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I used Seeking Arrangement in London for many years and had a pretty amazing experience which I will share with you now.

Please bear in mind I never paid a sugar baby for an arrangement during this time..And I must have bedded about 20-30 hot women from the Seeking Arrangement Website.

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Why Seeking Arrangement Works So Well In London

Let’s get one thing clear right away: London is chock a block full of attractive women and the majority seem to be using the Seeking Arrangement website! There are an incredible 6 times more women than men using Seeking Arrangement in London, almost ALL of them very attractive.

Check for yourself with some example female profiles on Seeking Arrangement in London:

meet girls in london

Here’s me with a couple of girls I met from the Seeking Arrangement site:

🔥Sugar Babies And Sugar Daddies In London

NOTE: If you want the full lowdown on how to meet a sugar baby in London check out this related guide.

Another factor in your favour as a sugar daddy in London is the lack of competition from other men. If you sign up to Tinder or POF you will be immediately at a disadvantage due to the sheer number of other men competing for every hot girl.

I once tested this hypothesis by uploading a fake profile on POF of a pig-nosed hairy-chested girl called Daisy. She was inundated with messages in London – often from decent looking men who appeared to benefit from a functioning brain. The thirst is very real in London on most dating sites.

Seeking Arrangement is different. If you upload some decent profile pictures with a witty or even relatively normal profile, you’ll start to get girls contacting YOU first. Check out this article which shows you how to set up your Seeking Arrangement profile correctly.

And I’m not talking about overweight secret internet fatties with a hairy upper lip. I’m talking about prime, young and good looking women who will be happy to go on a date with you.

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How To Find A Sugar Baby In London On Seeking Arrangement

There are loads of clubs, pubs and restaurants in London, but sometimes it can seem like the most lonely city on earth. From time to time you just want to meet a woman for a carefree fun time without the hassle and difficulty of traditional dating.

So how to find a sugar baby in London?

NOTE: Get a full breakdown of Seeking Arrangement UK here.

You can find a sugar baby in London using one of the premium sugar baby sites – but you must make the right choice. If you do it right you can even date a hot sugar baby without paying for an arrangement.

Here’s what to do.

1. Choose The Right Sugar Dating Site

eeking arrangement homepage

Choose The Right Sugar Dating Site!
The very first thing you must do is make sure you select the right sugar dating site. There are lots of sugar dating sites, but many of them are scammy and full of bots (programs that simulate interest from female members).

If you choose one of the scam sites you can spend £100s before you even realise your mistake – and you will NOT get a refund!

By far the best sugar dating site that you can use is Seeking Arrangement.

NOTE: You must sign up to the site correctly, so please fill in these fields exactly as shown. If you don’t you will end up advertising your services as a male gigolo and might even get the odd granny contacting you for some rumpy-pumpy!

Fill in the sign-up form per the diagram below:


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Set it up now as you read this and I will explain what you need to do. You’re in for a treat because this site has tons of really attractive sugar babies and the ratio of very favourable at 6 women for every man.

NOTE: If you want further information on why seeking arrangement is so favourable for men, read my Seeking Arrangement Review.

💭 Why Use Seeking Arrangement In London?

I break down all the advantages of Seeking Arrangement in the UK (and particularly in London) in this video. If you’re still not sure whether it’s right for you, this video should help you to make a decision.

Where Are The Sugar Babies In London?

sugar babies london

Example sugar babies in London. Photos are blurred to protect identity. When you sign up you see everything in crisp detail.

Central London

You’ll find sugar babies all over London but a lot are clustered around the centre. Think Bayswater, by the back of Oxford Circus, Paddington and so on. If you’ve ever been to a good nightclub in London it’s a fair bet that at least 10 – 20% of these girls are signed up to this sugar daddy site. It’s becoming much more mainstream, and you can definitely meet a normal girl for a normal relationship on these kinds of sites (especially if you use the sugar daddy site referenced in this article)


Chiswick is a popular place for sugar babies in London. It’s about 20 – 25 minutes out on the District Line (one of the nicest tube lines in London), it’s civilised, urbane and has a low crime rate. Moreover, there are plenty of artisan shops, restaurants and coffee shops where hot sugar babies like to hang out!

chiswick london sugar babies

Chiswick is a popular place for Sugar Babies
Notting Hill

Notting Hill attracts sugar babies because it’s vibrant, trendy and has loads of boutique cafes lining the famous Portobello Road. There’s also high-end restaurants, as well as the Electirc cinema – perfect for sugar babies to entertain themselves on their days off.

This is another ideal date location to take a sugar baby on a date (as long as she doesn’t currently live there)

Of course, all of these sugar babies will be using the sugar dating site that we’ve talked about in this article.

How To Use Seeking Arrangement In London To Attract Sugar Babies

There are some general rules of thumb that you should follow if you want find and attract a sugar baby in London.

Use good pictures on your sugar daddy profile

  • No grainy selfy pics. Use only high-quality images.
  • Try to convey an interesting slightly opulent lifestyle using your profile pictures. Pictures of you on holiday, drinking a glass of wine, with friends, on a beach.
  • Try to show some masculinity (think of pictures in a gym), but a softer side too (pictures with a dog)
  • Bonus points if you can include pictures of you in London. She will take comfort knowing you are local.

Think about your profile description

Don’t just write about your job. Write something unique about you that is personal to you. Reveal something about yourself!

Demographics Of London

London is the most ethnically and religiously diverse part of England and Wales, where the largest ethnic groups were White British (43.4%), Other White (14.6%) and Black African (7.9%); people with a religion other than Christian accounted for over 25% of London’s population compared with an estimated 10.6% of the overall population.

Source: ONS UK Source Data

There’s a good chance you won’t be dating a White British girl, so bear that in mind when you plan out your date!

Where To Take Your Sugar Baby On A Date In London?

When you date a sugar baby in London you have a variety of venues and places to take her out, but you need to choose carefully to create the right impression. Generally speaking you cannot go wrong if you go to the South Kensington part of London with your sugar baby.

It’s just the right kind of vibe with a civilised crowd, beautiful buildings and streets and copious multicultural restaurants and bars with drinks and food to suit every taste. From there you’re not a million miles from the Natural History Museum either – surely one of the most interesting and beautiful buildings in all of London.

You could even take your sugar baby in a cab to Harrods for a spot of shopping.

harrods knightsbridge london

Take Your Sugar Baby To The Best Parts Of London
Another idea is to do a dinner date onboard the London Shell Co

Climb aboard the Princes Regent for a romantic lunch or evening date as you cruise from Paddington to Camden and back. You get five courses of English traditional seafood, and you can get closer to your sugar baby under the blankets between courses as you pass gorgeous Regents Park and the London Zoo.

Address: The Prince Regent, Sheldon Square, London W2 6PY
Telephone: +44 7818 666005
Website: London Shell Co
Price: Five-course set menu £50 per person for lunch or dinner

Romantic restaurants to take your sugar baby on a date in London

Trullo, 300 – 302 St Pauls Road, N1

trullo london

As you can see from the picture, Trullo has the perfect romantic atmosphere, with the dimmed lighting and cavernous setting. The food is incredible and the Pasta is particularly tasty.
Set in opulent surroundings, you’ll be surprised at the moderate price and it’s the sort of place that will really impress your sugar baby date.

Amaranto, Park Lane, London

amaranto at four seasons london

You’ll find Amaranto within the Four Seasons hotel off Park Lane in London – one of the most well-heeled and prestigious areas in all of London. the lights are low, the music is calming and the sommelier will help you to choose the perfect wine for your meal.

Take a sugar baby here and you are certain to impress.

Conclusion: Seeking Arrangement In London For Men

Using Seeking Arrangement as a means to meet women in London isn’t difficult, but you have to do it the right way. The real skill is in dating a sugar baby but building a relationship based on mutual respect, attraction and love rather than a transactional relationship.

Follow the guidelines in this article, sign up to the site recommended on this page however and you’ll soon be well on your way.


Are the girls from seeking arrangement all gold diggers in London?

No. Now London can be a hard place to live as you probably know, and it’s not cheap – but girls who live there tend to have their heads screwed on and their eyes on the bigger prize. The number of girls looking for pay per meet in London is tiny as an overall percentage on Seeking Arrangement – and the website nukes the escort profiles very quickly (they have robust measures in place to find and destroy these profiles!)

So you will rarely encounter an out and out escort gold digger on Seeking Arrangement. Rather, you’ll probably meet women who are in their mid to late 20s who have had enough of being messed around by “chad” types and who now just want to find a decent man that they can settle with. This is where you come in.

The point I am making is that the girls are NOT looking for quick easy sex, nor a short term relationship. If you impress them enough, you can easily meet very attractive women from the Seeking Arrangement website for a normal relationship. That is far more valuable to the girls than pay per meets or little envelopes of cash.

Is Seeking Arrangement In London Worth It?

Yes, most definitely. London can be hard on men too and if you don’t have an active social circle it can be really quite difficult to even MEET women, let alone date them. Now you could try daygame or trawl the nightclubs, but that has its limitations too – and let’s be honest, for a man over 35 it’s not an appealing option.

You can sit in your underwear eating your cornflakes messaging some of the most beautiful women in London on a Sunday morning without a care in the world, pretending to be the worlds most interesting and sophisticated man..And end up on a date that very same afternoon. The possibilities are genuinely endless in London to meet some cracking women on Seeking Arrangement with minimal fuss. Highly recommended.

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And finally: If you haven’t already, check out my guide to optimising your Seeking Arrangement profile. If you get this right, you’ll get more dates than you can handle on Seeking Arrangement.

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