Seeking Arrangement Fake Profiles – Do They Actually Exist?

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Are Seeking Arrangement fake profiles actually a problem?

In this article, we will find out once and for all.

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Different Types Of Fake Dating Profiles On Seeking Arrangement

We need to look at both types of fake profiles and the first type is fake AI robots designed to simulate human females.

Are Fake Bot Profiles On Seeking Arrangement A Problem?


When people talk about fake profiles on Seeking Arrangement, they might be talking about bots AI programs that are designed to mimic humans. This is definitely NOT an issue on the Seeking Arrangement website.

How can you tell? Because AI bots tend to exhibit characteristic behaviour. If youve ever signed up as a man to a scam dating site with fake profiles, youll be bombarded by attention almost instantly.

Youll get fake likes, fake emails, fake profile views in great numbers. The activity forms a recognisable pattern.

This doesnt happen on Seeking Arrangement. When you sign up, you will get some attention, but nothing like the tsunami of fake love youll see on scam dating sites.

Also, you can do a simple test: send a message to a female user referencing something you like about her profile. Note how she responds like an authentic human being? No AI bot is capable of that in 2022再nd probably wont be for years to come.

Finally, if youre really concerned, you can go 1 step further and consider this research which examined dating sites with the highest number of fake profiles (according to Google). As you can see, Seeking Arrangement is not even on the list.

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Facebook, Tinder and Badoo are way out in front.

You can be assured that all the female profiles on the Seeking Arrangement website are real human females, not AI bots.

Stamping Out Fake Profiles On Seeking Arrangement: Company Response

Seeking Arrangement are aware that bots and fake profiles are an issue in general and have taken steps to combat the problem. On June 24, 2020 they published an article on their blog Seekings Security Measures Allow Members To Date With Ease, where they described their multi-pronged approach to combatting the problem of fake profiles and other security issues.

Lets pull out some of the highlights of the article:

  • An enhanced verification process confirms users social media accounts and profile photos, while a sophisticated bot detection software eliminates fake profiles to ensure all accounts are real-life, serious daters!
  • Multiple layers of information security. Taken together these steps ensure the website is impregnable and member information is safe and secure
  • SSL Certificates. Most websites use SSL certificates nowadays to ensure that sensitive information is encrypted especially if they take payments. Seeking goes beyond these normal measures to include authentication so that users can be assured that all of their data is held and processed only by the company and not scammers, fraudsters and so on.
  • A Web Application Firewall. This goes beyond the normal firewalls you see on some sites, because its more precise in filtering out potential hackers
  • And there are more measures that the company is taking to ensure you have a positive experience when you sign up to the Seeking Arrangement website. Bottom line: they take information security very seriously and actively weed out fake profiles of any type.

    Escorts And Prostitute Fake Profiles On Seeking Arrangement

    Here is a quote from the Seeking Arrangement team on their terms and conditions page:

    Please review this Agreement carefully, including the Acceptable Website Use provision, which PROHIBITS ANY UNLAWFUL USE OF THE SITE, INCLUDING ESCORTING, PROSTITUTION AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

    As you can see, they actively screen out female users who are soliciting, so you can be sure as a Sugar Daddy that you are not just talking to a prostitute.

    If you check the reviews of Seeking Arrangement, youll see laughably fake transparent reviews that talk about escorts and scammers on the website. Heres an example of one such review:

    SA has gone from bad to worst. Way too many scammers
    I thought there was no vetting and no banning, but I was wrong: my profile was banned mid-way through my membership. I did nothing wrong. They just took my money. Well, I switched to

    It is beyond obvious what is going on here: this is a fake, 1-star profile either written directly or paid for by a competitor. If I type into my browser, can you guess where I am redirected to?

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    Reading through those fake reviews, the vast majority appear to be fake and they get away with it because Seeking seemingly dont care. I guess it doesnt affect their bottom line because they have strong brand recognition.

    Why Seeking Arrangement Is The Best Dating Site For Men Over 30

    I hope you can see that Seeking Arrangement is a reputable website, but there is much more to be said. Infact, Seeking Arrangemnet is an excellent choice for men who want to meet an attractive young woman even without paying for an arrangement.

    You can try Seeking Arrangement for free with a free trial account.

    Bottom Line: Are Seeking Arrangement Fake Profiles Actually An Issue?

    Seeking Arrangement fake profiles are NOT an issue. Rest assured that the girl you are talking to is a real human female, and is not an escort.

    If you want to try Seeking Arrangement simply click the button below and get started with a free account.

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