Seeking Arrangement Game: Hot Sugar Babies Without An Arrangement

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Seeking Arrangement: a well-known sugar dating site where men are supposed to pay for a woman’s company and maybe more, in exchange for gifts, money and a luxurious lifestyle.

But underneath the monied exterior of the Seeking Arrangement website lies an ecosystem of real attraction: where men and women meet, date and have sex without ever entering into a transactional relationship.

This is where Seeking Arrangement game comes in.

What Is Seeking Arrangement Game?

Seeking Arrangement game is a man’s ability to attract, date and eventually sleep with attractive sugar babies from the Seeking Arrangement website without entering into an arrangement.

What Kind Of Guys Have Seeking Arrangement Game?

One of my profile pictures on Seeking Arrangement

Usually, guys with good – exceptional social and seduction skills try their hand at Seeking Arrangement game. Why?

Because most people don’t see beyond the surface level and they don’t understand seduction.

They see that Seeking Arrangement is advertised as a sugar dating site (at least it was – now it’s been rebranded as a “dating up” site) – and they think to themselves:

“The women must all be gold diggers. There won’t be any normal women on the site – so why bother?”

It tends to screen out the chode – the guy who is clueless with women and, of course, should they ever try Seeking Arrangement game they would immediately lose frame at the first whisper of an arrangement from a girl..And become simply another paying chode.

Let me tell you: Seeking Arrangement is a phenomenal tool to meet gorgeous women without spending a fortune – if you have Seeking Arrangement game.

Why is it so great? Find out more by checking out my thorough seeking arrangement review.

How do I learn Seeking Arrangement game?

I will show you.

Step 1. Sign up to Seeking Arrangement if you have not already.

Use this link to sign up. You will be issued a free trial account which takes 2 minutes to sign up, then you’ll be away.

Sign Up To Seeking Arrangement Now.

Step 2. Create Your Profile: Description And Photos

You will need to:

(i) Upload your photos and write a written description
(ii) Upgrade to a premium account. Without this, you cannot even message girls, so it has to be done.

Step 3. Join My Seeking Arrangement Forum

The Seeking Arrangement forum is a sub-forum on my Steve Jabba forum where we can discuss all aspects of Seeking Arrangement game.

We can help you tweak your profile, select the best pictures and send the right messages to attract the super hot girls on Seeking Arrangement.

Failing that, just sign up anyway and give it a go yourself – I promise you, there is a world of possibility with gorgeous women that you never even knew existed.

Seeking Arrangement game is your key to unlock it!

Is that it?

seeking arrangement game

It’s much easier to learn how to use Seeking Arrangement by actually signing up and doing it. It’s a little like learning to box: you can read as many technical boxing manuals as you like, watch as many hardcore boxing training videos as you want..Even shadowbox vigorously in your local gymnasium..

But until you’ve been punched hard in the face, you don’t know what it’s like.

Similarly, you won’t know how to approach getting the high quality, primo girls on Seeking Arrangement without a little guidance if you’re a total beginner and have never done it before.

Hence, the Seeking Arrangement forum and guidance from people like me (and I am also on there).

But first, you have to sign up and upgrade your account. If you can’t message the girls, you can’t do anything…And of course I dont’ want to waste my time on the forum helping you out if you cannot even communicate with the women.

Sign up now and take your first step to Seeking Arrangement game.

Sign Up To Seeking Arrangement Now.