Seeking Arrangement Premium Hack – 🚨SCAM Alert!🚨

Steve Jabba

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There is no Seeking Arrangement premium hack. When you see search results promising you a premium hack, it is almost certainly a scam. Let me show you how the scam works.

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If you have googled to get the seeking arrangement premium hack, you will probably land on a page like this:

seeking arrangement premium hack landing page

Does that look like a legitimate web page to you? Just because it is in position 1 in Google, this does not make it trustworthy. Infact this is a scam.

If you click through to the “Premium Hack”, you will land on a page like this:

seeking arrangement premium hack scam

⚠️ Seeking Arrangement Premium Scam: Details

First, note the insecure domain. This is a very strong red flag.

The Seeking Arrangement premium hack websites are all scams. The scammer is trying to pull off a phishing scam, probably for 1 of 2 reasons:

1. The scammer is looking to capture your email address and then send you all sorts of dodgy emails, probably for Viagra and other scam offers.

2. The scammer captures your email and dupes you into opening an email where they will try to get your credit card details.

Avoid this scam at all costs!

I’d also point out that Seeking Arrangement has some of the most robust fraud detection tools of any dating website. There is no way they would allow a low rent scam operation like this to rob them of rightful membership sign-ups.

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Seeking Arrangement is a website designed to put very hot women in touch with successful men. The strapline for the website is:

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Ostensibly it’s for young hot girls to meet wealthy men. However I’ve found that if you do it right, it’s a place for older men to bonk hot young girls WHO ACTUALLY LIKE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. YOU DON’T NEED TO OFFER AN ARRANGEMENT IF THEY LIKE YOU!

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This is why I think it is so good:
  • The girls tend to be extremely hot.
  • It’s ideal for men from 35-65
  • You do NOT have to have a transactional relationship with girls on there, but you DO have to have Seeking Arrangement game and know exactly what to do. Fortunately, I took to it like a duck to water and figured it all out very quickly – and I can explain it to you guys.
  • I’ve known men who have spent literally millions on girls on that platform – and guys like me who have cleaned up by bonking 3-5 girls per week without paying for it and without a luxurious lifestlyle.

I’ve done this all over the world.

You can also use this platform to learn about game by getting girls out on dates and trying to take them to bed. If you can pull this off, meeting girls from street approaches is very easy indeed.

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