Now that winter is coming, and I guess fewer of you are approaching women, I’ve decided to offer another service.

I’m in the process of building a detailed step by step guide to shagging VERY hot girls off seeking arrangement…for free.

Regular readers will know that I’ve had outrageous success over the years using this service.

Seeking Arrangement Pick Up Guide - How To Pull Very Hot Birds For Free


Here is the post.

Another example is from several years ago from my old website (which was hacked).

Seeking Arrangement Pick Up Guide - How To Pull Very Hot Birds For Free

Here is the post:

Like I say – I’ve done it a bunch of times over a number of years – even whilst living in a shitty flat in London. Hardly a wealthy man. Sometimes I used to bonk 3-4 girls per week off the site.

There’s a ton more stories that I never wrote about at the time (or video’d!).

If you are still sceptical you can check out my Youtube videos, I’ve mentioned it a few times. I’ve even referenced my success on Nick Krasusers website in response to some sceptical chode who intimated I paid to fuck these girls.


(I’ve cut the comment off because it was quite long). If you really want to hunt it out for yourself, it’s on a post about JMULV on Nick Krausers website.

Seeking Arrangement Pick Up Guide - How To Pull Very Hot Birds For Free

So there’s my Bona Fides. I have never heard of, or met anyone who has had the same success I have had off Seeking Arrangement (without paying).

I’ve even had several great, fun relationships with girls I met off the Seeking Arrangement site.

Seeking Arrangement Pick Up Guide - How To Pull Very Hot Birds For Free

Seeking Arrangement Pick Up Guide - How To Pull Very Hot Birds For Free

What Is Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement is a website designed to put very hot women in touch with successful men. The strapline for the website is:

Where beautiful, successful people fuel mutually beneficial relationships.

Ostensibly it’s for young hot girls to meet wealthy men. However I’ve found that if you do it right, it’s a place for older men with game to bonk hot young girls without paying for it.

It’s my favourite dating website by far and is an excellent way to meet very hot girls with minimal effort – but you have to know what you are doing.

This is why I think it is so good:

  • It’s the only dating platform in the world with a LOT more girls than men.
  • The girls tend to be extremely hot. In the last few years, more average looking girls have gravitated towards the platform, but nevertheless there is still a bounty of very hot girls on there.
  • There are a lot of men on there who are chancers without game, plus a large number of wealthy chodes who are not attractive to women. This means that male competition is minimal.
  • You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get success.
  • You do NOT have to have a transactional relationship with girls on there, but you DO have to have game and know exactly what to do. Fortunately, I took to it like a duck to water and figured it all out very quickly – and I can explain it to you guys.
  • I’ve known men who have spent literally millions on girls on that platform – and guys like me who have cleaned up by shagging 3-5 girls per week without paying for it and without a luxurious lifestlyle.

I’ve done this all over the world.

If you live in the UK , USA, Aus or any Western city it is absolutely IDEAL to meet hot women without cold approaching.

You can also use this platform to learn about game by getting girls out on dates and trying to shag them. If you can pull this off, shagging girls from street approaches is very easy indeed.

The Secret Society Of Men Who Get The Top 1% Of Women. Do YOU Want To Join?

Next Step:

The whole service will cost you $49.95.

This will include a FREE copy of Primal Seduction. This is because mindset is so important for success, especially for the kind of girls you will meet on this platform (intelligent, self possesed, looking for quality men).

So you get Primal Seduction AND the Seeking Arrangement Service for $49.95.

More Information About Primal Seduction (My Book)


Pre Orders

Drop me a quick mail telling me you’re interested or leave a comment below (I think the comment feature might be broken. LOL)

Once it’s ready I will drop you a mail and you can access straight away.

The service will be available by w/e/ 17/11/2018

NOTE: I shouldn’t have to write this. Please do not take this contact form as a green light to message me asking for a “deal”. It is very annoying.

You’re not Donald Trump and I’ve heard it all before.

The price is the price, as I have indicated. No negotiation and no deals.

What I am offering

I’m offering a step by step guide to replicate my success on this platform.

This includes:

Background :

Your Set Up
Your Style
Date venues where to go

Profile Heading

Good/ Bad

Main Profile

How To Write It
Example Profile – Good And Bad

Getting attention to your profile – free hack


What to send
What NOT to send
Warning signs messages off girls

Girls profiles:

Warning signs gold diggers
How to screen out pure gold diggers
Spotting the good ones

Getting the girl out on a date

Date Guide – what to do
Pulling the trigger – getting them home

OK, I Am Interested, Now What?

Please note, I’m not looking for cheapskates and tyre kickers who want to quibble about a few sheckles.

The whole service will be $49.95.

Because mindset is so damn important – especially when you are dealing with self possessed very hot girls that you will meet from this website, I will also be forwarding you a copy of my book Primal Seduction.

So you get the detailed guide, and Primal Seduction for $49.95.

The guide will be hosted behind a members only area and is accessible ONLY to paying members


Send a message below and let me know.

I will send you a message once it is complete and you can buy straight away.

The Secret Society Of Men Who Get The Top 1% Of Women. Do YOU Want To Join?