👧💋Seeking Arrangement Attractive Member: What Does It Mean?

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🙎‍♀️What Does Attractive Member Mean On Seeking?

An attractive member is a female sugar baby. Only females should select this option. Men should not sign up as an attractive member on Seeking Arrangement, because they will not be able to meet attractive sugar babies if they do. If you’re a man, always sign up as an established member.

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❓What is a Seeking Arrangement Established Member?

A Seeking Arrangement established member is a male sugar daddy who wants to meet a sugar baby. The community is comprised of about 75% females (seeking arrangement attractive member), and 25% sugar daddies (established members)


We know, it’s confusing and unclear. If you’re a man, ALWAYS sign up as an established member!

When you sign up as an established member, you know that you can always find attractive sugar babies in your area because of the favourable ratio of men/women.

📷Seeking Arrangement Attractive Member Photos

If you’re thinking about signing up to use Seeking Arrangement to meet sugar babies, you probably want to know what the women on the site (attractive members) look like. Here are some photos taken from the Seeking Arrangement members panel to give you an idea of just how attractive the sugar babies are on Seeking Arrangement:

seeking arrangement attractive members examples

The Seeking Arrangement attractive members are very attractive!

🤷Should I Sign Up As An Attractive Member On Seeking?

You should only sign up as an attractive member on Seeking Arrangement if you’re a woman. If you sign up as a male attractive member, you will be opening yourself to meet men who want to meet other men (gay men). Unless you are open for a gay relatioship, always sign up as an established member – even if you don’t have much money and you don’t consider yourself a high-roller.

On the subject of how much money you need to be an established member on Seeking Arrangement, you can find out more about the account upgrade charges by checking out our article on Seeking Arrangement costs.

😕Seeking Arrangement Attractive Member Features

First of all, female sugar babies (attractive members) always have access to a free account on Seeking Arrangement. Female attractive members can even read and send messages for free. Only established members (men) have to pay on Seeking Arrangement.

If you’re a guy reading this and you want to know what benefits females get on Seeking Arrangement as an attractive member, check out the Seeking Arrangement blog where they break down the membership types:

Standard Attractive Membership:

  • Has at least one publically available profile picture to read and send messages
  • Appears in standard search
  • Premium Attractive Membership:

  • Appears in “member blocks” and featured search results
  • Doesn’t need a profile photo (but what man will talk to a girl he cannot see?)
  • Can hide last login country
  • Gets photos approved quicker.
  • Read receipts on messages
  • Full suite of search features unlocked
  • As you can see, it really isn’t worth upgrading to a premium membership for women on the Seeking Arrangement site since they can do most of what they need to do as a standard member.

    For a man (an established member), they will need to upgrade to do anything useful at all on the Seeking Arrangement website.

    🆓Get Your Free Seeking Arrangement Trial Account Now

    As you can see, Seeking Arrangement is an excellent way to meet attractive women if you’re a guy (especially if you’re over 35). You just need to make sure that you sign up with the right membership type (an established member), or you’ll end up partnering with other men for a gay relationship.

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