positive or negative.

    But never upload profile photos where you are always alone. It detracts about 2 points from the overall appeal of your profile.

    This was a girl I had a relationship with. It didn’t end well, but at least I am with another human being in the photo!

    Photo Attractive Quality 4: Ambition And Success

    You do not need to be rich to get beautiful girls on the Seeking Arrangement website. Please repeat this multiple times until you understand it.

    I promise you, I bedded dozens of women from the site and I have never been anything like rich. I often used to take girls back to my place in London and was inwardly cringing on the ride home because I knew how impoverished the place looked, both inside and outside.

    Ultimately my impecunious existence didn’t matter, though I had to stop eventually because I became a little ashamed.

    The point is that you don’t need to be currently rich…But you DO need to have ambition, a plan, a business mind or a solid career in place.

    You can be a hustler with dreams and succeed on Seeking Arrangement just as well as a rich older guy – but you need to have something about you.

    This is what you should show in your profile photos – and here are some suggestions to do just that.

  • A photo of you in a business suit looking powerful. Bonus if you’re in a business meeting or talking to other people
  • A photo of you in your current work setting. If you work on a laptop whilst sitting in a coffee shop, great – but add a caption to the photo stating that you’re working on your online business (or similar)
  • The photo doesn’t even need to include you. If you’re a property developer, show a photo of the plot of land you’re developing.
  • Once again these are just ideas. You need to take stock of your current situation but add photos like these to your profile to demonstrate the qualities we’ve talked about so far.

    Your Seeking Profile Photos: summary

    Your profile photos on Seeking Arrangement are an important part of your overall success on the platform. Unlike Tinder, your photos are not THEM most important part, however: and although it’s impossible to assign a % weighting importance, I would say they account for about 50% of your overall profile appeal.

    Your photos should attract and intrigue whilst still representing who you are. Don’t try to portray a false image of yourself; it never works and if you do get a girl out on a date, she will mysteriously leave early if you’re not authentic on your profile.

    ✍🏼Your Seeking Arrangement Written Profile Description

    Next up you need to consider your written profile description. This is arguably as important as your photos, and I cannot stress enough that unlike Tinder, the women on Seeking Arrangement actually read your profile.

    Let’s deal with some common mistakes that guys make with their Seeking Arrangement profile description:

  • Try hard: If you try too hard to impress in your written description or photos you’ll end up achieving the opposite effect. This includes photos that ostentatiously display wealth or humble bragging about how much money you have. Don’t do it.
  • Talking about your job: Your job is not YOU. YOU are you. You need to reveal something about yourself (more on this later).
  • Text speak / low IQ posting: The girls on Seeking Arrangement like intelligent ambitious men. Ignore the current trend to make yourself look as stupid as possible by text speak, poorly constructed sentences or lack of grammar: it makes you look like a dummy. Drop it on this platform.
  • Wishy washy: If you’re an indecisive kind of person in real life, try not to let this show in your Seeking Arrangement written description. Remember, the girls are looking for a Daddy figure, so a weak indecisive man is not going to appeal.

  • She’s waiting…

    Qualities you should attempt to show in your Seeking Profile Description

    You need to display attractive traits in your written description just as you do with your profile photos. Let’s go through some:


    Notice I didn’t say rich. Once again, you don’t need to be rich to attract hot girls on sugar babies, but you do need a plan. You need to be either financially secure or demonstrate that you’re hungry and working hard to achieve something in life.

    The gorgeous girls on Seeking Arrangement favour ambitious go getters: whilst it’s nowhere near as important to be good looking on this platform as it is on Tinder, it is more important that you are striving to succeed in life.

    So don’t just talk about your job, which will send her to sleep..Talk about what your job empowers you to do. Mention cool things that you do in your life, or failing that talk about your ambition and what you’re striving for.

    If you get this quality across in your profile, you won’t go far wrong.

    Social Skills

    Remember when I said your photos should show off your social skills and demonstrate that you’re a normal sort of guy? It’s important to her that she gets on with you and can spend significant time with you without being creeped or weirded out.

    She also needs to know that you’re not a loner and/or misanthropic. If you have any weird unhealthy issues with women, don’t let them seep through in your profile (and download a free copy of my book Primal Seduction, which will help you get over them).

    Instead, demonstrate that you like other people and talk positively about significant relationships in your life (or what you are looking for).

    High standards

    The girls on Seeking Arrangement are looking for a classy well-put-together guy, so they will expect that you have some demands too. A hallmark of a man that tends to get his way in life is that he knows what he wants from a woman.

    Think about men that you’ve known who do well with women: they all have a clear set of qualities they look for in a girl, and they are able to verbalise them.

    You must do the same in your profile. If you don’t you’ll come across as a guy with no standards who will take whatever he can get, which is a losers mindset.

    Use the “Seeking” section of your profile to state what you’re looking for.

    You don’t need to bullet point it like you would a business report, but be honest and straightforward about what you’re seeking, without equivocation. For a lot of men it’s counterintuitive, but it’s actually a turn-on for a girl on this website if you are demanding about what you want.

    It’s also an opportunity to screen out the gold-diggers, especially if you write something like:

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