Why Is Seeking So Expensive? It’s a Good Thing! (Here’s why)

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So why is Seeking so expensive? You’re going to find out why it’s a good thing for sugar daddies who are serious about finding hot sugar babies.

I’ve done some unique analysis to discover the actual cost of using Seeking Arrangement and compared it with other sugar dating sites – and you will probably be surprised that Seeking Arrangement is not nearly as expensive as you think.

Note: If you want to know if Seeking is a better dating app than the competition, be sure to check out my Whats Your Price VS Seeking Arrangement detailed post to find out.

💵Is Seeking So Expensive? The Breakdown

Let’s see if Seeking is actually so expensive by breaking down the actual costs.

The easiest way to start is to compare the Seeking.Com cost with other sugar dating sites. Check the table below:

WebsiteMonthly CostDaily CostSugar Baby ContactsCost 100 Sugar Baby Contacts
Seeking Arrangement $99 (3 Month Plan)$3.3Unlimited$99 ($0.99 Per Contact)
Secret BenefitsN/AN/A$59 For 10, $169 for 50, $289 for 100$289 ($2.89 per contact)

Summary: Cost Per 100 sugar baby contacts is $0.99 on Seeking Arrangement VS $2.89 on Secret Benefits. Therefore Secret Benefits is 291% more expensive than Seeking Arrangement.

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As you can see, the Seeking.Com cost is actually cheaper than other competing sugar dating sites when you factor in ALL of the costs rather than just the headline membership cost.

Seeking Arrangement Price Explanation

If you’re going to try sugar dating, you will need to contact a number of sugar babies: that’s just the way the dating game works. No man is able to meet up and date every girl that he contacts on any dating website.

So we’ve broken down and compared the Seeking Arrangement price assuming you want to contact 100 sugar babies in order to get the girl you want. That may or may not be true in your case, but it’s not an unreasonable assumption.

As you can see, Seeking Arrangement is much cheaper than Secret Benefits (its nearest competitor) by a long way. So despite the initial higher cost and the monthly commitment (though you can sign up for 1 month only if you wish), Seeking Arrangement works out 289% cheaper than Secret Benefits.

Therefore if you’re wondering “why is seeking arrangement so expensive”, you need to consider more than the monthly upfront costs. Although competitors might offer what looks to be a cheaper membership package when you work it all out it turns out that it’s not so expensive after all.

The Seeking Arrangement price is therefore more than competitve.

🙋 Is Seeking Arrangement Worth The Price Of Membership?

Only you can be the judge of that, but keep in mind Seeking Arrangement is comparatively cheaper than the competition for the reasons we’ve already outlined – plus it has some significant advantages.

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For more, check out my detailed review of Seeking Arrangement:

Is The Seeking Membership Cost The ONLY Cost?

Yes. Unlike other sugar dating sites, the Seeking membership cost is the only cost you’ll incur on Seeking Arrangement – there are no hidden charges.

On some sites, you think you’ve paid up, but you STILL cannot use the site properly because you need to pay for hidden extras which were not at all clear. This means that the ACTUAL price you pay is way more than the initial membership upgrade cost.

It’s very dishonest and is similar to how low budget airlines operate, who advertise a super low cost headline flight figure..But then slap on extra charges, like a seat (which you cannot do without!), baggage costs, and so on.

Rest assured: The Seeking Membership cost is clear and straightforward, and you can send girls unlimited messages when you decide to upgrade.

Bear in mind you can also get a 25% discount using the links on this page. Here’s the button again, for your convenience.

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🤑 Why Is Seeking So Expensive – ANSWERED?

The reason Seeking Arrangement has a higher than normal monthly price is to keep the quality of members high. The women want to meet ambitious men with money and a good lifestyle, and the men want to meet young and attractive women.

This is actually an advantage for men who want to enjoy a high-quality experience when they use Seeking Arrangement. The higher than average monthly price for men is a barrier to entry: it prevents hordes of men from joining the site, who would otherwise swell the sugar daddy membership numbers and reduce the female/male ratio that Seeking Arrangement offers.

With the higher than average membership price, Seeking Arrangement has a 4/1 female/male ratio – perfect for men who want more women to choose from and less competition.

On normal dating sites, the ratio of females/males is more like 6 men for every woman – impossible competition for most men which makes it a total waste of time.

NOTE: Bear in mind most people only think of the monthly upfront cost. When you look at the actual prices broken down, the seeking membership cost is actually cheaper than its nearest competitors, as we’ve seen.

So if you ask “why is seeking so expensive”, you need to consider ALL the costs, and you’ll discover that Seeking is actually cheaper than other options – and has more than 3 times the number of attractive women to choose from.

So really it’s not a fair question to ask “why is Seeking Arrangement so expensive”. As we’ve established, consider the actual cost of messaging sugar babies and you’ll probably spend less money overall if you bit the bullet and pay for a full monthly premium or Seeking Diamond Membership.

NOTE: From time to time, Seeking Arrangement offers coupon codes. Get the full lowdown on Seeking promo code here.

Seeking Arrangement Membership Options

seeking arrangement premium membership

Premium Membership is the default for most sugar daddies and will meet the needs of the majority of men. As you can see from the image, you get lots of features over an above the free trial. Let’s break them down:

Unlock your conversations: As a sugar daddy (a man), you cannot really use the Seeking Arrangement website properly. You can organise sugar baby leads with a free trial account, but if you want to talk to the girls you need to upgrade. Unlocking your conversations means you can message the girls.

Hide your online status: A useful option if you want to stalk some hot sugar babies without them knowing!

Boost your profile: This is similar to a Tinder boost, where you temporarily appear higher in the search results. This costs an extra fee.

Inbox filters: Filter your inbox based on age, height, location – whatever you want!

Keep Notes On Members: This is useful if you’re an organised type of guy who likes to narrow down his options before committing to a date. Don’t forget that Seeking Arrangement has on average 4 women for every man – so you will have lots of date opportunities lined up!

For your convenience, here’s the link for a free trial account again so you can get started meeting attractive sugar babies in your local area:

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Actual sugar babies in London, UK – just to whet your appetite

Seeking Arrangement UK Cost

Seeking Arrangement UK costs £79.95 for a premium membership and auto-renews every 30 days. You can cancel your account at any time. Keep in mind that the cost of Seeking Arrangement in the UK is well worth it because it’s one of the best countries to meet hot girls off the seeking site in the world.

To learn a bunch more about Seeking Arrangement UK, check this out.

Seeking Diamond Member Breakdown

seeking arrangement diamond membership

What Is A Diamond Member On Seeking?

This is what you’ll find on the Seeking site if you try to research the Seeking Arrangement diamond member:

Attractive members respond in time more often from diamond members: I’m going to call this claim out a little. First, a certain type of attractive member (a woman, in other words) might respond more quickly – a girl who is seeking only money and sees you only as a walking ATM.

The majority of girls on Seeking Arrangement are not so mercenary and are actually looking for a relationship. The point is, if the girl likes you she will respond to you regardless of whether you’re a Seeking diamond member or a normal premium member

Features on attractive members dashboard: This certainly would be very useful. The more exposure your profile gets, the more likely you are to match with an attractive young woman. So this would be a very handy feature indeed.

The Seeking Diamond member badge makes you stand out everywhere: Think of the diamond badge as a positive checkmark against your name. The Seeking Arrangement app will also ensure that your profile is highlighted above others. Again, another useful feature.

Attractive members know you’re truthful and serious: No-one likes to waste their time, so if you can afford to splash out on a Diamond membership, you’re sending a clear signal to the girls that you have money to burn and can show them a nice lifestyle.

Another useful feature!

Seeking Arrangement Diamond Membership Options: The Bottom Line

Premium membership will work well for the majority of men. But if you have extra cash and want to really stand out, Seeking Arrangement Diamond Membership will get you noticed above other men. Combine it with a well-optimised dating profile and pictures and you will get more dates than you can possibly handle!

Is it worth paying for the Diamond Membership on Seeking Arrangement? You be the judge.

Seeking Membership Cost For Sugar Babies

Seeking Arrangement is free for sugar babies. Sugar babies can send and receive unlimited messages for free.

Can you pay for Seeking Arrangement Anonymously?

You can pay with all major credit and debit cards or Paypal. Seeking Arrangement appears discretely on your credit card (more on this below), so unless someone Google searched the entry on the bank statement, they wouldn’t know what it was.

When you use Paypal, it will of course just show as a PayPal statement, with no way of tracking what the payment is for (unless you consult the actual PayPal accounts)

Can you message on Seeking without paying?

If you’re a female attractive member you can message on seeking without paying. If you’re a male sugar daddy, you have to pay for an account upgrade.

Seeking Arrangement Membership – Things You Must Know

Seeking Membership auto-renews

Seeking Arrangement membership auto-renews monthly unless you cancel. This is pretty standard with most services nowadays though so it should not be a shock. It is easy to cancel your membership at any time.

There are no refunds

This is actually pretty reasonable. Since there are no hidden extra costs involved with the Seeking Arrangement membership, you cannot expect a refund. The site does not offer any guarantees, and it’s entirely up to you how many sugar babies you contact. Basically, you will get out of Seeking Arrangement what you put into it.

Is Seeking Worth Paying For?

Seeking Arrangement has more sugar babies than any other sugar daddy site, and with a ratio of 4 women to 1 man it is definitely worth paying for. On a cost per contact basis, Seeking is actually cheaper than other sugar daddy sites.

If you want to know more on this question, check out this article which definitively answer the question “is Seeking Arrangement worth it?

How Does Seeking Arrangement Appear On Bank Statements?

If you’re concerned about being caught using Seeking Arrangement, you will need to know how it appears on credit card and bank statements. The image below is taken from directly within the Seeking Arrangement members area:

seeking credit card statement

Your payment to Seeking will show up as W8Tech.com*SA on your credit card statement

🆓 Seeking Arrangement Free Trial

Seeking Arrangement also offer a free trial at no cost to Sugar Daddies. We’ve mentioned it before but let’s break down exactly what you get in the free trial, plus cover what you don’t get:

What's IncludedWhat's Not IncludedTry It Free
Create Your Free Profile And Add PicturesBoost Your Profile VisibilityGet A Free Trial Account
Browse Sugar Babies In Your AreaMessage The Sugar BabiesGet A Free Trial Account
Request Access To Sugar Baby Private PhotosGet A Sugar Babies Number Through MessagingGet A Free Trial Account

Basically, you can do most things except contact the Sugar Babies and arrange dates with a free trial account. As we’ve explained it’s well worth starting with a free trial account just to see if you like the look of the Seeking Arrangement community.

As I hope you can see, the Seeking Arrangement fees are very reasonable should you decide to upgrade after your free trial period.

⚖️ Bottom Line: Is Seeking Arrangement Worth The Membership Price?

Let’s evaluate whether the Seeking Arrangement fees are reasonable from every angle:

  • On a cost per sugar baby basis (assuming you contact 100 sugar babies), Seeking Arrangement is almost 300% cheaper than the competion
  • Seeking Arrangement has over 40 million members active in 130 + countries. No other sugar daddy site can beat this
  • The ratio of sugar babies/sugar daddies is at least 4/1. Again, no other sugar dating website even comes close
  • The female members on Seeking Arrangement are super hot – more so than we’ve seen on any other dating site in this niche
  • Based on extensive testing and use of the Seeking Arrangement website over many years, it is a great way to meet attractive younger women without the time, cost and sheer difficulty involved with other methods (like cold approaching or going to pubs/clubs

  • For a guy over 35, it is a much more suitable, cheap and time-efficient way to meet women than other methods

    Bearing this in mind, check out my full list of the best dating sites for older men.


    Seeking Arrangement is definitely worth the price and you will have a fantastic time using this website if you put the work in, set up an intriguing profile and message a decent number of sugar babies. Highly reccommended.

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    🙋 FAQ

    Is Seeking Com Fake?

    Seeking Arrangement is a legit website. In the Seeking Arrangement review I did on this site, I evaluated the membership statistics and site traffic, and concluded that Seeking Arrangement does not use bots or any kind of shady tactics to influence sugar daddies to part with their money.

    Is seeking worth paying for?

    Yes it is. I evaluated the question “is seeking arrangement worth it” in this lengthy post using a number of key criteria. Feel free to check it out for a more thorough answer to this question.

    Are the Seeking Arrangement fees ever discounted?

    From time to time Seeking Arrangement does offer discounts, especially around well-known public holidays in the USA and UK.

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